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I'm still reeling in shock, here - so much so that I can hardly talk about it -- got to shake that off and get my head back, here. So much so that I actually *forgot* to post yesterday about the Day of Remembrance and Apollo 1. On the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, yet.

Truth is now..illegal?
SCIENCE is now..illegal?

Facts must now pass through a consortium of fools before they are released to the public?

How is this even real?
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Geno Cernan. Just got a text from my son, waking me up - had to come online to confirm, and sadly, no mistake - another hero, just..gone.

Absolutely gutted. Captain Cernan was/is one of my very favorites. Brave, insanely intelligent, and known for his candor and delightfully foul mouth, he was one of a kind. Second American to walk in space - Apollo 10, and it was a terrifying attempt; he lost thirteen pounds in the short time he was out there -- and last human to set foot on the lunar surface.

SO glad this was made - it's wonderful:

THAT SMILE - take a minute, it's worth it.

Godspeed, Captain Cernan, you will be sorely missed.
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Happy 82nd birthday, Carl. Almost-sorta-kinda glad you are not here to witness our demise.

I've been invited to see the boys in Manchester, UK on the 29th. Moving Heaven and Earth to try to expedite a passport. It all hinges on, a) the processing time on Paypal (have to have proof of travel within two weeks *in hand* for first-time passport), b) the processing time for the passport, itself.

If it's meant to be, it will happen.

Fuck work, I'll just put in my notice.

And srsly, fuck what happened last night. I may decide to stay.

We can form a CureColony - who's with me?
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StopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRinging - I have enough stress.


Feb. 16th, 2016 12:49 pm
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This morning, about three am, I was awakened by a loud bang and then a, "WHOOSH!'-ing noise. As I opened the door to my room, I saw, down the hallway, a large stream of water, just shooting across. A pipe had burst in the wall between the shower and the kitchen. I couldn't switch it off from there - it just shot in my face and kept going.

A power strip was literally floating on the kitchen floor, and that is one scary fucking thing to have to approach.

Ice-storm, outside. Roads, impassable. My brother couldn't get here. My son was at work, and couldn't get here. The emergency guys from the park couldn't get here.

I had to literally crawl on hands and knees - in pajamas and robe - around the house thru snow and slush because I couldn't walk on the ice, with a flashlight in my fucking mouth - ripping the skirting away to try and find the water shut-off, which was under the house and filled with icy water and leaves up past my elbow.

I got it turned off just in time for the fire company to arrive - my mother had called them, in a panic. Naturally, as I opened the door to them - shivering and dripping from head to toe - my son's cat ran outside and we ended up having to chase him. I know.

It took HOURS to clean up, but stuff in my pantry is just ruined, and God only knows what this has done to the flooring, underneath. A lot of the water went under the stove, and all over the bathroom floor, as well. As we don't have heat, I HAD to get as much water up as I could or the floor would become a skating rink.

We still don't have water in the kitchen, so we suspect something under there has burst, as well. I will have to do dishes in my bathtub, I guess.

Of course, it's fifty-two fucking degrees, today, with torrential rains.
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This is so weird to me; so unexpected.

I'm actually happy, and it's such a long unfamiliar feeling.

Wednesday night, Pete - for the thousandth time in liEk thirty years - asked me to marry him, again.

It just popped out. I said, "Okay."

I blame the Orion Nebula.
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Hello. Hello. Hellohellohellohellohello.

Broke as a joke, as ever. Fending off the wolves another night with a crock-pot full of meatballs and still-warm gingerbread cake. My son is a happy guy, after a long day at work, and - as of, now - Crock-Pot Season has officially begun. Hallelujiah. My daughter has some *excellent* new recipes to try, too.

GLENN. I know, I know, he's not dead - blah, blah, controversy, uproar, blah, blah - but, he could be; it sure looked like it - I literally gasped, 'No!' out loud at my screen.

Work. Work. Workworkworkworkwork.

I really wish the sound quality was better on this, and that it was longer - but what little there is of it makes me swoon. Absolutely breathtaking:

This is my current favorite version, though. I can all but feel it, liEk gorgeous silvery mists, me up, inside. INCREDIBLE, on good headphones:

And, hey, just for the hell of it; so neat, so clean, so perfect -

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Okay, so it finally happened. Total meltdown of teh pc. At around two am.

I thought, "It's okay, you can do this - you got the disk." - - and proceeded to drop the OS.

It only gave me two choices - delete the present partition or add the new OS to it, with a warning that all hell would break loose - or grind to a halt - if I did. NO option to create a new one. So. (As I am le stupid) I deleted it. And proceeded to install the new OS. BUT..unknown to me, the disk was without drivers of any sort, apparently - meaning no 'net, no sound, etc, I basically have a big empty box, now.

As I am le stupid, it took me 'til forever to cobble together sound - thinking I could at LEAST watch a disk or something, but picture. So the empty box is sort of an old-time radio, now.

Everything hinges on my car inspection on Tuesday - after that, I will figure something out. Oy.

There are all sorts of driver packs on ebay, but..idk, I'm mistrustful.

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This one really hurts.

Rest in peace, Chris.

 photo serveimage_zpsyaezlz0m.jpeg
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On my son's laptop - this morning, our electric went on and off, and my brand-new pc is dead. Won't even turn on. It's not even freakin' paid off, yet, and the elec co. is, 'investigating' = screwing me, anew. Yes, it was plugged into a surge protector. And all my purchase info is ONLINE, and NO, I can't print it out without a printer. Gutted, here.

I know you've all heard it before, but I sincerely don't know when I'll be back *this time*.

Whole new way of life, here - again. Relearning , 'life before the internet' and jeebus, what? Back to paper billing, etc? Back to scribbling in a notebook? How the fuck am I going to keep tabs on my astronauts/Norman Reedus/Bigfoot?!? And NO, 'COSMOS'...I haven't even had television in over fifteen years. It's like the zombie apocalypse without Daryl Dixon - WHAT'S THE POINT? - oh, and no pesky 'walkers', but for my scary neighbors..

Rest in peace, Christopher Lee. I had the privilege of spending MANY a childhood Saturday afternoon in your fine company. You were amazing in the Lord of the Rings movies, but you will always be Count Dracula, to me ♥

Oh, and welcome back to earth, Expedition 43!
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It's BEAUTIFUL, outside. So, why am I sitting, here?

I know that if I get it together, I have to, a) spend money, b) go forth and do laundry..

Twitter fascinates the hell out of me. So far, Nestor Carbonell has favorited tweets of mine, twice. He seems to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy, who obviously is polite and responds to EVERYONE. Cool, though. Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer is really, really funny, as are Brian Cox and Wil Wheaton. It don't take much, folks.

I guess you all should know, I've 'unfollowed' Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his rude-assed comments. You don't want 'fans'? You got it, bub.

The Norman continues. I think I've finally run out of bad movies of his to watch..with or without gasmask-wearing. I even sat through two episodes of what was quite possibly the worst, most contrived, fluff-assed shit, ever: Charmed - and want my gold medal, now. His cameo in, Stretch was hilarious, though.

You GUYS. Read more... )
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Whine, whine, whine.

You can't pick yer family, right? Right? But you CAN pick to stay out of it, you CAN pick pseudo-sanity.

I've been out the outside since the day I was born; do not expect it to change, anytime, soon.
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Losing it, here.

My dearest, dearest friend at work, G, told me last night that she has pancreatic cancer, and is leaving on Wednesday for the CTCA in Atlanta. It's fucking, 'massive', she said. It all seemed absolutely unreal when she told me, and it's probably the closest I've come to actually fainting.

Did something I've not done in decades for her, and tomorrow is the new moon.

Anybody pray, around this joint?
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WTF X infinity-dreams. I mean, REALLY. And it's my own damned fault. Read more... )


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