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Is it me? Is it really just me?

This question was, just seconds ago, tossed around in a conversation regarding, 'Empaths In These Trouble Times' - and the rest of the country, all around us, who seem not to notice the destruction going on..At least, where we live, anyway.

Last night, a nurse went on about how she does. not. like. Stephen Colbert - she, 'didn't find what he was saying to be even remotely funny.'

Is something wrong with us, to worry about our fellow man -- all the people being hurt by what's being foisted..and by what's being (seemingly purposefully) dismantled? By Truth and Science being made..some sort of, 'alternate' reality? Hey - Let's let Pat Robertson decide for us what's real~!

The EPA? Who needs it? 'Meals-On-Wheels'? What a waste of money. On and on and on.

Just can't believe that we're the only ones.
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Weird Al is, like, a fucking genius. And yes, I'm wild and loose on the internets, catching up on such important things. He's got some chops, though, and Dare to be Stupid, just. Song of songs, video of videos. I'm really digging one of his live shows on The Youtube. Pete and I took my son to see him way-y-y back when he was little, and Al wore the, 'Fat Suit' - in 103 F weather at an amusement park.

And what the hell is in, 'Crispy' M & Ms? My son bought them and I'm leery. It's like some weird treacly chemical sugar-marrow, when I was expecting, IDK rice, maybe...Gross. It doesn't even describe it on the label, either - just the word, 'crispy', with a backdrop of yellowy-white with slightly menacing globes, floating in it. No, I don't have television, still. :D

Somebody, please - throw a vintage astronaut at me! Charlie Day continues to be unnervingly hot.
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I literally cannot believe what tomorrow brings, and I sure don't know how I'm going to get through it. It still doesn't seem real.

I know he wanted a celebration, but - yeah, not going to be that person, and I've already promised that I wouldn't make a scene. I have no choice but to wear black. It's literally all I've got.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

There's already talk of renaming St. James in Philly to, 'Frankie Morelli Way', and we are going to make that happen.
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Okay - talk me down, ppl.

I talked to an amazing couple from Texas at the grocery store and am seriously thinking about becoming a....trucker.

WTF is holding me, here?

Yeah, I'm terrified of semis, in general - but the money. The Life on the Road - I would love it. Annnnnnd the money. At the rate I'm going...where I'm at - with most places being the same horrific, degrading, hardcore stress-filled, no-thanks, safety-violation-filled crap - - this may be a viable option to, a) save actual money to retire, b) preserve what's left of my health - and back/hip, in particular. The arthritis is really getting the best of me, lately - and with winter, coming..

There's just no way to work full-time, doing what I'm doing, where I do it - and do nursing school. I know. Time to face it, though.

She did say to wait until spring, because that's when most classes start - ? - sounds good; she also said what companies to watch out for...and SHE was the driver, in the family. Not the husband. HER.

So. You never know. Yee haw.
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La la la la - off 'til Monday. Took a nice walk on the walking trail near my house - - and no Bigfoot, and yes, I kept my eyes peeled :D

Frankie, my Frankie. I'm not really the praying sort, but you never know. I'm UTTERLY not the Facebook sort, but yet, I'm back on there, again. ONLY FOR FRANKIE. First cranial surgery went unbelievably well - he was talking within an hour. They're going to hit the second and third tumors with radiation, and the lungs, as well. Long road ahead, but he is so. so. loved, by so. so. many. He's touched so many lives with his warmth and positive good humor and ENORMOUS, generous heart - he was literally 'trending' on FB, like some Kardashian, lol - this is SO not about me, but I cannot imagine my life without him. He's family, period. SO good to talk to him - he is the one person that I know, without question, that loves me. And Oh, how I love him.

And yes, I know the odds, and yes, I know the typical outcome, but IT'S FRANKIE, so let me have my denial, here.
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Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email? Granted, it had been three days - but Big Brother thought I needed to talk to them about it..I didn't really have any beefs/suggestions, but it did make me realize how much I value LJ and YOU PPL and its format, here. So the answers to their survey were of the, "I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE OR KICK ME OUT'-variety, really. And I meant it.

Also, granted, I *have* been spending a lot of time on Twitter..but you can blame The Astronauts/Scientists/Musicians/That Norman Reedus Guy for that..and [ profile] ffarff, who is also there.

I will try to do better. It's just that my life, lately, has been no life, at all, and much with the suckage. It's been work/exhaustion/sleep/worry/stress/pain/work/depression/exhaustion/work/stress/worry/pain, and on and on and on and trying to find some reason to carry on with it all. Work is probably literally killing me, and I've got some decisions to make, here, coming up, in regards to that - before they're made *for* me - and few options...and yay, who wants to hear all that? Even *I'M* bored with my own piddlin' drama. Sheesh. The creativity and magic that used to be ever at hand have become bitterness and self-inflicted alienation - o, how cliche', of me - and when I'm not enraged, I'm flat-line zombified and can barely function.

Rag, rag, rag. Toldja.
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The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly: Dreams. Terrifying. Involving certain folks, 'back from the dead', with SUCH scary eyes, full of bright, snapping hatred, and with a gang, like, 'The Claimers', from The Walking Dead - and, for some reason, I had to live with them, and just knew, that, at their first opportunity, they were going to kill me. Their eyes were liek - can't even describe them, but they made me think of shiny magazine paper. I haven't really feared death for years, now, doing what I do for a living - but upon awakening, I did, because I didn't want to meet up with him/them and all that hatred. Yikes. WTF does it mean? Like I said before, things are speeding up, coming on, fast.

Here. Have some Carl :

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So last night was both horrible and wonderful.

It was G's last night, and I'm surprised she came in - I probably wouldn't have. And I'm glad I was able to get ahold of two of our former coworkers - Caryn and Christy - because they came in, and brought a huge, huge spread of everything imaginable, and there was SO much love in that hellhole, last night, it was heartbreaking. I know it was, 'blabbing', but I am glad I followed instinct - G. kept saying to me, "I can't believe there are so many people that care about me." Well, there are, believe me. I'm just sorry that Tabby didn't get back to me, 'cos G would have loved to see her, too.

SO many hugs.

We went to lunch, together, one last time, and I'm glad I could make her crack up - haven't laughed that long in a long time. What are we going to do without her? Who am I gonna bitch with - she, Robin, and I were the last of the old-timers, left. We'd all three agreed that this was our, 'last winter', there.

We were SUPPOSED to quit together, giving ye olde middle fingers as we left. :)

She DID let me get a couple pictures, though - "How else are you going to star in my comic book, if I can't draw you?" ♥

Aint no, 'Goodbye', though. Don't believe in them.
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Losing it, here.

My dearest, dearest friend at work, G, told me last night that she has pancreatic cancer, and is leaving on Wednesday for the CTCA in Atlanta. It's fucking, 'massive', she said. It all seemed absolutely unreal when she told me, and it's probably the closest I've come to actually fainting.

Did something I've not done in decades for her, and tomorrow is the new moon.

Anybody pray, around this joint?
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WTF X infinity-dreams. I mean, REALLY. And it's my own damned fault. Read more... )
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I. Hate. This. Weather.

5 - 8" of snow expected, covered by, 'ice pellets' and a, 'wintry mix' of freezing rain, blah blah blah blah. Add to that, the tantalizing thrill of about a sixty-degree angled driveway down to the highway, and - yay. Here we go, again.

I called work at six-fifteen, 'to establish communication before six-thirty', as the last time I called, they hung up on me and tried to write me up for a call-off. Called management, to make sure they salt and plow.

Don't know what else I can do.

ETA: It's funny how day-shift never gets any trouble when THEIR BARRAGE OF CALL-OFFS come in, yet - we are mandated to stay..
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T e r r i b l e dreams. Very not like me.

I did the best I knew how in a shocking, terrible situation, and it was STILL, 'too little, too late', and this is proof that it haunts me, still.
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Yes, it's the start of my four-day stretch. No, there's no calling-off. Yes, my wipers are still broken. No, I've not gotten in to get them fixed, yet. There's a stray cat, outside, somewhere - and he's driving Jeeves crazy. Yes, he sprayed inside the house, and yes, it stinks. Lovely.

I called work to tell them that I'd be late - I want my son to drive SLOWLY and to make it home in one piece, and yes, I have to drive his car.

The woman - one 'Cathy' - said, "You're not on the schedule." - - I freaked, and she read down the line of who-goes-where, and got to. my. name. and - IDIOT ME - I blurt, "That's me!" and she says, "Oh. Then, we'll expect you." No idea who she thought she was talking to..

And tonight? [ profile] gayalithiel IS MEETING NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON!!!!!!! How I wish I was there.

Anywhere but here, really. :)
No, I've not forgotten - and yes, I know it's actually tomorrow:

 photo apollo-1_zpsgkfuwphy111_zpsuq72v65k.jpg

Ed White, Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee. Rest in peace.

 photo 09d5cde7-0bbb-4cd7-881b-971e1c260b77_zps4qvuhz9z111_zpsrwkzdmub.png


Andy Warhol's covered in snow:
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Weirdly enough, it's pouring rain. What. At least it's not snow - it's fifty degrees F, out there. Have to go do laundry, later, but right now, really don't feel like doing anything but enjoying this lovely tea.

Off work on mini-vaca, but have to go in on Thursday - also weird - plus, I have our Christmas breakfast, tomorrow morning....So, no escape, really..If I can cobble something together outfit-wise for tomorrow, I aint gonna go do laundry, either. HA. FTW. Sounds like jeans and a Neil Armstrong sweatshirt, for me. That's about as festive as I can be bothered to muster :)

Was able to get this on a black shirt. I think it's beautiful:

 photo _57a_zpsd337e90c.jpg

What IS it with all these crazed murderous-rampaging ex-military people in Pennsylvania, lately? I mean, they're everywhere - but this is close:

Binge-watching, The Flash, and, so far it's pretty good :) Enjoying the HECK out of this, as well:
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Arrrgh. Here we go. Woke up to snow-covered freezing rain.

Ironically, I just upped my life insurance, this morning.

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From the, I ALWAYS WAIT 'TIL IT'S TOO LATE category:

About a mile or so from here, there's a Lutheran church. It has a walking trail that I've always wanted to check out, but,'s a church, you know? Like, I guess I thought someone'd jump out from behind a tree or something, trying to convert me, Idk. Of course, today, being my last day of vacation, I had to go to the bank and mail some stuff, so I decided to check it out.

And it was absolutely..delightful.

Only 3/4 of a mile, so I had to do it twice - lol - and it's really nice. Well-marked, but not, 'too tamed', with lots of little bridges and various stops, along the way. It's right behind the assisted living facility, so it's pretty gentle - with the elderly, in mind - - and therefore, perfect for me! LOL. There is an, 'Uphill Trail' option, so I will have to do that, next.

The leaves are gorgeous, this time of year, and the woods were fragrant and whispery, with lots of crunch accompanying each step. I guess these Lutherans have a sense of humour, as the trail is marked here and there with various items - lawn ornaments (everything from cats to frogs to a miniature house for, 'Thumbelina'), faeries in a tree, and even a pink flamingo, which made me crack up. I'd love to come back at dusk - they close at dusk - and try to see the owl, which has a well-marked house way up high in a tree.

Only one, 'heebie-jeebie' moment, as I passed through a path cut into a field of shoulder-high grasses...And I remembered this:

"April 12, 1999

Late Afternoon near Route 10 near Honeybrook

While taking a walk to the neighbors’ house, the witness heard a strange noise and upon looking saw a creature crouched down and looking at him. The creature suddenly stood up and walked off into the wood. The witness described the creature at approximately 7 ½ feet tall, muscular and covered in light brown hair."

From here:

I'd no idea that Pennsylvania ranks FOURTH in the nation for reported Bigfoot sightings...

THIS. It doesn't really get going until around 1:16 or so, but OMFG. I mean, OMFG.

Maybe there's more in those woods to worry about than Lutherans!


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