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GOOD LORD, there are some ugly curtains on ebay. LiEk, painfully, jaw-droppingly ugly. And not even in a 'vintage, hipster-y' way, either.

I know I'm supposed to be cleaning, but I'm just too damned lazy. Wanted to repaint my porch step railings, this morning, but when I got the can of paint out of the shed, I found that the lid had been left tipped open just a LEETLE tiny bit - and it had become one solid lump. Derp.

Attention, Plz. Proffy Brian Cox has finally returned to Twitter - lol - he was gone for THREE WHOLE DAYS, and well, y'know. Stalking. His tweet - "Getting ready for a good night in :-)", with a picture of Pink Floyd's, Dark Side of the Moon ready to go on his turntable - made me smile. Party on, Brian..Watched an episode of the UK Quiz show, 'QI', where he 'jokingly' advocated the use of LSD, as well..He IS a total fanboy for Carl, makes sense. He is delicious, and I GUESS the Apollo-gushing, the Cure-piano playing, the Orwell, Sid Vicious, Futurama, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, Adam and the Ants, Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson and Yes references really DO outweigh the..Duran Duran.

"I'm going to make a cup of tea out of leaves fashioned from the remnants of long dead stars, reconstituted by the natural force of gravity."

"The start of Cosmos gets me every time. It's the music - and The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean :-)"

"Big Jehovahs Witnesses conference in Melbourne tonight. Hope we don't get our audiences mixed up."

"My HiFi streaming system has got stuck in a loop and is playing Shine on you Crazy Diamond for the 4th time."

"Drank so much red wine that I'm beginning to think that making dinner is an unnecessary distraction."

Some of his records, strewn across the floor, when he first bought said turntable ;)

 photo B26UJa5IUAEuBIQ_zps8vwbljeu.jpg
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Getting SO excited for the Pluto flyby - the pictures are amazing, and something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. The heart, the whale.

Rest in peace, little Peanut. I'm so glad we could love you for as long as we were able.
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Fuck my life.

After my mother and son basically did a fucking intervention to make me call off work, pretty much insuring that I'll be fired?

A pipe valve - once connected to a long-gone washing machine - that was allegedly SHUT OFF EXPLODED in the hallway. Water is gushing into a huge tupperware container, as we speak.

I don't know what this thing is, or what to do. I certainly don't have money for a plumber or to put in new flooring or God only knows what. My socks are wet, and I have no heat, and I just feel like crying.

I hate my life and honestly, I'm done. It's too hard and there's just no joy in anything, anymore. And yeah, I'm just bitching, you know I won't do anything.
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Everything turned out fine, just so you all know. LiEk, a piano, off my back. It involved our new lease agreement packet - which had been hand-delivered while I slept on God-Knows-When - and a son, with a huge pile of back-mail..All taken care of, now, but JEEZ.

Ebay, you task TASK me..

Absolutely beautiful. And my (second? first?) favorite Al Bean painting.

Payment plan..
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OMG. Ya'll wouldn't believe me, even if I told you. More, when it's under control.
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It's a beautiful day, today. Perfect, really. But, boy, I'm feeling my age - no two ways, about it.

I've got about five hundred MORE pounds of pond stone, waiting for me, and I just totally dread it - my back certainly dreads it..but this has stretched out, more than long enough, no more excuses. After watching an almost three-hour documentary on the original Star Wars trilogy with DJ, I slept pretty good, yesterday, so..

Charging my mp3 player, as we speak.

You know what I want? I want a 1963 Airstream Bambi. Small enough for my Jetta to pull - hopefully - and just big enough, for me. Behold, the fabulousness:

 photo 8bb4e68ca4ae627dbfcb46aeb1aa6c98_zpscb844009aaaaaa_zps276819c4.jpg
 photo 082311_1963_airstream_bambi_8_zps5ea451b6bbbbb_zps54c25361.jpg

When did fear become such a close companion? When did hesitation overtake confidence? When did other peoples' opinions become so important?
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Boring life is blissfully boring.

I think I have enough cucumber salad (made with purple onion and grape tomatoes and almonds and sunflower seeds and feta and parm and and and - ) and spaghetti squash made to get us through the week, now.

I think.

With a container of fresh-cut strawberries? Perfect lunch for work.

Also, my son picked up my order of Amy pond stones - 16 bags, at 40 lbs, each! - for my dooryard project. Irritatingly, it rained all weekend, so no savagely murdering removal of weeds could be done. It's just as well, really, as I don't have nearly as much newspaper as I need, yet. It's going to look so nice, though, when finished. :)

Also - - NEW LUNCHBAG. I *had* to..His birthday is Tuesday..

 photo neil_armstrong_astronaut_neoprene_lunch_bag_zps1f96041f.jpg
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Hmmm...interesting, from [ profile] rickysbaby:

 photo tumblr_mt6lf4e4cW1shqp9wo1_500_zpsb4bd2b0a.jpg

I love the idea of a structured subject chat meet-up, especially something so..intriguingly frivolous...

Week 3 of La Vida Pete-less. Read more... )

 photo howtheuniverseworkss01e08dvdripxvid-nodlabsavi_snapshot_1722_20140411_092635aLALALA_zps9fe1de26.jpg photo neptune_gds_zps47e78907.jpg photo c57339fb4b02434ad87351c482fcb4fb_zps511a3169.jpg

And this is CRACK, to me. CRACK:

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My brother is okay. Somehow, I SLEPT THROUGH his going-to-the-hospital-with-chest-pains, early this morning. All tests came back normal.

WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING A CELLPHONE, IF YOU CAN'T HEAR IT RING? IT WAS RIGHT IN MY PURSE. LIek FIVE FEET AWAY. Turned up full blast, mind you. And the ringtone is from a remix of Kraftwerk's, Autobahn - vocorder VWs, singing at full-blast. It's never NOT woken me, before.

So, I missed the whole Circus O'Hysteria, with my older sister -

"A bird flew into my house! It's a SIGN OF DEATH!"
"No, it's not! It's a sign of SPRING!", etc.

- - Frighteningly enough, I think my mother relies on me to be the voice of reason, in such times.

I'm just going to be grateful that everything's okay.


"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda


In other news? FLAWLESS YEARLY EVAL, at work.
So, okay. Show me the money.


SOMEBODY left me with his cats - AND NO CAT FOOD, last night. SO, certain little four-legged people had a huge Dump-The-Trashcan party while I was at work, and while HE slept - LOVELY, to come home, to..believe me.

I wonder if that's when my mother called.
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Okay. The 'net is back, again. For now.

The guy came today, instead of tomorrow, which is good, but = no sleep. Annnnnnd more snow, tonight. Into tomorrow. Into freezing rain/ice on Wednesday. 'Cos we just don't have enough.

This is a bit ridiculous. The mountains of snow, outside, are taller than me. Our walkway is like walking down a luge chute. Just hope the roof keeps holding - as there's at least three feet piled up on it, with parts of fallen trees, sticking out, here and there. I somehow sprained my left wrist - either digging someone/something out, or working so long, by myself. It's a bit better, tonight. It has no choice.

Won't even go into how many times I've fallen, lol - or how many times my car got stuck. Finally had to abandon it on Friday, down the hill, and just walk/crawl home. And that is *not* a Typical Indiwise Exaggeration.

I refuse to pack extra uniforms, etc, for the newest oncoming follies, after last week's mess..Well, maybe just a few things. Phone and Poor Little iPod ™ are charging, just in case.

I am glad that the internet is back, for practical purposes, at least, but it wasn't that bad, without it - thank God for good books and, Cosmos to watch.
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Pretty much every molecule of me is smiling, right now.

Life is good. Long live Peter Fox, the smartest cats in the world, and basil parmesan soup on a winter's night.

@#$%^&! Cold Steel kick ASS so hard. All throughout, of course, but 1:35 or so makes me just gasp with delight. Also, that male back-up singer is some sort of an Action Figure/God, there. What.

Oh, Freakin' HELL, yeah:

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You guys. Remember way back when - in September, when I took my dearly departed Neil-cat to work to visit some residents?

Well. Got a phone call from work, this morning, telling me that I won the, 'Whatever It Takes', award for the month of September. Bzuh. What.

Weird that they just now got in touch with me for it - but, my name will go on a plaque on the wall, and there's a check for $100, waiting for me in the office, which I will pick up, tomorrow morning - that I have to cash before the end of the year. Not a problem.

First time in ten years. And first time someone from night shift has gotten it, I believe.

Out of the freakin' blue - and realllllly makes me miss mein Neil-er, but GO, NIGHT SHIFT! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Just have to get thru tonight - and then, off for Christmas Eve AND Day!

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Please watch. :)

"YOU can help by sharing this video. For every view (up to 500,000 views), Friskies will donate one can of wet cat food to shelter and rescue organizations across the country. Share with all your friends and help make a cat's holiday wish come true."

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I don't even know what to say, at this point.

a) Winter has officially arrived. *points at crap outside window*

b) Work is borderline hilarious, at this point. Acuity levels are the ONLY things rising, around there - it sure aint pay or staffing, and it SURE aint morale! Getting REAL sick of their constant texts and voicemails, begging us to come in - going to start turning my phone off, so I can get some #$%^ sleep. And boy, are they screwing me - I start a four-day, off..into ANOTHER four-day. I may die from it, and I'm only half-joking, here. So much for Thanksgiving, which my family has scheduled for 4 in the afternoon..

c) Mein Neil got out while we were getting up all the leaves from the entire county, it seemed on Saturday night, and ran off into the possibly Bigfoot-infested woods, laughing all the way. Wish I were kidding. No, he's not been back, since, and I cannot even talk about that - just noting it.

d) What is it with everyone popping up with thyroid issues, suddenly? I know, I know...but one of them is my niece, and that stinks. Scheduled for surgery.

e) Don't even get me started on Fukushima. Just don't. See above.

The Good:

a) 'Dollar Tree' peach cobbler is surprisingly good.

b) My kids are amazing geniuses who work really hard.

c) I *finally* organized my, 'Astronauts/NASA' pictures. It took over an hour and a half, and blew up into 23 individual folders..That's NOT counting, 'NASA GIFS', 'Crew pictures', 'Cosmonauts', 'NASA Films', 'Video pics' or, 'Miscellaneous'...Jeez. I know.

d)  photo tumblr_mfer7nk0XA1rnz84fo1_500_zps821b1485.gif

e)  photo tumblr_mvk2x5N6MC1s1mt5yo1_400mowing_zpsb7033727.gif

f) 'Space Ghost Coast-To-Coast', is still hilarious. :)

g) cigars. Especially the flavoured ones. :/
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Fuck winter! Fuck pipes! Fuck mud! Fuck spiderwebs! Fuck double-sided tape that doesn't stick! Fuck picky/itchy insulation! Grrrrr! Whine!

 photo tumblr_mo19p96VvW1r0o12to1_500_zps165954f2.jpg
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Also, fascinating stuff:

I was amazed, last night, how many of my residents asked me if I'd heard of Scott Carpenter's demise as I went room-to-room (they know I'm a retro-space nut, and were all still watching the nightly news as I did my first set of rounds) - also, the evil ADON noted my NASA pin, and asked; she remembered his flight - and Sealab, as well. Go figure. She doesn't look that old! Had some very interesting conversations, while they shared their memories. Sometimes, I love my job - not management; NEVER management...but my people. Yes. Always :)

I do know that our space program is popular as it used to be in its glory days, but THOSE days are the days that I remember - albeit vaguely, in most aspects; STILL so much to learn - and revere; and so do they. Sad to realize that we will never see their like, again.

"It just doesn't seem right, that those boys are that old." - Miss Peaches

"He was one good-looking man." - Miss Evelyn


[ profile] gayalithiel absolutely shocked me by buying me THIS. For no apparent reason, apparently, except she's amazing in so many ways:

HOLY CRAP. Can't WAIT to get my hands on it.


Rain, rain, rain.

Kinda glad, as our little foray into That Scary Halloween Place was cancelled because of it. NOT THAT I'M SCARED, mind you - I just didn't want to waste the money, as it's so tight, of late. It will be rescheduled - which is better, as some key people were not able to attend, and this gives more notice. Hilarity ensued while I tried to keep up with all the texts flying in at me from all directions, while clearing things up, LOL. HOW DO THESE PPL TEXT SO DAMNED FAST?!?


DJ and I found a great Simpsons streaming site, and that is what we did, all night, tonight. That, and eat burritos and tomato soup in a pile of purring cats.

Well, four. We're down to four (Neil, Jeeves, Blackie and Tiberius), and occasionally a fifth (Bossyboots) that stops by. Which is PLENTY. All sport collars, now, at least.

I'd not seen the show in, liEk, a decade, so it was fun.

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just so you all know, my keyboard has gone insane, so i've not been posting. can't really capitalize anything, caps, no question marks, none of that good stuff.
typical, right.
it also has something to do with my mouse - i think - as it just scrolls v i o l e n t l y upwards whenever it feels like it; no control - making most webpages impossible to read, as they scroll up at lightning speed - and my, 'favorites', impossible to click on - they roll up so fast, i can't catch them. so. i figured i'd rag about it, here, before the festivities begin, for the night.

payday, but instantly broke. surrounded by hungry cats, so my son had b e t t e r have some food for them, when he arrives home from work. i'm sure my fat ass looks pretty appetizing to them.

work plods onward, and so do i. so far. mon bernard likes his new hospice person, but she's going on vacation, already, and he's panicking, and wants me to come and visit him, this weekend. i will try.

see..nothing to really post about, anyway, lol.

'cbgb', was pretty good - better than i expected. glad to see, 'big bang theory', back.

some of the stuff on here is just c l a s s i c -
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Okay. Back to work, tonight.

I've learned:

a) as messy as they can be, these cats are all fuckin' brats treasures, and good company, with their own personalities and idiosyncrasies, but - in the end - just loving little four-legged people beings that never stop surprising me.

b) I actually have WAY anxiety/personal appearance issues than I previously thought - and so do others. MUST work on this. Not getting any younger, folks, and it's all downhill, from THIS, so..

c) having no money frees me from a lot of decision-making, especially when I see how others spend theirs, and the decisions they make.

d) that I MUST quit smoking.

e) that the internet CAN get boring, eventually.

Good things:

a) the teenagers that came up to me in the Thorndale Good Will - freaking out over my NASA teeshirt. We talked for a good while - I told the boy that I got it at Target, of all places - they were cute as all hell, and had been planning a road trip to Johnson Space Center, but, 'summer got away from them'. They were all bright and beautiful, to the last, and their manners and curiosity and friendliness gave me hope for this generation, coming up - and I told them so. I told my son, when I got home, that I'd met my, 'future daughter-in-law', LOL.

b) my son is now in the, 'super-sekrit underground', VW In-Crowd - and is getting roughly two grands' worth of work done on his car for......less than three-hundred. The Mystery Poohbah is going to take him in-hand and do the work with him, so he'll learn, too. DJ is actually thinking of purchasing a...Scirocco, now, as his daily driver..and keeping the Golf in storage with this guy. Twenty bucks a month. Not too shabby.

c) I can be REALLY creative with the make-do cooking. We were the recipients of a TON of broken taco shells.....and I've found loads of uses for them...well, a couple, anyway. Muffins...breading for chicken...I created a, 'pineapple upside-down' cornmeal pudding that aint half bad...

d) music really IS what keeps me alive. :)
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I apologize for the lavish whininess of my last post. Being trapped here, all weekend - I did get a fair amount of sleep. Weird dreams, as always, when I'm backed up mentally, like that..they scramble all together in a rush. I just remember that there was a blue and white steel roller coaster involved.

Disconnect, Iron Man 3, and, The Great Gatsby were all really good..especially the latter.
Got the lawn mowed.

Tortured myself on eBay awhile - I was there, seeing what I could sell, honestly! - last night, looking at the amazing, incredible, bad-ass Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Program stuff on there - O, how my heart weeps for it.
I covet so bad: - !!! + infinity; creepy, but I still want it.. - !!!!

One question, though - what DOES it say about our culture that Lindsay Lohan's signature goes for more than Deke Slayton's?

I must be going stir-crazy, as I'd SWEAR meine Neil-Cat just said, "Lauren"...only pronounced, "WAwwr-wunnn?" - and yes, there was a question mark, implied. Alrighty.
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Calling for any/all recipes that can be made with an electric skillet and convection oven. The simpler and healthier, the better!

A) the company that we bought our propane from could NEVER get it right, and always sent our bill to my mother OR sent us hers OR mixed them up together, somehow. This has gone on for almost a decade. Once I tried to pay them THREE TIMES online, and they kept refusing my payment, THEN tried to charge me for a bounced check. There was no check, lol.

B) they came, almost a month ago, to do a tank exchange and filled up our tanks - to the tune of $230.

C) when the guy went to rehook said tanks, he discovered MULTIPLE leaks in the ancient stove we've been using - it came with the ancient house - which explained the ridiculously high bills, in relation to our actual usage.

D) he unhooked said tanks, and said to call them when we, 'got a new stove', LMAO!

E) stoves are wicked expensive!

F) I called them and cancelled the account and had them pick up the tanks, and No, I am not paying for propane that I haven't used. It's NOT. HOOKED. UP, remember?


It's just my son and I - and soon enough, just me - and it's not like I'm doing a thanksgiving turkey everyday or anything. Pete had a brand-new convection oven that I bought from him....and I've got a sandwich press, a microwave, an electric skillet, and three crockpots - so....we're eating BETTER, actually. More salads, more simple, home-made stuff.

I'm learning, too. I didn't know you could do gnocchi in the skillet, if you buy the shelf-stable kind - as pasta was the only thing I actually missed, with quick pasta being my fallback postion..not that that's, 'healthy' or anything. As luck would have it, my son bought liEk eight packages of it, and I was at a loss as to what to do with it...So, that will be tomorrow, I guess. :)

Speaking of pasta, I actually made some really bangin' Lo Mein, using RAMEN NOODLES - sans the hideous, 'flavour packet', mind you - and softened the noodles first with hot water from my coffee pot. Unreal, the things you find on the 'net.


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