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I can't believe how ridiculously *gutted* I am over the series finale of, 'Bates Motel'...Norman Bates and I go back a LONG way - Read more... )
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I'll be so glad to get this month *over*...

It went from my hot water heater basically blowing up (it looked like the command module of Apollo 13)...Sending water gushing down onto a grounded electric wire (leaving me with no heat, no electric) my car dying REPEATEDLY (three tows in five days) and them not being able to figure out what it was, and and..a million seemingly little things - IE: losing my wallet..and work continuing to suck beyond all reason.

But most of that is resolved, now.

The RuPaul's Drag Race queens continue to run rampant. Thank Gawd the new season is starting soon, as I'm jonesin' BAD. My pick for Season 9? Charlie Hides, of course.

And THE RETURN OF BATES MOTEL, HOLY WTF DANG - so good that when I finished watching it, I had immediately go back and watch it AGAIN. No spoilers, but I will say that it required an emergency phone call to Wisconsin. And yes, I hate that Rihanna is playing, 'Marian Crane' - how cheesy and grasping and unnecessary, of them -- BLASPHEMY! -- but time will tell. Freddie Highmore has got the character down pat..down to the most subtle of gestures. Good job.

On a solemn note - and I'm not really sure how many of you are still out there that would remember her, but I was asked to pass this on -- I learned of the untimely death, this past Monday, of [ profile] lunarising from cancer. My son and I will always remember her laughter..and that trip to DC that ended up changing my entire life.

Rest in Peace, Liebe - may the road go ever on.

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Is anyone else watching this new season of, Bates Motel? It's only two episodes in, and already off the freakin' chain.

The character of Norman Bates is pretty near and dear to my heart, always has been, and I will admit to being skeptical as hell about this series.

How DARE they 'modernize' it, bringing it to present day - did we not all learn from the debacle that was the 1998 'remake'? I still remember the acid sting of the changing of the line, "If it doesn't gel, it isn't aspic.", to, "If it doesn't gel, it isn't JELLO." - not to mention the sordid image of Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn? Really?) masturbating as he peered through the hole in the wall...and don't even GET me started on Viggo Mortenson's 'Sam Loomis' - uh. No, no, no - a thousand times, no.

And Freddie Highmore as Norman? He's a redhead. And British. I just couldn't see it.

And the whole convoluted drug-dealers-half-brother-out-of-the-blue-girl-with-fatal-disease business of the first seasons..Meh. It took a while for Norman to emerge, per se - - little by little, I could see him; Freddie obviously studied Anthony Perkins' body language..gestures, the walk...But what SOLD me utterly and completely was that scene, with Norman cooking breakfast AS Norma..My GOD.

POOR DYLAN, lol. It was so good, I literally grabbed it from Youtube and put it on my iPod.

And now - DAMN. Just DAMN.

Best moment of the series so far?

"I'm gay. You have my card."
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Whee! Anthony Perkins double feature!

This Angry Age, from 1957 and, Green Mansions, from 1959.

Good stuff.
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HA HA HA HA - just had SO much fun, quizzing [ profile] gayalithiel with, 'Psycho' trivia. Or should I say, "REEK, REEK, REEK, REEK!"

I know wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much about that movie; Norman Bates and I go back a long way..
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"Light snow", tonight? REALLY?!?

The end of the latest episode of, Bates Motel = WTFOMG + infinity

My computer just went dead-silent. That can't be good.
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LET US ALL *UNITE*! Please please please please please.

And this just never gets old - the music is perfect, my boys are all in it; I love every second of this - from Al Shepard's goofy grin at 1:30 or so, to the 'driver's view' of the Rover, at 2:17 or so - Man, it just fills me with joy:

All the, 'Illions':

And then, there's this.....yes. It's on my new mp3 player..

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Is it just me, or did Freddie Highmore really hit it out of the freakin' park on, Bates Motel, this week? Read more... )

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Oy. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I now...have a cellphone. *cries* I fought against it for so very long; I really did.

I took a picture of a, 'Bates Motel' postcard, and that is my wallpaper. Neil Armstrong, announcing, "Tranquility Base..The Eagle has landed", is my ringtone..with, "Solsbury Hill", by pg and selected bits of, "Franz Schubert", and, "Radioland" by Kraftwerk, as other various announcements - thanks to [ profile] gayalithiel, who hipped me to Myxer, I believe it's called. This definitely eases the pain, a bit..

I'm doomed, though. I just sent her two pictures of mein Neil-Cat. ♥
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So. Still here. Und the battle mit the electric company commences..

Work may not be getting better, but the people that I work with are the best on earth.

Bates Motel!!! Monday is so far away!!!

Not to mention MAY 15TH - and I'm off, that night!


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