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Well, that was amazing. The generosity of some people dwarves me. That is all. :)
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Still not caught up. Will probably never BE caught up. Oy.

The Good: My Carl necklace came! It's both fabulous and hilarious..annnnnd The Sad: NO ONE AT WORK KNEW WHO IT WAS. NO ONE. BERNARD WOULD HAVE KNOWN! I'd wager that if I had a, 'Snooki' or, 'Kim Kardashian' necklace, they would have known. My heart breaks.

The Amazing: CAN'T STOP WATCHING, 'DOCTOR WHO'..Even though I've gone, now, past the wondrous David Tennant..

The Bad: In a bizarre chain of events that could probably only happen to me, my iPod fell DOWN between my cleavage as I was getting in my car and, since it was swinging, freely, I unknowingly shut the door on it. That's right. I know. The poor little thing that's been my lifeline, for so long...It's now bent at approximately a twenty-five degree angle in the middle - BUT STILL PLAYS. I have no screen, or way to choose songs, BUT IT STILL PLAYS. So far, anyway. So I guess it's 'permanent random', from here on out, until I can get another. :( BUT IT STILL PLAYS.

Here. Have some of Carl Sagan's surprisingly adorable and hilarious laughter at 00:26-ish. ♥:

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So. 'Put up or shut up'-time, I guess.
For so many things, and so early in the new year.

Brave new world.

I have to hold on to Bernard's attitude, his viewpoint, his bravery. I guess we both foresaw these things, and, at least, there's 'real' shocks.
I have to be ready; anything is possible. And, as someone else said, recently, "This is the youngest I'm gonna be."
Go out and onwards, with a bang - and my head, held high.

My son picked up his new car, today - the 2003 VW 4Motion. It's gorgeous, and he looked so good, so happy, behind the wheel. So proud of my kids.

Also, this:
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So, yeah. I have no money to spend, but somehow found six dollars for this:

 photo KGrHqRngFJjPTF5gBSqgkFCg600000000_57_zpsfce73233.jpg

I didn't get myself a Christmas present, this year, and it was only six bucks, and the anniversary of the Apollo 1 tragedy is coming up, and the shipping was free..and and and and -

Shots of/little info about these brave and beautiful men:

Read more... )

In other space-type news, I want to go HERE - -

- - In 1971, Stu Roosa, the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 14, took about five hundred tree seeds into lunar orbit. They were distributed across the country, but, alas, they've really only kept records on about forty of those. There are FIVE, 'Moon Trees' - - in Pennsylvania, and this one is the closest.

I want to find it, steal a seed, and grow a second generation Moon Tree. I think that mon Bernard would have gotten a kick out of that :)
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I just got a text from my coworker.

Mon Bernard 'went on the wind', early this past Saturday morning.

Without me. While I was in such horrible fucking pain. Dammit. I KNEW this was going to happen; I did. I should have been there. I hope to God that someone was with him. I hope he wasn't alone. I hope the light was left on, for him.

I didn't even get to say, 'Au revoir'.

I know that this is what he wanted, and, for that, I am glad. But, DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT..there really aren't any words, right now.

ETA: I've searched and searched online for any sort of obituary or notice of a service. Nothing. It's like he just disappeared.
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Man. Man, oh, Man, oh Man.

A thousand-plus thank yous to [ profile] gayalithiel for the Christmas Package O'Joy she so kindly sent - brimmin' full of Happy. Read more... )

My daughter called, and we're speaking, again. ♥

Had a grand ol' time, finishing up shopping, this weekend - and was grateful for the good, warm weather to do it in. Bath and Bodyworks = highway robbery, but they're going to make some folks happy on Christmas - - Dollar Tree made ME very happy; found some pretty comical and yet cool things there to add in for my nieces' and nephews' 'goody bags', tee hee - including a, 'World History' book with Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon, on the you KNOW I had to get THAT for my niece..and Spiderman hand sanitizer...*cough* I may or may not have gotten an extra one for MY purse..Here's just hoping that the stuff that was ordered online and, 'guaranteed in time for Christmas', arrives, tomorrow..

Pete and I met up, briefly, last night, at my mother's place, as he had somehow ended up with the little weather station radio I'd gotten a month ago as one of my daughter's gifts..and ended up going with me to pop in on Bernard. We brought him a wee container of chocolate ice-cream, and some egg-nog for his roomate. Heh - this will give us something to talk about this upcoming week, for sure. :)

And, in a fit of, OMG, I low-balled this guy on eBay for THIS - el cheap-ola, believe me, and just a whim - and he accepted it! I *had* to have it, as I am going through a, 'losing my car keys'-phase, so..yeah: Read more... )
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"The most wonderful time...of the year.."

Huzzah. The Annual Vomit/Diarrhea-Thon has arrived. We're talkin' full-on projectile BOTH, baybee. Oceans of it - we navigate these Seas of Horror in full regalia - masks, gloves and gowns - as ridiculously cheery holiday music blares all around us. Bed-change after bed-change; my poor little people.

Lunch? Who wants lunch?

Sunday, I was off, and sailing a bit of a Sea, myself - - while mon Bernard had a bad, bad night of it. My coworker, Charles, thought he was going to actually die from it, there was so much...ocean. Bernard is a bit angry at me, for not being there, but I freely admit that I am glad I was not.

We washed up and washed up and washed up and washed up - and disinfected and disinfected and disinfected and disinfected and - hopefully, that, and my NASA, 'meatball' shirt (worn under my scrub top) will keep me safe.

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Pour mon âme soeur - L'empereur - such questions, you ask:

'When the flood calls,
You have no home, you have no walls
In the thunder crash
You're a thousand minds, within a flash

Don't be afraid to cry at what you see
The act is gone, there's only you and me
And if we break before the dawn,
they'll use up what we used to be..'
, peter gabriel
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Ho, Ho, Ho. Santa loves the, 'Dollar Tree' store.
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