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I'm still reeling in shock, here - so much so that I can hardly talk about it -- got to shake that off and get my head back, here. So much so that I actually *forgot* to post yesterday about the Day of Remembrance and Apollo 1. On the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, yet.

Truth is now..illegal?
SCIENCE is now..illegal?

Facts must now pass through a consortium of fools before they are released to the public?

How is this even real?
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Happy 82nd birthday, Carl. Almost-sorta-kinda glad you are not here to witness our demise.

I've been invited to see the boys in Manchester, UK on the 29th. Moving Heaven and Earth to try to expedite a passport. It all hinges on, a) the processing time on Paypal (have to have proof of travel within two weeks *in hand* for first-time passport), b) the processing time for the passport, itself.

If it's meant to be, it will happen.

Fuck work, I'll just put in my notice.

And srsly, fuck what happened last night. I may decide to stay.

We can form a CureColony - who's with me?
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Totally agree with this child's meme; brings to mind a quote from Carl Sagan, that I've always found just so, ♥

“In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is my joy to share a planet and an epoch with Annie."

[Dedication to Sagan's wife, Ann Druyan, in Cosmos]

 photo 13450273_10153527039891035_988AWWW386464632647_n_zpstetvlklw.jpg

Got my car into the shop tonight - crossing my fingers. Always.
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"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

Carl Sagan
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My, my.

 photo imageedit_7_7386429511_zpsfqiltvsn.jpg

Take just a moment and bask in the undreamed-of carnal glory that was Carl Sagan, in his prime. Note the rich, caramel tan. Note the perfect amount of body hair, the smooth, slight musculature, the almost-total lack of shoulders.

BEAUTY *AND* BRAINS. WHO KNEW IT TO BE TRUE? I'd always tried to imagine that body-beneath-the-turtleneck, and now, I know it's pretty much exactly as delicious as I'd always surmised.
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Happy Fourth :)

Listening to the nightmusic of passing trains, crickets, and the occasional straggling firework, here:

So lovely and peaceful; I check in on Andy, from time to time. Never a shortage of soup cans. I had NO idea you could do this: His birthday is coming up on August 6, so I just might..

This, however, made my whole week. THIS is what the internet is FOR, IMO. It was new to me, and absolutely delightful; hearing his laughter was like finding diamonds in the bottom of a soggy bowl of cornflakes.

And saw FIREWORKS! FROM (as close as I could get to) NEIL ARMSTRONG'S HOME TOWN!!!
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Happiness is:

Driving home and singing, "Those. Are some of the things that molecules do!" - at the top of one's lungs, while listening to this:

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The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly: Dreams. Terrifying. Involving certain folks, 'back from the dead', with SUCH scary eyes, full of bright, snapping hatred, and with a gang, like, 'The Claimers', from The Walking Dead - and, for some reason, I had to live with them, and just knew, that, at their first opportunity, they were going to kill me. Their eyes were liek - can't even describe them, but they made me think of shiny magazine paper. I haven't really feared death for years, now, doing what I do for a living - but upon awakening, I did, because I didn't want to meet up with him/them and all that hatred. Yikes. WTF does it mean? Like I said before, things are speeding up, coming on, fast.

Here. Have some Carl :

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THIS is what I was spazzing about, the other morning...Thank you, Bill.

Go, Lightsail!

GOD, I love Carl's laugh. I, uh, actually made it into one of my ringtones..
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A picture of [ profile] gayalithiel and me is aboard.

This one's for you, Carl. Finally. We are starstuff.
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Where did this weekend go?

Got all my shit done before the Ice Capades hit outside, though. Got some beautiful apples and all the fixins' to eat greek salad at work, all week. My paycheck was a little skimpy, but - BOING! - that 'unclaimed insurance' check came, as if on cue, and all is well. I am spoiled :)

Appreciated some complicatedly stark trees - imagine, being able to capture that; they looked like they were done in ink..over watercolour - driving around in all the complete daylight, today.

Rainy and foggy, comin' home; just gorgeous.



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Mannnnnnn, I got my OLD school jam on. I feel so fortunate to have lived through the times I have, and - GOD, the memories, some of these songs bring back:
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If you ignore ALL of these - and I don't blame you - listen to THIS. It's liEk, when my body dies and breaks down into just molecules and energy, joining space and time, it will feel sound like this (esp. starting around 1:47 - I love the precision of the words, Der Mond). Absolutely thrilling :

Okay, I'll quit. ;)


My sincerest heartfelt condolences (and gratitude) to Green Bay. But, hey. At least Dallas aint gonna be in the Superbowl?
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I finally caved and ordered this:

I've avoided it for a long time, now - wanting to keep Carl Sagan some perfect being..but I can't stand it, anymore..I have to read it.

Some notes about Carl, from the book:
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FLIPPER! Also, this:

 photo 2003814154457_149_zpsd11e5f54.jpg
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LOL - My friends are the best, and I do NOT know where I would be, without them.

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This takes my breath away, each time I see it:

Those tiny figures, walking across the ice (of Enceladus, maybe? I'm such an Enceladus fangrrl and gasped earlier in the film when they showed what could only be its' geisers) literally gave me a lump in my throat, LOL - That sky, filled with Jupiter's swirling storms, like a living painting...Floating..Through the myriad snowballs of Saturn's rings - and that slow, hypnotic leap from that cliff...down..down...And, of course, Carl.
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My brain is broken - read the quote - :D

PLEASE let this be available, somewhere, soon!
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Weirdly enough, it's pouring rain. What. At least it's not snow - it's fifty degrees F, out there. Have to go do laundry, later, but right now, really don't feel like doing anything but enjoying this lovely tea.

Off work on mini-vaca, but have to go in on Thursday - also weird - plus, I have our Christmas breakfast, tomorrow morning....So, no escape, really..If I can cobble something together outfit-wise for tomorrow, I aint gonna go do laundry, either. HA. FTW. Sounds like jeans and a Neil Armstrong sweatshirt, for me. That's about as festive as I can be bothered to muster :)

Was able to get this on a black shirt. I think it's beautiful:

 photo _57a_zpsd337e90c.jpg

What IS it with all these crazed murderous-rampaging ex-military people in Pennsylvania, lately? I mean, they're everywhere - but this is close:

Binge-watching, The Flash, and, so far it's pretty good :) Enjoying the HECK out of this, as well:
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Icon post :)

(What. He's NOT adorable?)
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My God, what a pretty thing. Definitely my, 'Dream Car' :)

'Drop the top at Chesapeake Bay.."

 photo cabbie1_zps66ba3126.jpg

And THIS. Which was FOR SALE. About an hour and a half away from here. The guy left the ad and never came back!
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Oh, I just absolutely loved this:

I lo-o-ove 'vintage' sci-fi, and this is a great example. Silent, Danish, from 1918 - I found it while looking for, Aelita, Queen of Mars - a silent russian film from 1923 - and wound up enjoying it far more. The 'Excelsior' is adorable (ha. Sulu.), the clothes are amazing, and the, 'Martians' have the right ideas.

Also, this:


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