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This one really hurts.

Rest in peace, Chris.

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Man. Man, oh, Man, oh Man.

A thousand-plus thank yous to [ profile] gayalithiel for the Christmas Package O'Joy she so kindly sent - brimmin' full of Happy. Read more... )

My daughter called, and we're speaking, again. ♥

Had a grand ol' time, finishing up shopping, this weekend - and was grateful for the good, warm weather to do it in. Bath and Bodyworks = highway robbery, but they're going to make some folks happy on Christmas - - Dollar Tree made ME very happy; found some pretty comical and yet cool things there to add in for my nieces' and nephews' 'goody bags', tee hee - including a, 'World History' book with Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon, on the you KNOW I had to get THAT for my niece..and Spiderman hand sanitizer...*cough* I may or may not have gotten an extra one for MY purse..Here's just hoping that the stuff that was ordered online and, 'guaranteed in time for Christmas', arrives, tomorrow..

Pete and I met up, briefly, last night, at my mother's place, as he had somehow ended up with the little weather station radio I'd gotten a month ago as one of my daughter's gifts..and ended up going with me to pop in on Bernard. We brought him a wee container of chocolate ice-cream, and some egg-nog for his roomate. Heh - this will give us something to talk about this upcoming week, for sure. :)

And, in a fit of, OMG, I low-balled this guy on eBay for THIS - el cheap-ola, believe me, and just a whim - and he accepted it! I *had* to have it, as I am going through a, 'losing my car keys'-phase, so..yeah: Read more... )
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Rest in Peace, Peter Banks.

With your passing, for me, the dread days arrive. Of watching for the next to fall, of counting days and hours, left - I strain to look forward. So much time, passed and wasted - so much left undone. At least your song was heard, and your name, remembered. Most of us will not be so fortunate.

Soberingly, the first picture to come up, when I looked for confirmation - was one of Peter Gabriel.

Further evidence of my slippage - a belated birthday to my dear little dark android:

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Long time, no see. :)


My pg Back To Front tickets arrived in the mail, today.
Perfectly timed to coincide with the dream I had, yesterday, heh.

Was shocked to see that they are already going for twice what I paid for them - on eBay, that is - and the show's not until the end of September! So, so grateful that I was able to buy them, and still can't believe that that weird random 'incentive' just happened to be on my paycheck, that particular week (Thank you, Dieter). Can't wait.

Was eyeing up YES tickets - they're going to be here: - - which is an amazing venue, but it's NOT Jon Anderson. I can see Rick Wakeman not being there, but no Jon? It PAINS me, greatly, but I have to take a pass.


Free at last, free at last..

It took long enough, but all ties are finally dissolved. They said it would take fourteen days or something, but it seemed a lifetime.

Gone, baybee, gone.


I get to to learn how to do THIS, this weekend - - - OY. My one resident, Miss Retta, who never talks, sprang to chatty LIFE with advice when I mentioned it. Wish I could borrow her for the day to oversee the project :)


Still waiting for the title to the '99 Jetta.

It's missing a hubcap, so I'd love to buy THESE:

But, realistically will most likely buy THESE:|Model%3AJetta&hash=item19ce39afe6&vxp=mtr In green, of course.

I also want THIS: Because it's badass and matches the car! DJ wants to get me LED lights for the undercarriage, LOL! On a Mom!Jetta. Right awn.

Still lusting over this:


If you get a chance to see this, I HIGHLY recommend it. Just fantastic, so warm!fuzzies:

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Nicked from [ profile] ladybella:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! - Um.

Read more... )
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Saw this mislabeled as being sung by, 'John Anderson' - and thought, 'Wow - he did a version of this?', and downloaded it, eager to hear it - as it had been ages since I'd even heard the original. Needless to say, it was neither, 'John' Anderson NOR Jon - and for some reason, it's just hooked me in, anew, and I can't stop listening to it.

Maybe it's because I'm slightly altered, but this has to be THE best creative useage of/playing with - Gabrielese that I've heard to date. Gold Star. The way it burbles and bounces and frolics from ear to ear - total high-school-stoned-listening-to-prog-trippin'-under-black-light-posters-type EARGASM on headphones. Sincerely. What fun.


Just saw the latest episode of, The Office. Oh, Andy Bernard.

I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, already, with the chorus of, 'The Office is not as good.', etc - because, well, DUH. Without Steve Carell - it *absolutely* will never be the same. Of course. Come on. We all KNEW that. It's a different pace? - I don't know how to express it - the show seemed almost incomplete - ? - is that what I meant? It should have been longer? Idk.

You really have to really like the character of Andy to root for him - fortunately, I do, and HOW COULD YOU NOT? - because it's liEk ALL about Andy, now. Good for me, but not so good for others, I suppose. I just feel such an affection for the character, because I've known a few exactly like him; adorable, but, omg. Just No. So dorky. Just..Oh, God. So Andy Bernard. I will say that Andy repeatedly dropping his pants was definitely a boon. Also, 'Hi, Dad!' - LOL. Oh, Andy. ♥

I think they can have some great fun with the two pregnancies, fer sher. I was surprised they didn't address Kelly's reaction to Darryl and his ex...idk. Creed in glasses, looking serious, actually focused and working was a, LOL, though.

Gonna keep watching, even if only for Andy's ties. :)
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Happiness IS*

* "Licking the beaters", and having a fresh chocolate cake baking in the oven :)

* Our ivy, going wild, outside on the patio lattice-work - in stiff competition, still, with the morning glories. The total vineage AKA, 'The Giant Hogweed', at night - with wee white Christmas lights in among it all.

* 'Close to the Edge', by Yes - no rushing, no half-listening, just having a minute (or twenty) to myself to simply GO WITH IT; to relax and feel each and every note - my word. Impressive. Sends me RIGHT back to my high-school boyfriend's bedroom-with-a-pile-of-inhaling-friends - complete with black-light posters. :)

* Actually talking to a few of my neighbors, today - ?!? - one, who is really nice, and works where I work - LOL - she and her husband are nice people, with two cute and friendly dogs.

AND to the son of Scary!Redneck Ed-who-killed-my-cat -- to find that THEIR cat is missing. He was really upset, and I hope they find her. Sincerely. And no, not even GOING there - this is NOT, 'a happiness'.

* 'Doing the Unstuck', by the Cure. Those were the days, my friend.

* My son and his new, 'taking care of business'-attitude, driving Pete and I to the store to grocery shop, like the two elderly grandmas we are - and listening to his music - 'Light Jazz' AKA, 'Weather Channel Music', as we drove - God bless him. I know - LOL.

* Helping Pete pick thru EACH AND EVERY BLOODY DENTED CAN OF BEANS in the store. His mother is tres' particular, and each can must be inspected carefully..Thank GOD, the store was near closing, or we'd have been elbow-deep in dented cans of Progresso soup, for an hour, as well :)

* Four-for-a-dollar eggrolls and yes, burritos. So, what. Sue me.

* 'Moribund the Burgermeister', by pg. Classic.

* These dag-gone kittens. They have me talking babytalk. ME!!!
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This world simply cannot end; not when there is beauty such as this to savor. A good song to pass - sparkling - to.


Read more... )

Philosophy-wise, this song has run in my blood for decades, now. Kai'idth, Jon. Indeed. Some are born.

And. A song for our world. For us ALL. This is the song, [ profile] gayalithiel, that I was telling you I found an a capella version of..

*weeps with the beauty*

I feel like I've got to get in as MUCH of THIS stuff as possible. While there's time.
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Listening to Yes, and talking about Yes - with fellow Trekkies and Yesfans.


It's like a dream come true, for a painfully awkward dork, like me :)
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*aural bliss*

*as my heart catches in my throat*

These songs just make me absolutely ache, in parts; it sounds corny as hell, but I could damn near clutch my chest and weep from the beauty - it's actually physical, with me. From the subtlest of wisps and shades, to the most delicate of raindrops, to the most soaring of swells. They make my soul go all golden and sparkly. :)

Someday, as I lay dying, I want these included in the soundtrack. ♥
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Night four of a four-day - off for two, tomorrow. Huzzah.

FINALLY getting my taxes done, tomorrow morning. Let's hope I get back more than I did with the stupid scratch-off ticket my coworker gave me, last night :)

I seem to be fresh OUT of scintillating - even INTERESTING - things to talk about. I guess one's input really does rule one's output. I may need to put out some sort of Amber Alert-type thing for my long-lost CREATIVITY.

Let's see..a resident grabbed my hand and told me that my aura was bright purple, last night. A coworker told me that I really NEED to go into Politics.

It's pretty hot, here, right now. Got up to 78F, and it's only April first. I actually have a small fan, going.

I wore my hair down at work, the other night, instead of the severe pulled-back/clipped-up business - and ppl had a fit. Tonight, it's in a long braid.

Made some boffo chicken salad with my Magic Bullet.

Downloading, 'Yes, live at QPR, 1975' and am all a-tingle with anticipation. It's slow-going, but I'm sure it will be worth it. LOVE. THEM.

I guess it's nice, having a spell of boringness, and hope to keep it up. Just waiting for the next spate of disasters is EXHAUSTING.
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Steak and Christmas lights and Kahlua-in-my-Coffee and - YesBabble.

Jon Anderson. Celestial Ewok.

Read more... )


When I woke up, this evening, I walked out of the bedroom to see..

...a shirt hanging there...with a note, pinned to it...a sappy, 'Stay Pretty, blah-blah-blah' load of ".........." from Teh Man. No, he did NOT just walk in, I asked DJ..but STILL. WTF.

It's liEk, this BEIGE dress shirt with little crimson flowers all over it..sort of liEk, prairie calico-esque..liEk.........

..and a pair of flaming Santa Claus-red capri low-rise ghetto sweats that have a black heart on them - thankfully no, 'bootylicious' or other such sentiment on the ass - but WTF. WHO DID HE BUY THESE FOR?



I am simply and utterly speechless.
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Still in full-on Yes-mode. My GOD, such brilliance. Never really had the hots of ANY sort for Jon Anderson, but, this is a nice picture of him in all his peace-loving glory.

Not that I've been looking or anything.


The Push-Come-To-Shove between two MUCH-beloved Englishmen who oughta KNOW better got to be too much for me, I guess. So Mr. Daddy-Jon swung by with his beads and his laid-back hippy-ness and his schmoke and his, 'Let's just relax and groove and feel the universal harmonic LOVE, baby'..

...and I guess that both other said Englishmen are probably smarting and plotting, right now...but that's kinda tough. :)
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'Yours Is No Disgrace'. Have played it four times in a row, now, and it still blows me away..the chiming dewdrop guitar interweaving with that bass, just lopin' along beside me..and that flawless effin' voice. It's damn near a perfect thing.

You can tell it's remastered. My GOD, this stuff is clear as a bell.
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I had three missions in mind when I got up at the crack of nine am, this morning:

a) Get new tires put on
b) Get a new freezer/weedwhacker

Well, it turns out that they didn't have my tire-size (*shock, surprise*) I forewent that and may either order said tires or go somewhere else....They didn't have the freezer size that I will shop around for that, too...I *did* find the coolest cordless weedwhacker that I went crazy for - just what I need; it's perfect - but also want to shop around, BUT, ANYWAY -

- before we did ANYTHING ELSE (PRIORITIES, people), today, I made Teh Man take us to Record Connection, AKA Indi's Crack Store. I'd asked if he could help, because my car is so small that a freezer will not fit into it - and so that, YES, I could give him a check for his father to pay him back for helping with H & R Block. They both said to forget it, but I insisted...anyway, love me some Record Connection..There's THREE WHOLE ROOMS OF VINYL...Lovely to spend so much time just browsing..knowing that I could actually BUY something if I so desired.

I ended up getting YES' 35th Anniversary Show on DVD...just saw the tiniest bit of it - gonna go back to it, here, shortly..and 'Rock 'N Roll High School', hehehhehehe, which DJ and I watched as SOON as we could bust it out of the wrapper. *ache* Just as silly and fabulous as I remember. But it's sad, now, to watch. I still can't believe the Ramones are gone.

Well, anyway, Record Connection has this glass case in the front of the store, where all the expensive, holy icon-type stuff is...DJ and I look occasionally - the autographed stuff is still there, as is the Ramones comic book - and 'In A Word - YES', a five cd box set with some extras, of course..We look, always, but, never, ever seriously consider anything, as it's too expensive, and, frankly, hey. I can probably get it cheaper on Ebay, anyway, if it's something we HAVE to have...and Teh Man was walking by and looked in alongside me and I said, 'This. Is the Face of Lust.' and pointed to the box set. Then, went on my merry way, to look at posters..

..When we were all finished, and reconvened in the car, and pulling out on the way to carry on shopping - I reached back over the seat to hand DJ my bag of stuff I bought to look at - and he hands me a bag. I'm like, 'BZUH?'

Inside was the box set. The sixty-something dollar box set.


FWIW, I made a bit of a stink - as this is obviously not Teh Man's money, and therefore, stealing, IMO - really THAT much of a stink, yknow? I was just so in awe of it, God help me. He kept saying, 'The guy said, No Returns...SOR-ry..'

This changes nothing.

Well, but for the fact that I HAVE THE YES FIVE-CD BOX SET.

*dances the furtive dance of ill-gotten goods*

I'm gonna get altered and just slap the headphones on my head, and just lay in the bed. OH, GOD. Pure Heaven. Such good stuff.

*SO going to Hell*


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