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"Light snow", tonight? REALLY?!?

The end of the latest episode of, Bates Motel = WTFOMG + infinity

My computer just went dead-silent. That can't be good.
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So. I thought the new, 'Cosmos', was okay - glad that they gave, at least, a couple nods to Carl (everytime I heard his voice, my heart went, 'THUD')..couldn't imagine they wouldn't. Not real crazy about Neil's sort of, 'sing-songy-for-five-year-olds' narration...or the animation bits..but, I'm sure it will grow on me. Considering the bulk of their aimed-for audience.

Weird-assed dream about Richard Dawkins. I know. But, somehow, we were at the site of CERN, just hanging out, talking, and this little, teeny, tiny bit of anti-matter was there - don't ask me how it could be just there, in the air, like that; this little black dot - and he went to smudge it against a pane of glass, thinking it was ash, and it went into his thumb, and just disappeared. I saw it, but he didn't KNOW that I saw it - and I was panicking, waiting for it to come out of the other side of his thumb - - and suddenly, he had a, 'prior engagement', and went to leave, and I was chasing him - - thinking that the anti-matter would escape and take over the world, and that he HAD to tell someone what had happened - - WTF was wrong with him? - - that this was not something one could hide from people..Um. At least eight different flavours of, 'bizarrely and completely wrong', I guess, but..what can ya do?

In the dream, I literally imagined [ profile] _lyra_b's icon with the little people freaking out, waving their arms around, going, "OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!"

Hope everyone on the west coast is okay - and continues to be.

Fifty-two degrees, today - sixty, tomorrow! WTF. And...the newest winter storm, looming, is called, 'Vulcan'? THAT doesn't bode well.
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Most unsettling fortune cookie EVER: "Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."
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Guess what's finally out?

And who's coming to Philly in March?

 photo 16143_zpsd20f5804.jpg
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just so you all know, my keyboard has gone insane, so i've not been posting. can't really capitalize anything, caps, no question marks, none of that good stuff.
typical, right.
it also has something to do with my mouse - i think - as it just scrolls v i o l e n t l y upwards whenever it feels like it; no control - making most webpages impossible to read, as they scroll up at lightning speed - and my, 'favorites', impossible to click on - they roll up so fast, i can't catch them. so. i figured i'd rag about it, here, before the festivities begin, for the night.

payday, but instantly broke. surrounded by hungry cats, so my son had b e t t e r have some food for them, when he arrives home from work. i'm sure my fat ass looks pretty appetizing to them.

work plods onward, and so do i. so far. mon bernard likes his new hospice person, but she's going on vacation, already, and he's panicking, and wants me to come and visit him, this weekend. i will try.

see..nothing to really post about, anyway, lol.

'cbgb', was pretty good - better than i expected. glad to see, 'big bang theory', back.

some of the stuff on here is just c l a s s i c -
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Am I crazy? Really? It seems that whenever I orient a new CNA to our shift I hear:

"Ya'll are/You're crazy!"

"You work too hard!"

"This is too much!"

- and this morning, "I can't do all this - I have kids at home!"

....and then, they quit. Out of the past ten that I've recently trained, TWO have stayed, but immediately reduced their hours. TWO.

So, it seems that the answer is, "YES!, but also, "I am one tough motherfucker."
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Yay. My vacation starts on Wednesday if I don't get fired, tonight!
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Idk, I just don't know wtf to post, here, anymore. So much of what's going on, lately, is just so mindboggling that it defies all reasonable logic. So, my apologies.

Endings and beginnings. Circles and..straightaways without stopping, on and on and on. Another bizarre cryptozoological sighting in the middle of the night, two nights ago. Albino anteater fox, maybe? HAD to be, with that tail, but it was so damned big..SO glad I had a witness. It looked to be squatting to poop, fwiw. Do foxes squat?

Exit sense, buh-bye, 'Normal' - enter utter bafflement. Poverty sucks.

Rest in peace, little baby bird. Hooray for the hopeful heart that keeps on trying.

Wir sind die Roboter:
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a) My son had two wisdom teeth removed today, poor guy. He opted for the local, rather than than anesthesia, and is not having fun, right now.

b) My Aunt Betty's funeral, this morning. One tough lady who lived her life mostly for others. Saw loads of people I've not seen in ages. Brought back lots of memories. I still remember being in hospital over my birthday - age 9? 10? - and her gift of a week's worth of wee Avon gifts - one, per day - and how it made me feel so special and loved - how I treasured that little hairbrush, lol! She had a laugh like no other - well, maybe me. At least, that's what's been said. I used to be embarrassed, but now, I am glad :)

c) THE CURE. CONFIRMED FOR LOLLAPALOOZA in Chicago. Not like I can afford it, but you never know..
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No. Seriously. Just..No. LOL. LOL! A thousand times, LOL!


You know, I have to see this, right?
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I'm sorry I've not been posting - life, lately, has been just, "...."

Some good, some just jaw-dropping. As per usual.

My son had a great (second) week in NYC, still helping with clean-up. So damned proud of the young man he's become. He has a very nice girlfriend, now, that he is so cute over - and she's a VW mechanic with several classic cars. :D


Tragic suicide of a very young, very new coworker. *speechless, still

The Return of THE BAD KNEE, and my boffo android brace (definite upside). In blazing technicolor.

Making plans to redecorate my bedroom.

Being Human - UK seasons 1 & 2.

ASTRONAUTS. LiEk. Way-y-y-y over the top, with this. Total de-stressor, for me.

a) To fall asleep, I count astronauts, in my head. Better than sheep. Got up to 37, yesterday.

b) Instead of cussing at werk, I list astronauts. Tabby was laughing at me stomping up the hallway, "Gus Grissom...John Glenn...Sally Ride...Ed White..Wally Schirra.."

Yep. Finally snapped.

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Note to self. Move along :)

"As a speaker, he was all but limp - still, it did not leave him unremarkable. Certainly, the knowledge that he was an astronaut restored his stature, yet even if he had been a junior executive accepting an award, Armstrong would have presented a quality which was arresting, for he was extraordinarily remote. He was simply not like other men. He would have been more extraordinary, in fact, if he had been just a salesman, making a modest inept dull little speech, for then one would have been forced to wonder how he had ever gotten his job, how he could sell even one item, how in fact he had gotten out of bed in the morning.

Something particularly innocent or subtly sinister was in the gentle remote air. If he had been a young boy selling subscriptions at the door, one grandmother might have warned her granddaughter never to let him into the house; another would have commented, "That boy will go very far."

He was apparently in communion with some string in the universe others did not think to unravel."

"So Armstrong seemed of all the astronauts, the man nearest to being saintly, yet there was something as hard, small-town and used in his face as the look of a cashier over pennies."

"Much like President Nixon or Wernher von Braun, he would smile on command. Then a very useful smile appeared - the smile of an enterprising small-town boy. He could be an angel, he could be the town's most unsavory devil. You could not penetrate the flash of the smile - all of America's bounty was in it. Readiness to serve, innocence, competence, modesty, sly humor, and then a lopsided yawing slide of a dumb smile at the gulfs of one's own ignorance, like, 'Oops, am I small-town dumb!' - that was also in it.

Aquarius decided it was not easy to trust him, then - the smile was a vehicle to remove Armstrong from the scene."

- Norman Mailer's descriptions of Neil Armstrong during press conference, LIFE Magazine, November 14, 1969
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January: I'm SPEECHLESS. Everything IS on the internet.

February: What Tarot Card are You? Take the Test to Find Out.

March: Whoot! Got a pair of Shape Ups by Skechers - - and the MINUTE I put them on?

April: I sigh with regret that my little enforced 'knee-vacation', is drawing to a close, soon, here.

May: So, I don't know if this will post - as, apparently, LJ is not even letting me post replies/comments to people, at the moment, but - so - um -

June: Happy Birthday, Simon ♥

July: The shit has hit the fan.

August: Now, this couldn't be weirder or more obscure, but I've found remix of Kraftwerk's, Showroom Dummies, that mixes in some of Apollo 11's communications with Houston..

September: So, ja. Guess I'm back, now, from my Week O' Grieving over Commander Armstrong.

October: Look OUT, ya'll...I'm in a rantin' mood..

November: (Youtube voting videos - Chris Rock and Steve Carell)

December: DOOMED.
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Um. Wow.

"The implications of this discovery lead to philosophical and scientific discourse involving not only the Genesis of life itself, but also its extinction. Projects to start excavating the Martian surface are now on the drawing board for not only NASA but Private Sector Entrepreneurs as well. Martian Archaeology and Oil fields will be the future of Mars exploration, geologist at NASA's Mars programs are ranting at the moment. Others are questioning whether or not life on Mars has gone extinct due to an oil addiction quite like our own, with scientist questioning whether these plastic beads are a warning or a welcome mat."
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So. DJ's off to NYC, as of this morning.

I know, I know - I should be dancing to Bob Seger in my sockfeet and underwear, right? Not worrying over a million things: icy roads, the fact that he forgot, a) his work-purchased rain poncho, b) to show me how to do the kero heater, How He Is and What Happens To Good Samaritans, Usually...The look on his face when I jokingly asked, "You ARE coming BACK, right?", etc. etc. etc.

I've got to see it as Dress Rehearsal for Cronedom, which is what it is, really. Dress Rehearsal for Alone. Alone - unless you count the fifty million fucking cats he left me stuck with..

I should be cleaning, because THAT'S WHAT I WAS PUT ON THIS EFFIN' EARTH *FOR*, RIGHT?
*drips with sarcasm*

Help me, Kraftwerk; you're my only hope.
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Weird dream - just noting it, here. My coworker and I were in an underground basement - and there was a bronze statue of a minotaur, lying on its side; I touched it and it sort of oxydized and went all black and ashy and came alive from the ashes - we ran, but I had to go back to get my purse. It was after me - as were other creatures/ancient gods, including Mithra, who I just had to look up, and who killed a bull and had nothing to do with a minotaur. We ran to Pete's house and he had a blond guy doing his hedge, and I was trying to get him to go to Philly with us to get away from these things, but I knew they'd pursue me until they got me. I wanted to hide in his basement, thinking that it was lead-lined and they couldn't smell me, that way.

Any ideas? Derpa.
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So. Our Echo had five kittens, last night.
In our laundry basket.
It looks like two zebra-stripey on white, two black, and one that is all-over smooth dove grey, with a white belly and these white feet sticking out. Hard to tell, and I don't want to disturb them, too much, and yes, Miracle of Life, adorable, and and and -

- OKAY, DJ. You got your way (he 'accidentally' let her outside, knowing full-well that she was in heat). Now, it's up to you to get her FIXED - and to find decent homes for them. Research time.


BUT, that's Echo, Mister Bob and Bossyboots + five kittens....PLUS, the strays - Siouxsie, Johnny, and HER five tabby kittens that we also feed CONSTANTLY. COME ON.

ETA: I may have found a solution to at least PART of the problem. There's a place in Reading - about an hour, from here - that will spay/neuter ferals for $35. The first and third Sundays of every month. SO. Today I am going to get a cheapo pet carrier and try to catch Siouxsie, at least - she is so dear and friendly - and they take walk-ins/same days for ONE feral cat. If I can't catch her, it's no biggie - I am off again, two Sundays from now, too. The one we call Johnny (affectionately aka The Douchebag, 'cos she's a bully and a thief) will be much more difficult.

There's also a Petsmart about an hour from here that will take and de-flea the five feral kittens and sell them...IF I can catch their little behinds. Good luck, there.

By the time we get all THIS done, Echo will be not nursing enough to be done, I guess. Since she's a pet, she will be $70 - which is still cheap, but, OY.

It's a start.

ETA II 08/05/12: Did not see Siouxsie ALL DAY, of course. When we got home from picking him up after work - we saw a look-alike (!!!) - which HAD to be the one of her kittens that was adopted across the row on the other side of the park. It was not HER, though. This is proving to be harder than I thought - my mother spazzed, afraid we'd grab the wrong cat. So, last night may have been a bust, but I *will* be prepared in two weeks, if I have to snatch her and keep her inside for a couple days - hope she shows up. At least, this gives me time to de-flea her before her surgery...? It is now written on my calendar. Ha.
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Wow. I do NOT remember these:


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