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LOL - while I was away, it seems my paid account has expired. So - severe lack of pertinent icons, omg.

England was even more wonderful than I imagined. I know, now, as I've always known, that my heart is there, and now - it is The Quest. To return. To live there. It sounds corny, but my GOD, it called to me - as I knew it would, as it always has. Like the lovely South African, Deone, said on the train, "It's like deja vu - like remembering a place you've never been." And it was. Is. Found that I can rent a half-a-double ('terraced', as they call it) brick house with a front and back garden, fully furnished, for lesssss than what I pay for this horrific shack. Something to think about..

I love Marks and Spencer's, lol.

Three Cureshows IN FIVE DAYS. LOL. Guess there's some life left in this old girl, yet. We became quite adept at navigating the various taxis/train/Tube while we were there - - stayed at the Radisson Inn in Manchester - yessss, the notorious Manchester two-hour show.....Then, the first night at Wembley that paid for all (stayed at the Crescent Inn in Harrow-On-The-Hill)....and then, that last glorious show at Wembley on the third. My GOD. Stayed at the Euro Wembley in, of course, Wembley. We had Club Seating for every show. Unreal. It was filmed, and hopefully will be released SOON. We felt like celebrities - Anita, parading around in The Curejacket ™, and me, 'The American' - just incredible, all of it. People were posting that they'd seen The Jacket - at the shows, in the loo, on the train...LOL I LOVE IT.

And that dear nameless young man from Eastern Europe that just grabbed me and kissed me that third night at Wembley - no language at all was required - - Thank you. It wasn't weird or pervy, it was just utter complete CureJoy, as we'd been high-fiving as we both filmed. For me it was a kiss Goodbye - to the magic that was the Cure, to the miracle that was the entire trip. And entirely appropriate. But not a total, 'Goodbye'...more like, 'See you, again'..

Still speechless over it all. Somehow, I'd forgotten that there still is magic in the world.

I've woken up, again.
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O M G. I guess we're gonna do this thing. Leaving in a couple hours for the shuttle to Philly.

I'm 65% terrified and 35% excited. Won't lose that fear 'til I touch down in Frankfurt tomorrow morning, lol.

My luggage is full of surprises and boots and weighs an approximate shit-ton. My niece lent me a phone-that-is-only-a-camera, now, and THANK GOD I figured out how to put music on it, as the charger for my wee Ipod-thing literally broke yesterday.

I just talked to Anita on the phone and she sounds lovely. My brother (the hero in all of this, and I mean that sincerely) google-earthed her place and it's a wee adorable brick house with a neat-as-a-pin front garden. Thank God, again, that she has a peacoat that will fit me, so I don't have to try to stuff mine into the overhead bin, LOL.

Pete just started screaming at me, last night, when I tried to call him -- some emergency he was having...IE: his dvd skipped a pause or something..I balked and he heard it in my voice and launched into Lecture #1431: "You don't take anything I say seriously", and was screaming so loud, I just hung up. He fluctuates between pretending I'm not going and calling me with 'Plane disasters', and I just can't afford the negativity. I hate to leave things this way and may still try to call him to say goodbye - because I'm stupid, like that.

My daughter popped in - when I'd JUST left to go get water - - and left me a sweet note, with a feather and a rock from Hibernia Park, to take for good luck. ♥

DJ, of course, is Mr. Casual.

Still can't believe this is happening. Must be brave.

Love, PPLs. Love.
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was just informed.

Front row,

Simon's side -

- Wembley, December third.

Last night of the tour.

I can't even process this, right now.

No offense, but Solsbury Hill will just have to wait..
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Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate <3

All that remains is the return trip to Philly, tomorrow, to pick up my passport, then, some last minute laundry/packing. Then, I fly out on Sunday, the 27th..Touch down in Frankfurt, Germany for a few hours..then, on to Birmingham, which is huge.

My daughter. Made me look up schedules online, and *gave me a hundred dollars cash* to take the train to Solsbury Hill. I get a bus to Batheaston, from Bath, blah blah blah..

Yes, I cried.

If we time it right, I will be there at sunset..Twilight, the Magic Time *goosebumps*..when we saw that, we just looked at each other and I knew that she knew.

Christmas gift, indeed. LIFE gift.

You should see the hotel that Anita has booked for us in Manchester. Pretty lah-dee-dah. The Cure will be playing on the 28th, right across the street...and WHOO-HOO! I'M TAKING THE CUREJACKET ™ FOR HER TO WEAR AT THE SHOW.

I can't freakin' wait.
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So, I got my first tattoo, I love it, and it's perfect :D

I went by myself, and the people were so nice...To clarify, the two artists I had contact with were really nice and kinda *cute*, and that definitely helped. It literally did not hurt *at all*. I asked my artist, Herbie, was working, as I felt almost nothing -- and took all of a half-hour to do, while I lay back and listened to music. The one guy hugged me when it was done, 'Congratulations' - LOL. And that was that.

I knew everything would be okay when I pulled into the parking lot of the shop. The slushie place down the row from it was happily playing -

- wait for it -

Autobahn, by Kraftwerk - over their outside speakers. I swear, on Neil Armstrong's footprint.

WTF are the odds.

If that wasn't a, 'thumbs-up' from Frankie, I don't know what else could have been ♥
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K R A F T W E R K.

Perfect night, perfect venue, perfect company.

I could barely take the bliss, was almost in tears. I *love* their opening and couldn't believe that I was actually *there*, witnessing it live - the vocorder welcomed us, and the hairs literally stood up on my arms. The music was just melting and shimmering, all around us. Such absolute joy. I'm still so high on it, I can't really speak, yet. I want to remember it so -
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Just because it's such aching perfection ♥:

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Happy Birthday (well, tomorrow) TO ME.

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I just have to say that I *love* hearing about everyone's Cureshow adventures! Was able to follow a little on periscope thru the fb group, last night, with Gaya - so we can say we saw two shows together! LOL. Technology.
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So - heh. I'm back, already! LOL - like the Cure in that it's always, always, The Last Tour - so. May we both ever return.

I got the wee cheapie pc. Kinda. It was my good fortune in that when I arrived at the store, the guy was working on the one we'd talked about an-n-n-d the upload started having problems, an-n-n-d my mother was waiting in the car, and blah blah blah, long story, less long - instead of the one he originally had for me - I simply could not wait around for him to redo everything - he swapped it for a much *BETTER* one - bigger, faster - and with Linux, for the same price. So - pretty awesome, so far, and I've found that it appears I CAN Periscope, again, and and and - let's hope it works out for awhile; it's a learning experience, and a good one, so far. I mean, FTW fifty bucks.

I love that there's still fabulous people on lj.

My brother treated me to the 3D, X-Men Apocalypse and it was suitably bad-assed. My favorite X-Men are, and always will be, Nightcrawler and Beast. My brother is SO cool, and it's always a treat to hang out with him :)

Boy, do I need to get my lawn mower blades sharpened. /random


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K R A F T W E R K.

I'm sorry I've not been around and have missed so much - - I will try to do better. I just - OMFG, I GOT TICKETS FOR KRAFTWERK!

I had to move Heaven and Earth, and will not bitch about missing the Cure and pg - and I don't think it's quite sunk in, just yet.

K R A F T W E R K.

I know it's the 3D show and they won't be doing this, but BEHOLD:

The really cool part is, I was talking about it - dying to get tickets, they were going on sale, blah blah - and my dear, awesome coworker - one of the ones that came back - - asked, "So, who are you going with?" and I launched into, "Nobody, and I don't care, I'll go by myself because IT'S KRAFTWERK, and - "


I was in utter shock, liEk, "Don't toy with me, it's Kraftwerk!"

And she was just, "I'm not. I just want to spend time with you."

And she MEANT IT. We checked for availability at lunch, and this morning I did all my fancy dancing and GOT THEM. She has no idea who Kraftwerk is - few people do - except for the drug delivery guy, who also looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson, lol - - and genuinely just wants to..yeah. What.

I told her about this - and she cracked up. I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT.

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I don't even know what to say, anymore. I've become so damned boring, but I kinda like it, that way. Kinda.

Two of my all-time favorite coworkers that quit have actually *come back* - and that is cause for celebration. There's a new director that I've not met, yet, but is said to be an actual human, so far..

Watched a buttload of Yuri Gagarin, last night, including:

And, tonight? LOL..this made quite an impression on a three-year-old:
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Weird Al is, like, a fucking genius. And yes, I'm wild and loose on the internets, catching up on such important things. He's got some chops, though, and Dare to be Stupid, just. Song of songs, video of videos. I'm really digging one of his live shows on The Youtube. Pete and I took my son to see him way-y-y back when he was little, and Al wore the, 'Fat Suit' - in 103 F weather at an amusement park.

And what the hell is in, 'Crispy' M & Ms? My son bought them and I'm leery. It's like some weird treacly chemical sugar-marrow, when I was expecting, IDK rice, maybe...Gross. It doesn't even describe it on the label, either - just the word, 'crispy', with a backdrop of yellowy-white with slightly menacing globes, floating in it. No, I don't have television, still. :D

Somebody, please - throw a vintage astronaut at me! Charlie Day continues to be unnervingly hot.
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From the WTF Files:

This morning, not one, but TWO ppl talking Merc/Gemini/Apollo with me. You never know.

a) Andy at work, whom I've always liked. Taurus on the edge of Gemini. He was helping me lug this gigantic laundry bag, and the conversation just..what..from his enormous collection of model trains, from all eras and memorabilia - the pictures! - and his experience actually driving them and being impressed (?) that I knew about Ravenglass, UK, lol - to his Civil War reenactment experience and battlefield ghosts of Gettysburg. We talked for half an hour, LOL - and then I said, "Well, MY area of expertise is early manned space - Mercury/Gemini/Apollo.." And he TRIED to 'quiz' me..asking about Wernher Von Braun and Project Paperclip and DERP, WHAT WAS THE TYPE OF ROCKET THE MERCURY PROGRAM USED, AND WHAT WAS ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE (Atlas, and originally a missile, blah blah), Come now, Andy - ask me something HARD...LOL. So, then it went on to, 'Kids today know nothing of these guys, and all they did, and there's only one Mercury boy left, and and and..' Dang. You never know.

b) Random guy at the convenience store, re: my patches on my bag. O M G. Another half hour, ranging from the manned space program to Bob Lazar/Area 51 to stealth tech to Project Indoctrination. What.

Both said, "We should hang out." L O L

I'm such a guy. I love surprises like this. This shit NEVER happens to me.
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This is so weird to me; so unexpected.

I'm actually happy, and it's such a long unfamiliar feeling.

Wednesday night, Pete - for the thousandth time in liEk thirty years - asked me to marry him, again.

It just popped out. I said, "Okay."

I blame the Orion Nebula.


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