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So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

Look, I loved our old mechanics. LOVED. Well, the 'old guy', anyway. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago and left the business to his son and grandson and, needless to say, it aint the same. How I miss Frank, and remember fondly how much he loved mein Dieter, once giving me a paper cone of wine to assuage my crying, saying, "Ja, don't worry - we fix your car.", while warmly patting my hand. ♥

But. The new guys somehow managed to rebuild my entire rusted-out strut tower - for a more than fair price - and that is unheard of. They are dedicated and honest. Imagine. Plus, really cute.

Also - nothing bad can happen while Kraftwerk is playing.
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Just woke up from a dream where I had my old car back! Dieter! It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was showing him off to friends, omg, he was purring like a kitten. Hilariously enough, I was driving, driving, driving, until I finally pulled out the cord to my cellphone..which was plugged in to charge and beeping like the demonscourgemonstrosity it is! I woke up..and it was a wrong number, telling me that I have some eye appointment, tomorrow...

Talk about, 'self-comfort' before my hellish four-day/four-day/four-day schedule starts!
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End of an era. Mein Dieter is no longer mein.

Had a little moment to say, 'Goodbye', after the deed was done :/ - - and left him sitting there in the warm sun, waiting for his new life and family, and, yes, I had a teary moment, and then - that was that.

Listen - they're playing our song - For you, Dieter (At 07:11, you can hear what I will always think of as Dieter's joyful little warbly voice, singing with happiness at 07:25 ♥):

I met Dieter's cousin and soon-to-be mein nu-car. He/She's a beauty, but needs a little loving care (is missing a bit of trim on one side and a hubcap), and when I started him/her up? OH, MY. Sure sounded eager to get on the road :)

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Late to the party, as always, but, I'm half in love with this dear little thing.

ZERO emissions, ppl.


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So, I want to learn more.


Volkswagen Fox

SEAT Arosa"
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So, I don't know if this will post - as, apparently, LJ is not even letting me post replies/comments to people, at the moment, but - so - um -

a) Bullshit! You're the best writer I personally know!

b) Your cheek is not noticeable in that pic - love the hair, and yes, I see your balls. Take your antibiotics! OMG!

c) a hundred points to whomever can figure out what is going on in my icon.

d) Mein Dieter is going to a good home. The Vee-Dubber who's buying Dieter is GOING TO RACE HIM..He's restoring it, but let us get the original VW-Circle/Fox/Volkswagen badges off him - and yes, DJ rescued Little Jack Bear and my oriental carpet floormats.

End of an era, my buddy - can't think of a better 'new life' for you, as you were always a race car, at heart, and no other car in the world can possibly compare to you. You were the ONE thing in my life - especially in The Dark Times - that I could rely on; and DJ and I will never forget that time we blew that redneck truck guy OFF THE PLANET at that red light near the Walmart on Rt.322. Godspeed, mein dearest little bruder. ♥


e) My daughter is writing her, 'Mommie Dearest' autobiography, and there's already interest in the Aspie community. From a pretty well-known author, no less. Eeee - good for her, but O, The Horror. I told her to tell it like it was - no self-censoring - but that I may not be able to actually read it until I'm on my actual deathbed.

f) Dramah at work, as always.

g) THIS:

h) DJ's in talks to buy THIS amazing beauty. Going to test-drive it on Sunday:!-PA

i) My hair continues to be a huge hit, at work, though several of my residents had a FIT, and did not recognize me. A couple coworkers didn't recognize me, either. LOL.
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Alrighty. Phase One, in motion.

Mein Dieter has just been towed away - on his journey to the garage, and - hopefully - to being fixed, inspected, and back on the road. Baby steps, and God knows what this'll cost us. I was told, by the tow guy that, "It's an epidemic, with these GTIs, lately; they're all going, at once."

The tow guy is wonderful - named, John - and comes immediately whenever we have to call, and even offered to bill the garage, if I didn't have any cash at hand. The reason?

"You know, half the kids around, today, aren't worth a damn. But, you got a nice one, there. A good one. Nice manners, that boy."

ETA: He just came home with an enormous psychedelic Sheldon Cooper poster for me! Made me cover my eyes, and then - BAZINGA. LOL + infinity! Just the something to cover a bad patch on the hallway wall. ♥ + INFINITY for this kid. JUST as we were about to sit down and watch the Big Leonard Nimoy episode, too - how fitting..
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The Latest from Panic Central (cross-post from a comment reply):

"Looks like DJ will be at my mother's when it hits (early Sunday am., around two) - Jess still hasn't gotten back to me..eee..I will be at work, and, most likely, be commissioned to stay an extended period, until things get ironed out. God bless us, my mother lives right across the street from where I work, so..that's fortunate.

On the UNFORTUNATE side, having to fill my car, get supplies, cigs, etc will make me unable to pay my rent. Whoot. Judging by the hysterical media - and the pics from space - I may not have to worry about that, anyway. AND ALL THAT MONEY MY MOTHER JUST PUT INTO THE NEW BATHROOM..Man.

I've some clothes packed for us for a day or so - and DJ's in the midst of moving some of my sentimentals - The Curejacket (TM), my autographed pg and Simon, the framed poem Jess wrote me when she was a kid, etc. He'll probably pack up the computer, tomorrow, and the Wii, as well, but can't imagine we'll get the Giant flatscreen thing in his little car.

Hope Mein Dieter doesn't wash away down the hill, as he is undriveable, at the moment."

Just in case, ya'll. As much as I bitch about this place and my life in general, I am taking this very seriously. We've got umpty-ump water jugs filled, already at my mother's place, and she's filling the bathtub tomorrow night, of course. Thanks for all of your advice and well-wishes. I will try to post again before the pc gets packed.

Gotta find my Inner James Tiberius Kirk and do what needs to be done.


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Got a bit more sleep, today, while everyone was milling around, getting that radiator hose fixed. I needed it, and it helped. Totally helped me not to skimp on my workout, too. Much needed, as I'd gotten lazy.

Got a bunch of laundry hand-washed in my bathroom sink, as well - as the laundrymat will be a luxury in these next two weeks. Can't buy food, either, but can get by on my stocked-ups, with crackers instead of bread, etc. - and am very thankful for the ham I've had in the freezer, for an 'emergency' - it's amazing how creative one gets when pressed. I reallyREALLYreally hate to use my stock (especially the powdered/boxed milk, dated pre-3/11), but have no choice. THANK GOD FOR OATMEAL, lol!

I DID, however, splurge and make a lovely chocolate-chip cookie cake with homemade buttercream icing for DJ - heh - he loved the idea that it can be flavoured with almost anything, and how easy it was to make, and learning how one CAN make substitutions for eggs, etc. in a pinch. Gonna miss that butter, but, oh, well. My, 'Magic Bullet' makes ace powdered raw sugar, btw. :)

Wish I had money to get those aforementioned tomato plants, and more burdock root/milkthistle, but, alas.


This scares me:

Let's just hope that there's no more earthquake activity, starting a chain-reaction, especially given that the island itself is apparently sinking. Cheese and effin' rice.

Even moreso, and heartbreaking:

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I FINALLY HAVE DIETER BACK ON THE ROAD, RUNNING AND LEGAL. HUZZAH, NAYSAYERS. LONG MAY HE RUN Seriously, I seem to be going for some sort of world's record, here or something..
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Incredibly, I've found the ONE available fuel tank for an '88 VW Fox in my entire state. It's a little over an hour and a half away, and they're saving it for me. As the girl said, "I don't think you'll have to worry - if this thing sells, I'll eat it."

Yes, I could hear people burst into laughter in the background. I don't care. It's financially do-able, and about fifty dollars cheaper than buying one off the internet. Okay, so..with gas, it evens out, but I don't care. I've got a guy who's going to put on a whole new exhaust system this week, so..we're getting there, mein Dieter.

It's now my dream to blast Kraftwerk's, Autobahn, while driving my newly reborn baby.


It snowed about three inches, this morning - huge inch-wide flakes, fairly crackling with radioactivity - and that's no, 'April Fool'. It's already gone, sunk into the soil.
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More with the nervous breakdown stuff.

Mein Dieter. The garage basically washed its hands of it. The entire exhaust is rotting out. The front brakes are going. There is a leak in the gas tank. They wired up the huge exhaust piece as best they could - and gave me recs for possible parts/ppl that can obtain said parts and fix it. I can't even afford to get it towed, so..

My family wants me to junk him. JUNK. Him. Yeah, I cried and cried. Don't really want to talk about it. Dieter is not 'just' a car, to me. For over a decade, he was the ONE thing in my life that I could rely on, and sort of magic to me.

I managed to get to work, last night, but, by the time I did - the piece they'd rigged up had fallen down super-low, again. So, I had to leave it and walk to my mother's, this morning. So. Tonight, soon, my sister is going to pick me up and I'll attempt to drive it across the street to my mother's until I figure out what I'm doing. I wish there was snow on the ground, ironically, because sparks could occur and with the gas tank leaking - it could be very not good. Yeah, I'm kinda scared, but have no choice, here.

No idea what I'm going to do. None. Going to have to get DJ's car fixed, somehow, for now. Bum rides until I figure something out. Just don't know.

Found that song:
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We now have a working vehicle.


So, naturally, my son has to run off immediately to his friends' house..Cross yer fingers. I mean, it IS me.

I know I should be sleeping, but I'm sitting here with the window open and don't want to fall ASLEEP with it open because God Only Knows what will come in THROUGH it. Including the neighbors.

Speaking of which, there is apparently a shirtless guy with a pretty damned nice body walking around across the way from me. He has an enormous black and green camouflage four-wheeler thingy and really, really nice abs. Too bad he's One of Them, and probably a racist/homophobe/right-wing/FOXwatcher, and therefore dumb as a box of hair. I can't really enjoy his smooth, tight, cut-and-bemuscled body, knowing that.

This. Was posted on a Trek Comm, and I think it's absolutely freakin' brilliant. Not to mention inspirational..God. The LOLs go ever on.

I just saw the first robin of the season. :)
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Hmmm. Still waiting, here, for my sister and her husband, who are allegedly coming to fix DJ's car. And I can't really kvetch, as they are doing US this tremendous favor - with my car in the shop, his is the ONLY game in town, and I am starting a four-day at work, tonight. I just don't know how 'early' translates to 'at-least-two-in-the-afternoon'. Typical Gemini lateness - ask [ profile] gayalithiel about that - she can tellya..annnnnnd I guess that kills my plan of groceries/laundry. Unfortunately, even if I *wanted* to be rude and ask them what the fuck is going on contact them, they only have, at present, his work cell and her work email as options to get in touch with them. :)

I just don't know what to do with myself, here.

It's really hard for me when things are out of my control - which they've been for a good week and a half, now. At LEAST. I just know that I have to do something more than sitting here and chainsmoking and staring at William Fucking Shatner.

You know you love this new Rocket Man-icon, though. You know you do.

It's a beautiful day; sunny and about 70 degrees F. I wish I could actually sleep through it, like I should be doing.

Here, Have some blindingly delicious Leonard, then, while we wait:

ETA: 6:28 pm, and still. waiting. My alarm was set for seven, but what's the fucking point, now?
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Why, Joan Jett, WHY????



In other news, I won't have my car until Wednesday.
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Okay. Recap of the past couple days:

The hot water heater that sprung multiple leaks - one of which resembled a fountain - has been fixed and reinstalled.


The water is turned back on, the electric is turned back on, again - and we've returned home. We can now flush our toilet and the hallway, which was flooded, is now only semi-damp and ripply, in places - so far; still checking for any random leakage - thanks to my mother and her 'ShamWow' - which really actually worked, and of which we are now fans, and my brother-in-law, who seems able to fix anything.

Both cars are still undriveable, but my brother-in-law is coming BACK this evening to put an alternator and belt into DJ's and HOPEFULLY I can, at least, drive THAT until I get MINE towed - which seems to need a thermostat.


I had to stop three times during a ten-minute jaunt to get a shower at my mother's - to try to get to work, last night, BUT - are you ready for this?

I cannot even GO to work, as we are still under quarantine and someone OUTED me for asking for pepto bismol on Saturday, for stomach issues, etc - AND THE NURSING DIRECTOR ACTUALLY HUNTED ME DOWN AND CALLED ME AT MY MOTHER', I cannot go back until forty-eight hours after my last symptom, which was, honestly, about five minutes ago. I am not vomiting. I have no fever. And this horrible grossness is quite probably due to stress..AND, how can I tell when my last symptom genuinely is, if I am taking pepto bismol? Arrgh.

So, I put in to work Saturday night, just to make up at least ONE day..because that's a couple hundred dollars GONE that I could use to pay for all the mess above. PLUSWHICH, I have to cancel my tax appointment, today, because of it and because, well, I have no fucking car to get there.


Since I crashed like a Mack truck, last night, and got almost seven? I've gotten maybe fifteen hours of sleep since Friday. Going for a world's record, apparently, and had a TOTAL embarrassing teary meltdown on Sunday, as a result -

Which was the day I was supposed to go to my daughter's to celebrate her birthday, which was actually yesterday. Cheese and rice, poor kid -

- Annnnnnd almost had another one, last night, when the electric came back on BUT THE COMPUTER WOULDN'T..
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Cars. Snow, snow, snow, snow, cars and more snow.

You guys wouldn't believe me if'n I toldja.

It all started with my son, trying to be helpful. Honestly. "Gee, you really should lock your car with the evil hillbilly neighbors." He meant well. Unfortunately, he locked my passenger side door..and the lock thingy is only a little stick with no ball on the end; the ball, being a long-ago skeleton head that has since gone AWOL..SO, he locks the passenger side and we cannot UNlock it. The 'stick' went down into the door, and even the key doesn't help, because, well..the stick went down into the door.

No problem, right? We'll just crawl across the driver's seat and unlock it, right?

He goes to open the driver's side, and the lever inside the handle simply broke off in his hand.

We just stared at it. What the hell. Now, all my mail, rock salt, everything is LOCKED IN MY CAR, and we can't open either door.

No problem, right? I'll just take HIS car to work for a couple days, until I get it towed to the garage.

Um. I can't get it towed, because I can't pop the parking brake because I can't get into the car..So, I drive his car all week, LOVING it because it has a CD player (mein Dieter-Galileo has no radio or anything) and I can listen to William Shatner speaking Shakespeare as only he can, and it's just too much for me...then? IT SNOWS. AND SNOWS SOME MORE. AND HIS CAR IS AN AUTOMATIC, WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH USELESS IN SAID SNOW..

I did face My Biggest Fear ™, though; coming down the 90-degree driveway from Hell that you've all heard me bitching about? THE CAR FISHTAILS...and I literally slid down the mountainside SIDEWAYS...AND JUST AS I GOT ABOUT FIVE FEET FROM RTE. 322? A HUGE SEMI-TRUCK WENT BY..if I'd NOT smoked a cigarette while warming up his car and had left seconds earlier? I'd not be typing this, now. Srsly. I almost peed my pants, folks, literally, and my knees were still shaking so badly by the time I got to work I could barely get out of the car and I almost barfed. And that's all I have to say about that.

NOW? LAST NIGHT? He calls from his buddy's place, telling me to get another ride to work - some belt is slipping and making a hideous noise. I'd heard that, yeah, but thought I could get to work with it, still. I managed to get to work, but this morning when I came out? It wouldn't start - HOPEFULLY, it's 'just' the alternator belt and can be tightened/replaced - it seems to be, as it drained the battery. My brother came over and jumped me, and I got home, but when I went to restart it? No go.


So - my only solution? Break my driver's side window to get in. I know. I had to duct tape it - hoping most of the glass would stick to it - but I honestly couldn't do it. Completely unable. I love my car too much. So, my goof-ass brother takes a hammer and swings like mothahfuckin' BABE RUTH and glass flies EVERYWHERE. EVEN INTO THE BACK WINDOWSILL OF THE CAR. LiEk, EVERYWHERE.

...and then, it started snowing again.

....Annnnnnnnnd, I can't get the car to the garage until tomorrow morning. :)

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An evening of rampant asscrampery. Huzzah.

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