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Geno Cernan. Just got a text from my son, waking me up - had to come online to confirm, and sadly, no mistake - another hero, just..gone.

Absolutely gutted. Captain Cernan was/is one of my very favorites. Brave, insanely intelligent, and known for his candor and delightfully foul mouth, he was one of a kind. Second American to walk in space - Apollo 10, and it was a terrifying attempt; he lost thirteen pounds in the short time he was out there -- and last human to set foot on the lunar surface.

SO glad this was made - it's wonderful:

THAT SMILE - take a minute, it's worth it.

Godspeed, Captain Cernan, you will be sorely missed.
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A little late to post, but - my annual watching of this gem, in honor of the 47th anniversary of the Lunar Landing....AKA MY SUPERBOWL ♥

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Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff.

(I know it's tomorrow - had to get this in before I leave..)

 photo tumblr_mqf2q9DuvS1qhh1qbo2_500_zps4zvvhgr1.jpg
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..Put your HANDS in the sky..

[ profile] distantnoises - I can't help it, I'm just TRIPPIN', here..
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Wow. For once, I'm happy for social media.

The Cure. Last night. New Orleans.

I've decided, since Robert Smith is *obviously* a magical being, that the two new songs - well, one was for me, and one was for Frankie.


It's sort of like, "Well, I've got some wounds, here, of my own - and, even though these songs are not really ABOUT you, they're like a couple of band-aids you can APPLY to your wounds, and I hope they help."

As with oh, so many of their songs.

Step Into The Light:

It Can Never Be The Same:

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For no particular reason, the wonder that is Gary Numan. Nnnngh...Stormtrooper in Drag, 'til the end, there, bb ♥

 photo newboat_zpsalp0bzvi.jpg

This was the pic that clobbered me...from the cover of, Trouser Press, I think? Back in nineteen er, *cough, cough*?Read more... )

And that one time he tried to look like Severin:

 photo strangecharmorig_zpsftqfm8qs.jpg

And then, tried to look like pg:

 photo Sacrifice_Gary_Numan_album_cover_zpspdd1fgxw.jpg

Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir:

 photo electronica-legend-gary-numan-new-album-splinter_zpsobxxpxge.jpg

"Take that smile off your face,
Wipe that tear from your eye,
Don't say you're sorry for me.."

Also, I want this:
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 photo serveimage_zps4ubajixi.jpeg

Happy Birthday, Robert Smith ♥

Just, '♥' And this. *Never* gets old. Trippin' on this deliciousness.


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I don't even know what to say, anymore. I've become so damned boring, but I kinda like it, that way. Kinda.

Two of my all-time favorite coworkers that quit have actually *come back* - and that is cause for celebration. There's a new director that I've not met, yet, but is said to be an actual human, so far..

Watched a buttload of Yuri Gagarin, last night, including:

And, tonight? LOL..this made quite an impression on a three-year-old:
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I freakin' LOVE this. And Apollo 10's like, my second favorite of probably *all* of manned space missions - Nice pic of Al Worden, lol - of course, it'd be Al, lol. Just. *cough* I'd like to hear what Geno Cernan has to say about this. ETA: LOL - second video, at around 2:11 - LMAO x INFINITY @ "DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS, BABE" - OH, GENE. BABE.

Not to mention, John Young, on the far right.

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While I'm at it..

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I'm sorry, but !!! Take my breath, away. It's too bad this isn't in color, as his eyes have always made him look to me like he was *made of sky* - and with freakin' ice water, runnin' through those veins..So pure, you can see right through him, right through to the sky. Dang.

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"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

Carl Sagan
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My, my.

 photo imageedit_7_7386429511_zpsfqiltvsn.jpg

Take just a moment and bask in the undreamed-of carnal glory that was Carl Sagan, in his prime. Note the rich, caramel tan. Note the perfect amount of body hair, the smooth, slight musculature, the almost-total lack of shoulders.

BEAUTY *AND* BRAINS. WHO KNEW IT TO BE TRUE? I'd always tried to imagine that body-beneath-the-turtleneck, and now, I know it's pretty much exactly as delicious as I'd always surmised.
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I'm back, baby :)

Just in time for my heart-of-hearts' 85th birthday.

Maybe my very favorite picture of him.

Miss you, Neil. The world's a little dimmer, without you.

 photo main_900_zps2g4qpdhb.jpg

Never gets old. Watch this and TRY not to get choked up. Dare ya.

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GOOD LORD, there are some ugly curtains on ebay. LiEk, painfully, jaw-droppingly ugly. And not even in a 'vintage, hipster-y' way, either.

I know I'm supposed to be cleaning, but I'm just too damned lazy. Wanted to repaint my porch step railings, this morning, but when I got the can of paint out of the shed, I found that the lid had been left tipped open just a LEETLE tiny bit - and it had become one solid lump. Derp.

Attention, Plz. Proffy Brian Cox has finally returned to Twitter - lol - he was gone for THREE WHOLE DAYS, and well, y'know. Stalking. His tweet - "Getting ready for a good night in :-)", with a picture of Pink Floyd's, Dark Side of the Moon ready to go on his turntable - made me smile. Party on, Brian..Watched an episode of the UK Quiz show, 'QI', where he 'jokingly' advocated the use of LSD, as well..He IS a total fanboy for Carl, makes sense. He is delicious, and I GUESS the Apollo-gushing, the Cure-piano playing, the Orwell, Sid Vicious, Futurama, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, Adam and the Ants, Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson and Yes references really DO outweigh the..Duran Duran.

"I'm going to make a cup of tea out of leaves fashioned from the remnants of long dead stars, reconstituted by the natural force of gravity."

"The start of Cosmos gets me every time. It's the music - and The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean :-)"

"Big Jehovahs Witnesses conference in Melbourne tonight. Hope we don't get our audiences mixed up."

"My HiFi streaming system has got stuck in a loop and is playing Shine on you Crazy Diamond for the 4th time."

"Drank so much red wine that I'm beginning to think that making dinner is an unnecessary distraction."

Some of his records, strewn across the floor, when he first bought said turntable ;)

 photo B26UJa5IUAEuBIQ_zps8vwbljeu.jpg
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So. Back to reality, tonight. At least, for one night.

Fell hard off the no-carb wagon, and I'm feelin' it. Yuck. SO not worth it.

Jaw-dropping gifts, this year - - in no particular order - -
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But, also? I got some pretty good sleep :)


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