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A little late to post, but - my annual watching of this gem, in honor of the 47th anniversary of the Lunar Landing....AKA MY SUPERBOWL ♥

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So - heh. I'm back, already! LOL - like the Cure in that it's always, always, The Last Tour - so. May we both ever return.

I got the wee cheapie pc. Kinda. It was my good fortune in that when I arrived at the store, the guy was working on the one we'd talked about an-n-n-d the upload started having problems, an-n-n-d my mother was waiting in the car, and blah blah blah, long story, less long - instead of the one he originally had for me - I simply could not wait around for him to redo everything - he swapped it for a much *BETTER* one - bigger, faster - and with Linux, for the same price. So - pretty awesome, so far, and I've found that it appears I CAN Periscope, again, and and and - let's hope it works out for awhile; it's a learning experience, and a good one, so far. I mean, FTW fifty bucks.

I love that there's still fabulous people on lj.

My brother treated me to the 3D, X-Men Apocalypse and it was suitably bad-assed. My favorite X-Men are, and always will be, Nightcrawler and Beast. My brother is SO cool, and it's always a treat to hang out with him :)

Boy, do I need to get my lawn mower blades sharpened. /random


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K R A F T W E R K.

I'm sorry I've not been around and have missed so much - - I will try to do better. I just - OMFG, I GOT TICKETS FOR KRAFTWERK!

I had to move Heaven and Earth, and will not bitch about missing the Cure and pg - and I don't think it's quite sunk in, just yet.

K R A F T W E R K.

I know it's the 3D show and they won't be doing this, but BEHOLD:

The really cool part is, I was talking about it - dying to get tickets, they were going on sale, blah blah - and my dear, awesome coworker - one of the ones that came back - - asked, "So, who are you going with?" and I launched into, "Nobody, and I don't care, I'll go by myself because IT'S KRAFTWERK, and - "


I was in utter shock, liEk, "Don't toy with me, it's Kraftwerk!"

And she was just, "I'm not. I just want to spend time with you."

And she MEANT IT. We checked for availability at lunch, and this morning I did all my fancy dancing and GOT THEM. She has no idea who Kraftwerk is - few people do - except for the drug delivery guy, who also looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson, lol - - and genuinely just wants to..yeah. What.

I told her about this - and she cracked up. I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT.

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 photo serveimage_zps4ubajixi.jpeg

Happy Birthday, Robert Smith ♥

Just, '♥' And this. *Never* gets old. Trippin' on this deliciousness.


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I don't even know what to say, anymore. I've become so damned boring, but I kinda like it, that way. Kinda.

Two of my all-time favorite coworkers that quit have actually *come back* - and that is cause for celebration. There's a new director that I've not met, yet, but is said to be an actual human, so far..

Watched a buttload of Yuri Gagarin, last night, including:

And, tonight? LOL..this made quite an impression on a three-year-old:
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Rest in peace, Bill ♥
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Pete demanded I watch this commercial, and I'm glad he did *tears*

Also, how am I just now finding out about Mo-Do? We literally screamed, over the phone, LOL. Oh, for the gut ol' days..

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I'm back, baby :)

Just in time for my heart-of-hearts' 85th birthday.

Maybe my very favorite picture of him.

Miss you, Neil. The world's a little dimmer, without you.

 photo main_900_zps2g4qpdhb.jpg

Never gets old. Watch this and TRY not to get choked up. Dare ya.

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Yep. Yeah. Last day of vaca. Thinkin' thoughts, yo.

Contacting various places/ppl to obtain one of these: - at least, a seed from one of them. My best bet is the sycamore in King of Prussia, as it's closest, so I hope they get back to me about it. My wish is to have a seed interred with my ashes, once I'm cremated, and, no, that's not a morbid thought, it's a joyous one. :)

If you haven't seen, The Zero Theorem, let me rec' it, strongly - absolutely changed me:

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What a day it's been. Love Twitter.

a) They 'live tweeted' the lunar landing, in 'real time', just incredible.

b) Brian Cox, calling conspiracy theorists, 'colossal nob ends'.

c) COMMANDER CHARLES MOSS DUKE TWEETED, AND YES, I GUSHED. It was only his third tweet, EVER - what a thrill.

d) Nick Howe from the Royal Astronomical Society said I have a cool son, and is really nice and chatty :)

e) Hayley from, 'Stargazing Live' is so nice, and turned me on to some bangin' new music, which I fell in love with INSTANTLY - this song, 'GO!' was appropriate 'cos we were all talking about Gene Kranz, at the time:

And love this, too - hilarious - 'Gagarin' - the whole album - 'The Race for Space' is good!

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You all know what day it is - my nerd Superbowl, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

Watching, Rocket Men to celebrate, and it's fantastic. Tears, here. It's amazing to me, still, how this stuff never gets old - seeing 'my boys', they feel like family, to me. Not enough time spent on the Mercury and Gemini programs, nor on the Apollo 1 tragedy, but, that's just me.

Still bits, here and there, that I've never seen, and that's thrilling - and so much that's become familiar canon, to me. Jim Lovell, walking that walk with Frank Borman; how exhausted, they must have been. Tough little Gus Grissom, Ed White's elation during his, 'million dollars'-spacewalk, Wally Schirra's perfect hair and John Young, lying on his back to get the water out of his spacesuit..Geno Cernan, 'down among 'em' - still one of my favorite home-made ringtones. Gene Kranz' vest. The look of absolute wonder on Chris Kraft's usually-terrifyingly-stern face and Charlie Duke's jerk!flomp of relief when the Eagle touched down - and his endearing-as-hell flub, 'Twanquility'..

And Neil Armstrong. Can't touch that. His voice - as wound-up as I imagine he ever got, yet calm as glass to us, 'normals' - still fills me with warmth and pride and such affection and admiration. The perfect man for the job; there simply are no words. And yes, I still remember watching it live, as a newly-minted six-year-old, allowed to stay up and witness this event, lying sideways on the back of our fabulous aqua sofa, marveling. That that was a MAN, up there. On the MOON. Walking AROUND. A man, like my father, like the mailman, like our neighbor, Mr. Quinn, blah, blah, blah. But still incredible, to me.

I know you guys hear the same thing, every year, on this day, but y'know - You can skip it. You can. I understand, and it won't bother me. But it won't change, you know. I still feel it, just as strongly, and for that, I am grateful.

For all mankind.

 photo a33_08130526_zpshovity8l.jpg

Good stuff:

My absolute all-time favorite:

And this one's next - as I've actually NOT SEEN IT:

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"Behold! Its icy visage revealed in all its glory!"

Possibly the greatest thing in the history of the internet. Today, anyway. Love yer 'beepin' and boopin' ' retro-space sound effects at the beginning, Stephen. A man after my own heart.

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So. Back to reality, tonight. At least, for one night.

Fell hard off the no-carb wagon, and I'm feelin' it. Yuck. SO not worth it.

Jaw-dropping gifts, this year - - in no particular order - -
Read more... )

But, also? I got some pretty good sleep :)
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Happiness is:

Driving home and singing, "Those. Are some of the things that molecules do!" - at the top of one's lungs, while listening to this:

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The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly: Dreams. Terrifying. Involving certain folks, 'back from the dead', with SUCH scary eyes, full of bright, snapping hatred, and with a gang, like, 'The Claimers', from The Walking Dead - and, for some reason, I had to live with them, and just knew, that, at their first opportunity, they were going to kill me. Their eyes were liek - can't even describe them, but they made me think of shiny magazine paper. I haven't really feared death for years, now, doing what I do for a living - but upon awakening, I did, because I didn't want to meet up with him/them and all that hatred. Yikes. WTF does it mean? Like I said before, things are speeding up, coming on, fast.

Here. Have some Carl :

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Okay. Being me, I somehow cobbled together - - man, you should see it - - a set-up with an ancient megaladon monitor that takes up half my desk, the keyboard that the lovely and vivacious [ profile] distantnoises oh, so generously sent me, eons ago....and the Mein Dieter of laptops that sort of mysteriously came (sort of) back to life, this morning. No mouse or anything, but the touchpad on the lappie is hit-or-miss-working, so far - I just have to stretch to reach it, and be very, very careful..All Hail, 'The Graveyard of Elderly Technology', yo.

Ghetto-fabulous, but that's me, ya'll.

Have a rebuilt desktop on order - with XP on it, hallelujiah - - so I hope this keeps on, keepin' on, 'til then. We'll see. At least, I can do my freakin' banking, for now.

*GOOSEBUMPS* So much love for this. So very true - and, along with Carl, thoroughly shattered and rebuilt my POV on the world and faith. Bill, we lost ya too soon:


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