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Awwww, my dear, dear friend.

Miss Sue P, with the beautiful freckly face (I can see you solemnly and precisely pointing out each scar and how it happened) and lively hazel eyes and that smile - that smile! - that just lit the whole room - Where do I even @#$%^ begin?

SO much love.

So forward-thinking; just a beautiful, wise and enlightened soul - I'm so fortunate to have met you. So tough, you'd been through SO much, and yet, you were so fragile. Such a tender heart. And yet...h i l a r i o u s; I remember when you told that new orient that you'd just gotten out of prison and she believed you! L O L + infinity. You were never just a resident. You were my friend. Damn, Girl.

From the deep, deep south and 92 years literally screamed and clutched your pearls when you found out my mother was possibly voting for..That Thing...And Pox 'News' gave you nightmares..I will miss you so very much; I'm just @#$%^ absolutely gutted - and yet, happy for you. I will miss our talks - about God or the lack thereof; of becoming stars - I remember your eyes, round with the wonder of a child, as I made, 'tinklyfingers' when we talked about molecules rising...sparkling. I was privileged to be witness to this, your epiphany, and it came at such a perfect time - always like that with you. In synch, and both of us with a touch of 'the gift', lol..I remember your nightmare about a plane crashing..two? three? days before my trip...dun dun dun..and your stories about growing up and picking berries; I can hear the cicadas buzzing.

When you spoke, I always heard a little of my grandmother in your sweet twangy accent, and you knew that ♥

I know you and Miss Reenie are dancin' it up with those men in the trees..
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I reallyreallyreallyreally don't want to jinx myself, but I talked to my new DON, this morning and we're gonna work out my schedule so that I can go see Kraftwerk and not have to quit my job to do so - as there is literally no one who can work for me, and it falls on my weekend to work, and and and - OITUQOTUASJGASKL NALKJHDLKHALHALKE!!!!!

Reallyreally testing my value, here..
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This is *so* funny.

You all know how I have to wait 'til payday to get my car fixed...and am having to beg rides to work and back and everywhere inbetween....WELL. My friend and coworker, Marlene, drove me this morning, and as she was dropping me off said, "Enjoy your time off!" - and I'm liEk, "What time off? One day.." To which she answered, "No - you have vacation, this week."

Now, I never, ever look at our schedules when they come out, as my schedule never, ever changes.

Apparently, I took off this week, until Thursday *BACK IN DECEMBER*, 'in case' I could afford Cure tickets....AND FORGOT.


Couldn't have come at a better time! Hilarious!
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Getting down to the wire, here, with this #$%^&* trip. It's cost me way-y-y too much to be worth it.

So, of course, my computer's self-destructing and the clutch burned out of my car.

Oh, and you haven't LIVED until you've given CPR to someone who's obviously already long-passed..
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Thanks for the congrats, my friends - this is going to be *interesting* -

- flying with my co-winners and Le BigWigs for an overnight/banquet in New Bedford, Mass. on Simon's birthday June 1 - 2. Got to get a haircut and some clothes and borrow some luggage, YIKES. It was insane. I was so tired that I could barely see straight, and they literally had to have me retake my picture, last night, because my eyes were so bloodshot. Horrifying. This is not fun for me, but I am the first night-shifter there to get this - ever - so I gotta represent. Everyone was cheering and hugging me and they literally STUFFED the ballot box because the same little blonde Barbie dolls people get it every year. Hilariously, they had no CHOICE, this year.

We were told, 'What happens in New Bedford, stays in New Bedford.' - and that there will be drinking...REEK, REEK, REEK, REEK!

And yet - all I want to do is hang out and watch these lovely Periscopes of the CureTour!
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I just won CNA of the Year. Bzuh. Aint even gonna lie - it felt GOOD.
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From the WTF Files:

This morning, not one, but TWO ppl talking Merc/Gemini/Apollo with me. You never know.

a) Andy at work, whom I've always liked. Taurus on the edge of Gemini. He was helping me lug this gigantic laundry bag, and the conversation just..what..from his enormous collection of model trains, from all eras and memorabilia - the pictures! - and his experience actually driving them and being impressed (?) that I knew about Ravenglass, UK, lol - to his Civil War reenactment experience and battlefield ghosts of Gettysburg. We talked for half an hour, LOL - and then I said, "Well, MY area of expertise is early manned space - Mercury/Gemini/Apollo.." And he TRIED to 'quiz' me..asking about Wernher Von Braun and Project Paperclip and DERP, WHAT WAS THE TYPE OF ROCKET THE MERCURY PROGRAM USED, AND WHAT WAS ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE (Atlas, and originally a missile, blah blah), Come now, Andy - ask me something HARD...LOL. So, then it went on to, 'Kids today know nothing of these guys, and all they did, and there's only one Mercury boy left, and and and..' Dang. You never know.

b) Random guy at the convenience store, re: my patches on my bag. O M G. Another half hour, ranging from the manned space program to Bob Lazar/Area 51 to stealth tech to Project Indoctrination. What.

Both said, "We should hang out." L O L

I'm such a guy. I love surprises like this. This shit NEVER happens to me.
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Okay - talk me down, ppl.

I talked to an amazing couple from Texas at the grocery store and am seriously thinking about becoming a....trucker.

WTF is holding me, here?

Yeah, I'm terrified of semis, in general - but the money. The Life on the Road - I would love it. Annnnnnd the money. At the rate I'm going...where I'm at - with most places being the same horrific, degrading, hardcore stress-filled, no-thanks, safety-violation-filled crap - - this may be a viable option to, a) save actual money to retire, b) preserve what's left of my health - and back/hip, in particular. The arthritis is really getting the best of me, lately - and with winter, coming..

There's just no way to work full-time, doing what I'm doing, where I do it - and do nursing school. I know. Time to face it, though.

She did say to wait until spring, because that's when most classes start - ? - sounds good; she also said what companies to watch out for...and SHE was the driver, in the family. Not the husband. HER.

So. You never know. Yee haw.
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Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email? Granted, it had been three days - but Big Brother thought I needed to talk to them about it..I didn't really have any beefs/suggestions, but it did make me realize how much I value LJ and YOU PPL and its format, here. So the answers to their survey were of the, "I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE OR KICK ME OUT'-variety, really. And I meant it.

Also, granted, I *have* been spending a lot of time on Twitter..but you can blame The Astronauts/Scientists/Musicians/That Norman Reedus Guy for that..and [ profile] ffarff, who is also there.

I will try to do better. It's just that my life, lately, has been no life, at all, and much with the suckage. It's been work/exhaustion/sleep/worry/stress/pain/work/depression/exhaustion/work/stress/worry/pain, and on and on and on and trying to find some reason to carry on with it all. Work is probably literally killing me, and I've got some decisions to make, here, coming up, in regards to that - before they're made *for* me - and few options...and yay, who wants to hear all that? Even *I'M* bored with my own piddlin' drama. Sheesh. The creativity and magic that used to be ever at hand have become bitterness and self-inflicted alienation - o, how cliche', of me - and when I'm not enraged, I'm flat-line zombified and can barely function.

Rag, rag, rag. Toldja.
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Yay - glad to be back among my so carefully-tended fray here on the internets. Still cackling warmly about *someone's* comment re: 'middle-aged crazy cat ladies' - and proudly salute our ranks..though some are 'crazy pibble/chicken-ladies', as well. :)

I hereby and forthwith retract any and all snarky references to Brian Cox as, 'the boy band of science', with great shame and regret and a bit of lust. See you in my dreams, Professor.

Good morning, Philae - Wakey, wakey!

Rest in Peace, LightSail #1.

Made some BANGIN' spaghetti squash, last night, to share with a coworker who's never tried it. Hope to change her mind with some shredded smoked gouda, lovely mushrooms and a splash of soy milk, baked to perfection. It's going to be nice to have someone to cook for, again - - coming up, next? My stewed tomatoes, as she is also a fan.
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I guess what I meant was - LJ is coming back to life for me, with the return of some writings, and one particular person that I'd recently reconnected glad they're back, as I've missed them sorely and have always felt a strong kinship with them.

Life. Or the lack thereof. How to get back - is it even possible? Have things gone too far in the wrong direction? Too many areas to count, there - and things seem to be speeding up, all around me. I've noticed that I've systematically shut the door on numerous people, one by one, that used to be safe places for me. Too much trouble, being sociable? Or too much trouble, constantly giving? Or too much trouble, trying to make them understand?

They've finally made it impossible to do my job. Due to an accident on another shift, we are now not allowed to do care/transfer ANYONE that is a 'two-assist'. I have 20 'two-assists' (out of the present number of 34 residents) on my wing, and they ONLY schedule ONE CNA. Me. So, if I do my job? I'm fired. If I don't do my job? I'm fired. And the thing is? I *know* in my heart that if I quit? INSTANTLY, they'll schedule two on that wing.

Saw, San Andreas, and it was typical. CGI-wonderland with minimal plausible plot, but that's the formula, these days, and it was a fine example of such. As a palate cleanser, finally saw, The Basketball Diaries, and it was really good. Got me both thinking and remembering. Started to watch, The Man In The Iron Mask - it was a DiCaprio kind of night, I guess - but fell asleep.

Dreamed I was on a plane with a resident who is currently ready to 'travel' - Miss I - and I was helping her decipher the menu that a really rude stewardess was holding. THEN, a dream of ANOTHER one, my sweet Mary B - wherein she got a new room mate who was crocheting, and had these uncannily huge blue eyes.

What woke me? Someone deep inside, shouting my name. I literally woke up like a shot, wondering who it was. All in my head.
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It's BEAUTIFUL, outside. So, why am I sitting, here?

I know that if I get it together, I have to, a) spend money, b) go forth and do laundry..

Twitter fascinates the hell out of me. So far, Nestor Carbonell has favorited tweets of mine, twice. He seems to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy, who obviously is polite and responds to EVERYONE. Cool, though. Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer is really, really funny, as are Brian Cox and Wil Wheaton. It don't take much, folks.

I guess you all should know, I've 'unfollowed' Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his rude-assed comments. You don't want 'fans'? You got it, bub.

The Norman continues. I think I've finally run out of bad movies of his to watch..with or without gasmask-wearing. I even sat through two episodes of what was quite possibly the worst, most contrived, fluff-assed shit, ever: Charmed - and want my gold medal, now. His cameo in, Stretch was hilarious, though.

You GUYS. Read more... )
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Okay, last day of vacation, here. After yesterday's Crack!Extravaganza, and my near full-immersion into The Walking Dead via binge-watch, the dread finality has sunk in.

*in mourning*

Reality sucks. Between my family - longgggg story, but just, wow - AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! CONDITION RED! - and getting constant texts from coworkers - IE: only two cnas scheduled for last night's shift. Two. In a facility with 125 beds + "We MISSSSSSSSSS you.." - and my neverending financial follies? I'd almost kinda/sorta WELCOME an actual zombie apocalypse.

Oh, and welcome to the Pleasure Dome, [ profile] missescookie :) Ha.
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So last night was both horrible and wonderful.

It was G's last night, and I'm surprised she came in - I probably wouldn't have. And I'm glad I was able to get ahold of two of our former coworkers - Caryn and Christy - because they came in, and brought a huge, huge spread of everything imaginable, and there was SO much love in that hellhole, last night, it was heartbreaking. I know it was, 'blabbing', but I am glad I followed instinct - G. kept saying to me, "I can't believe there are so many people that care about me." Well, there are, believe me. I'm just sorry that Tabby didn't get back to me, 'cos G would have loved to see her, too.

SO many hugs.

We went to lunch, together, one last time, and I'm glad I could make her crack up - haven't laughed that long in a long time. What are we going to do without her? Who am I gonna bitch with - she, Robin, and I were the last of the old-timers, left. We'd all three agreed that this was our, 'last winter', there.

We were SUPPOSED to quit together, giving ye olde middle fingers as we left. :)

She DID let me get a couple pictures, though - "How else are you going to star in my comic book, if I can't draw you?" ♥

Aint no, 'Goodbye', though. Don't believe in them.
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Losing it, here.

My dearest, dearest friend at work, G, told me last night that she has pancreatic cancer, and is leaving on Wednesday for the CTCA in Atlanta. It's fucking, 'massive', she said. It all seemed absolutely unreal when she told me, and it's probably the closest I've come to actually fainting.

Did something I've not done in decades for her, and tomorrow is the new moon.

Anybody pray, around this joint?
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Oh. Em. Gee.

Houston? We've got another one.

Lovely, lovely gentleman, Mr. H. - - who helped design the pilot seating for the Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle...and further, on the Gemini missions, as well..Worked at Cape Canaveral..and, OH, how one after the other failed and crashed..

He lit up when I laughed and said, "Oh, you never should have told me that.", and was delighted when I found his missing pajama pants :)

I really hate to be a pain, but, y'know..If he has any stories he wants to tell, y'know..I'd be happy to listen..

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I. Hate. This. Weather.

5 - 8" of snow expected, covered by, 'ice pellets' and a, 'wintry mix' of freezing rain, blah blah blah blah. Add to that, the tantalizing thrill of about a sixty-degree angled driveway down to the highway, and - yay. Here we go, again.

I called work at six-fifteen, 'to establish communication before six-thirty', as the last time I called, they hung up on me and tried to write me up for a call-off. Called management, to make sure they salt and plow.

Don't know what else I can do.

ETA: It's funny how day-shift never gets any trouble when THEIR BARRAGE OF CALL-OFFS come in, yet - we are mandated to stay..


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