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I'll be so glad to get this month *over*...

It went from my hot water heater basically blowing up (it looked like the command module of Apollo 13)...Sending water gushing down onto a grounded electric wire (leaving me with no heat, no electric) my car dying REPEATEDLY (three tows in five days) and them not being able to figure out what it was, and and..a million seemingly little things - IE: losing my wallet..and work continuing to suck beyond all reason.

But most of that is resolved, now.

The RuPaul's Drag Race queens continue to run rampant. Thank Gawd the new season is starting soon, as I'm jonesin' BAD. My pick for Season 9? Charlie Hides, of course.

And THE RETURN OF BATES MOTEL, HOLY WTF DANG - so good that when I finished watching it, I had immediately go back and watch it AGAIN. No spoilers, but I will say that it required an emergency phone call to Wisconsin. And yes, I hate that Rihanna is playing, 'Marian Crane' - how cheesy and grasping and unnecessary, of them -- BLASPHEMY! -- but time will tell. Freddie Highmore has got the character down pat..down to the most subtle of gestures. Good job.

On a solemn note - and I'm not really sure how many of you are still out there that would remember her, but I was asked to pass this on -- I learned of the untimely death, this past Monday, of [ profile] lunarising from cancer. My son and I will always remember her laughter..and that trip to DC that ended up changing my entire life.

Rest in Peace, Liebe - may the road go ever on.

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Getting down to the wire, here, with this #$%^&* trip. It's cost me way-y-y too much to be worth it.

So, of course, my computer's self-destructing and the clutch burned out of my car.

Oh, and you haven't LIVED until you've given CPR to someone who's obviously already long-passed..
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StopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRinging - I have enough stress.


Feb. 16th, 2016 12:49 pm
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This morning, about three am, I was awakened by a loud bang and then a, "WHOOSH!'-ing noise. As I opened the door to my room, I saw, down the hallway, a large stream of water, just shooting across. A pipe had burst in the wall between the shower and the kitchen. I couldn't switch it off from there - it just shot in my face and kept going.

A power strip was literally floating on the kitchen floor, and that is one scary fucking thing to have to approach.

Ice-storm, outside. Roads, impassable. My brother couldn't get here. My son was at work, and couldn't get here. The emergency guys from the park couldn't get here.

I had to literally crawl on hands and knees - in pajamas and robe - around the house thru snow and slush because I couldn't walk on the ice, with a flashlight in my fucking mouth - ripping the skirting away to try and find the water shut-off, which was under the house and filled with icy water and leaves up past my elbow.

I got it turned off just in time for the fire company to arrive - my mother had called them, in a panic. Naturally, as I opened the door to them - shivering and dripping from head to toe - my son's cat ran outside and we ended up having to chase him. I know.

It took HOURS to clean up, but stuff in my pantry is just ruined, and God only knows what this has done to the flooring, underneath. A lot of the water went under the stove, and all over the bathroom floor, as well. As we don't have heat, I HAD to get as much water up as I could or the floor would become a skating rink.

We still don't have water in the kitchen, so we suspect something under there has burst, as well. I will have to do dishes in my bathtub, I guess.

Of course, it's fifty-two fucking degrees, today, with torrential rains.
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Hey, all. I'm sorry I've been so non-existent, on here, but if it matters, I've been pretty non-existent in real life, as well. The loss of Frankie has slammed so many doors shut in me - yet, has also opened so many worm-cans, I could start a fucking psychiatric bait shop. And, one of the worst things is, my filter seems to be irrevocably broken. I'm feeling things HUGE and telling people *exactly* what I think, and that is - let's face it, folks - never, EVER good.

If it helps, also, I've bailed from Twitter and my 'real' Facebook, as well. I thought I was okay with it, but all the, 'Yay! We're all going to see the Cure!'-posts are just fucking too much for me.

Too many things are suddenly just OVER. Time to move on, move on, move on.
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Okay, so it finally happened. Total meltdown of teh pc. At around two am.

I thought, "It's okay, you can do this - you got the disk." - - and proceeded to drop the OS.

It only gave me two choices - delete the present partition or add the new OS to it, with a warning that all hell would break loose - or grind to a halt - if I did. NO option to create a new one. So. (As I am le stupid) I deleted it. And proceeded to install the new OS. BUT..unknown to me, the disk was without drivers of any sort, apparently - meaning no 'net, no sound, etc, I basically have a big empty box, now.

As I am le stupid, it took me 'til forever to cobble together sound - thinking I could at LEAST watch a disk or something, but picture. So the empty box is sort of an old-time radio, now.

Everything hinges on my car inspection on Tuesday - after that, I will figure something out. Oy.

There are all sorts of driver packs on ebay, but..idk, I'm mistrustful.

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Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email? Granted, it had been three days - but Big Brother thought I needed to talk to them about it..I didn't really have any beefs/suggestions, but it did make me realize how much I value LJ and YOU PPL and its format, here. So the answers to their survey were of the, "I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE OR KICK ME OUT'-variety, really. And I meant it.

Also, granted, I *have* been spending a lot of time on Twitter..but you can blame The Astronauts/Scientists/Musicians/That Norman Reedus Guy for that..and [ profile] ffarff, who is also there.

I will try to do better. It's just that my life, lately, has been no life, at all, and much with the suckage. It's been work/exhaustion/sleep/worry/stress/pain/work/depression/exhaustion/work/stress/worry/pain, and on and on and on and trying to find some reason to carry on with it all. Work is probably literally killing me, and I've got some decisions to make, here, coming up, in regards to that - before they're made *for* me - and few options...and yay, who wants to hear all that? Even *I'M* bored with my own piddlin' drama. Sheesh. The creativity and magic that used to be ever at hand have become bitterness and self-inflicted alienation - o, how cliche', of me - and when I'm not enraged, I'm flat-line zombified and can barely function.

Rag, rag, rag. Toldja.
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On my son's laptop - this morning, our electric went on and off, and my brand-new pc is dead. Won't even turn on. It's not even freakin' paid off, yet, and the elec co. is, 'investigating' = screwing me, anew. Yes, it was plugged into a surge protector. And all my purchase info is ONLINE, and NO, I can't print it out without a printer. Gutted, here.

I know you've all heard it before, but I sincerely don't know when I'll be back *this time*.

Whole new way of life, here - again. Relearning , 'life before the internet' and jeebus, what? Back to paper billing, etc? Back to scribbling in a notebook? How the fuck am I going to keep tabs on my astronauts/Norman Reedus/Bigfoot?!? And NO, 'COSMOS'...I haven't even had television in over fifteen years. It's like the zombie apocalypse without Daryl Dixon - WHAT'S THE POINT? - oh, and no pesky 'walkers', but for my scary neighbors..

Rest in peace, Christopher Lee. I had the privilege of spending MANY a childhood Saturday afternoon in your fine company. You were amazing in the Lord of the Rings movies, but you will always be Count Dracula, to me ♥

Oh, and welcome back to earth, Expedition 43!
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I guess what I meant was - LJ is coming back to life for me, with the return of some writings, and one particular person that I'd recently reconnected glad they're back, as I've missed them sorely and have always felt a strong kinship with them.

Life. Or the lack thereof. How to get back - is it even possible? Have things gone too far in the wrong direction? Too many areas to count, there - and things seem to be speeding up, all around me. I've noticed that I've systematically shut the door on numerous people, one by one, that used to be safe places for me. Too much trouble, being sociable? Or too much trouble, constantly giving? Or too much trouble, trying to make them understand?

They've finally made it impossible to do my job. Due to an accident on another shift, we are now not allowed to do care/transfer ANYONE that is a 'two-assist'. I have 20 'two-assists' (out of the present number of 34 residents) on my wing, and they ONLY schedule ONE CNA. Me. So, if I do my job? I'm fired. If I don't do my job? I'm fired. And the thing is? I *know* in my heart that if I quit? INSTANTLY, they'll schedule two on that wing.

Saw, San Andreas, and it was typical. CGI-wonderland with minimal plausible plot, but that's the formula, these days, and it was a fine example of such. As a palate cleanser, finally saw, The Basketball Diaries, and it was really good. Got me both thinking and remembering. Started to watch, The Man In The Iron Mask - it was a DiCaprio kind of night, I guess - but fell asleep.

Dreamed I was on a plane with a resident who is currently ready to 'travel' - Miss I - and I was helping her decipher the menu that a really rude stewardess was holding. THEN, a dream of ANOTHER one, my sweet Mary B - wherein she got a new room mate who was crocheting, and had these uncannily huge blue eyes.

What woke me? Someone deep inside, shouting my name. I literally woke up like a shot, wondering who it was. All in my head.
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I don't know about you all, but I got goosebumps when Pete Campbell got on that plane.

Also, Sally got a raw deal.
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Stuffs to remember:

a) poems for people who don't exist, recalling events that never happened

b) 'It was that one simple gesture, natural to him, that set off all the alarm bells of the past that she'd swallowed and strangled away - and forced her to realize that she was about to die..or something like it.'
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Whine, whine, whine.

You can't pick yer family, right? Right? But you CAN pick to stay out of it, you CAN pick pseudo-sanity.

I've been out the outside since the day I was born; do not expect it to change, anytime, soon.
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Okay, last day of vacation, here. After yesterday's Crack!Extravaganza, and my near full-immersion into The Walking Dead via binge-watch, the dread finality has sunk in.

*in mourning*

Reality sucks. Between my family - longgggg story, but just, wow - AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! CONDITION RED! - and getting constant texts from coworkers - IE: only two cnas scheduled for last night's shift. Two. In a facility with 125 beds + "We MISSSSSSSSSS you.." - and my neverending financial follies? I'd almost kinda/sorta WELCOME an actual zombie apocalypse.

Oh, and welcome to the Pleasure Dome, [ profile] missescookie :) Ha.
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So last night was both horrible and wonderful.

It was G's last night, and I'm surprised she came in - I probably wouldn't have. And I'm glad I was able to get ahold of two of our former coworkers - Caryn and Christy - because they came in, and brought a huge, huge spread of everything imaginable, and there was SO much love in that hellhole, last night, it was heartbreaking. I know it was, 'blabbing', but I am glad I followed instinct - G. kept saying to me, "I can't believe there are so many people that care about me." Well, there are, believe me. I'm just sorry that Tabby didn't get back to me, 'cos G would have loved to see her, too.

SO many hugs.

We went to lunch, together, one last time, and I'm glad I could make her crack up - haven't laughed that long in a long time. What are we going to do without her? Who am I gonna bitch with - she, Robin, and I were the last of the old-timers, left. We'd all three agreed that this was our, 'last winter', there.

We were SUPPOSED to quit together, giving ye olde middle fingers as we left. :)

She DID let me get a couple pictures, though - "How else are you going to star in my comic book, if I can't draw you?" ♥

Aint no, 'Goodbye', though. Don't believe in them.
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Fuck my life.

After my mother and son basically did a fucking intervention to make me call off work, pretty much insuring that I'll be fired?

A pipe valve - once connected to a long-gone washing machine - that was allegedly SHUT OFF EXPLODED in the hallway. Water is gushing into a huge tupperware container, as we speak.

I don't know what this thing is, or what to do. I certainly don't have money for a plumber or to put in new flooring or God only knows what. My socks are wet, and I have no heat, and I just feel like crying.

I hate my life and honestly, I'm done. It's too hard and there's just no joy in anything, anymore. And yeah, I'm just bitching, you know I won't do anything.
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I. Hate. This. Weather.

5 - 8" of snow expected, covered by, 'ice pellets' and a, 'wintry mix' of freezing rain, blah blah blah blah. Add to that, the tantalizing thrill of about a sixty-degree angled driveway down to the highway, and - yay. Here we go, again.

I called work at six-fifteen, 'to establish communication before six-thirty', as the last time I called, they hung up on me and tried to write me up for a call-off. Called management, to make sure they salt and plow.

Don't know what else I can do.

ETA: It's funny how day-shift never gets any trouble when THEIR BARRAGE OF CALL-OFFS come in, yet - we are mandated to stay..
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WINTER SUCKS. That is all.


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