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OHHHHHhhhh..I got meine Liebe, back. Complete with new clutch, seal and linkage-y bits. IT DRIVES LIKE A WHOLE NEW CAR. UNBELIEVABLE. It can't WAIT to pull out, and this new's like learning to drive all over, again. It LEAPS out - and there were a couple sort of 'burning rubber' incidents, on the way home. Heh. This area is a foothold of loyal, mostly insane Dubbers - and now? When they rev their engines next to me at a stoplight? Mama can give 'em a little lesson. ;)

So much love.

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While talking to Adam - a good egg, and the grandson of the nicest man, ever - at - we talked about the Aigner edition Cabriolet that they'd had for sale, a couple years ago. It was a thing of exquisite beauty - being of the Midnight Blue variety - and my son and I literally piled in the car at one am. to go drool over it, when he first told me about it. It was almost My Dream Car ™ - but sadly, it was an automatic...Even MORE sadly, Adam told me that the car had been sold to a kid that utterly destroyed it.

A true crime..a true tragedy.

He said the kid was now trying to sell it BACK to them, and when my eyes lit up, he assured me that it was NOT worth it, as it would take way too much work to get it on the road. :(

Rest in peace, beautiful:

 photo serveimaCABRIOge_zpsabpcuazt.jpeg
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Totally agree with this child's meme; brings to mind a quote from Carl Sagan, that I've always found just so, ♥

“In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is my joy to share a planet and an epoch with Annie."

[Dedication to Sagan's wife, Ann Druyan, in Cosmos]

 photo 13450273_10153527039891035_988AWWW386464632647_n_zpstetvlklw.jpg

Got my car into the shop tonight - crossing my fingers. Always.
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So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo! BSOD, featuring kernals, roots, stops and all sorts of interesting codes and things. So, once more, I apologize for it. Naught to be done, though, until I get my car inspected - everything, literally, hinges on it.

I was supposed to get it in on Wednesday, but my son wouldn't get up to drive me back. SO, I was damned lucky to get an appointment on Tuesday, and will be driving his car in the meantime, and just hope it doesn't take too long or need too much. Gotta get in gear and take it now, to do laundry and shop..and have to have it back by noon, for him. I *hate* relying on the whims of other people. Hate. Some folks have mighty short memories, lol.

BTW, LOVING, 'Astronauts' Wives Club' - and just nerdy enough to pick up the few errors..

This was absolutely wonderful. 70% Gene Kranz, and that was barely enough:

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So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

Look, I loved our old mechanics. LOVED. Well, the 'old guy', anyway. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago and left the business to his son and grandson and, needless to say, it aint the same. How I miss Frank, and remember fondly how much he loved mein Dieter, once giving me a paper cone of wine to assuage my crying, saying, "Ja, don't worry - we fix your car.", while warmly patting my hand. ♥

But. The new guys somehow managed to rebuild my entire rusted-out strut tower - for a more than fair price - and that is unheard of. They are dedicated and honest. Imagine. Plus, really cute.

Also - nothing bad can happen while Kraftwerk is playing.
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"The boning continues!", Amy Wong

Last night's snow was so heavy, it broke my windshield wipers...ON A WEEKEND. Go, me.

Somehow, I have to get laundry done tomorrow - with MORE crap, on the way. All I can do is not sleep in the morning and go immediately after work? I can't even imagine it, but I have little choice, with a four-day, starting on Monday...which brings MORE snow. I'm going to have to drive my son's car, and you can IMAGINE how big THAT little fact went over.

*whine bitch kvetch, etc*
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Thinking of getting a personalized plate for my '99 Mk3 Jetta..Of course, I already have my German plate on display..It's become a, 'Classic Car', this year, but I don't want to go that route, as it's my daily driver..

ETA: This is my car - with these wheel covers:

 photo 1999-vw-jetta-glx-vr6-mk3-green-5spd-178k-mi-americanlisted_32359087_zps2e32c98e.jpg

 photo T2eC16dHJGoE9nuQg2L0BQDdocoB-w60_1AAA_zps25421f43.jpg

[Poll #1991370]

I love the first one, but am worried that people will think I mean, 'Go for lunch'..thoughts? The, '2.slow' is a common affectionate dig at my engine type..And no, neither Apollo 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 or 17 were available - I didn't even check for, 'Apollo 13' because we ALL know what happened to them :(
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DJ. Car woes. = Me. Having to drive him, everywhere.

NOT happy. NO time.

Datalounge is down!
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Just woke up from a dream where I had my old car back! Dieter! It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was showing him off to friends, omg, he was purring like a kitten. Hilariously enough, I was driving, driving, driving, until I finally pulled out the cord to my cellphone..which was plugged in to charge and beeping like the demonscourgemonstrosity it is! I woke up..and it was a wrong number, telling me that I have some eye appointment, tomorrow...

Talk about, 'self-comfort' before my hellish four-day/four-day/four-day schedule starts!
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SO, SO GLAD TO HAVE MY CAR BACK. OH, I MISSED HIM/HER/IT SO. And with all the structural work done, it drove like a totally different car. ♥

Bringing meine Liebe home was like driving on a cloud of happiness. It was.

It helped that the lovely mechanic/body work guy was really, really kind of cute, omg. And his name is Gene - so that's easy to remember :D

It has to also be noted that this was the very first time that I actually didn't have an utter meltdown, due to financial concerns..this was due to, a) not buying cigarettes, anymore, b) being able to plan ahead. My son is my money guru, and he's getting me back on track, and things ARE better; I owe him so much. Quite frankly, I want to KEEP this car, for a bunch of reasons, and these mechanics are the best. And to have the best, you're gonna pay for it, and I'm good with that. My one strut tower was so rusted out, he couldn't believe that it passed inspection, last year. This did not happen, overnight, and I'm glad that it's fixed - no one else around does this work. No one. SO glad we went there.
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So. 'Put up or shut up'-time, I guess.
For so many things, and so early in the new year.

Brave new world.

I have to hold on to Bernard's attitude, his viewpoint, his bravery. I guess we both foresaw these things, and, at least, there's 'real' shocks.
I have to be ready; anything is possible. And, as someone else said, recently, "This is the youngest I'm gonna be."
Go out and onwards, with a bang - and my head, held high.

My son picked up his new car, today - the 2003 VW 4Motion. It's gorgeous, and he looked so good, so happy, behind the wheel. So proud of my kids.

Also, this:
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Wonderful, wonderful. Happy, happy.

DJ's friend at work had 'extra' hams and gave him an enormous one. So I most eagerly embraced the cancerian side of my cuspish nature and just finished processing that sucker into TONS of 'paper-thin wafers' (slices), steaks and various sizes of 'chunks'.
Tons, mind you. My freezer is quite content. This will certainly help to keep things going.
I know that people don't do such things, anymore, but I want to send a Thank You-note, as this kindness certainly warrants one.

Last night, by the time I got to work, my car doors had frozen shut. Again. Fortunately, I had my stupid!cellphone and was able to call the desk. How embarrassing...This has been an ongoing thing and pretty much cemented my agreeing-to...selling Mein Liebe, as it's been one thing after another..Sad. SO my son test-drove THIS today - he's been doing lots of research, and he's a Taurus, so I trust him, implicitly - and brought home some delicious sparkling apple juice, with which we toasted the future and our fight towards solvency and better fortunes: Read more... )

So, we'll see..

"The boning continues!!!" - Amy Wong, in reference to my workplace. C'est la vie..

Also, this:

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You guys, you guys.


At least, that's what my mechanic says. No idea on the weird, scary BOOM!-noise - he said he checked around and around, and nothing. The battery was dead, but once charged, it started up enough to get it into the garage. He drove it around, a little, and it sounded, 'normal', to him.


a) These mechanics are just such great guys. They are local and honest, and would not let me drive an unsafe vehicle. They once offered to drive my finished car to my son's workplace, so that he could drive it home, to me - have you ever heard of such a thing? They let me make payments, too.

Yes. I have them on speed-dial, on my phone. I *do* own a VW, after all.

b) So glad that all this didn't happen going *down* my scary driveway. I know I'm a coward/drama queen, but I will never forget the cars that slid down the driveway..THROUGH THE FENCE..AND ALLLLLL THE WAY DOWN TO THE HIGHWAY, BELOW..

c) So glad I'm still off work, at least, for tonight. I *really* need to get back in there - but, not tonight, in this, 'Herculean' mess.

So, here. Have some cocky pre-flight Alan Shepard:

 photo tumblr_myc2v6ME6g1qzi3ywo1_500_zpsde5ce840.gif
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Just putting this here to brighten a pretty stressful day:

 photo BuzzGenotumblr_lxcj2f7j1p1qj9am1o1_500_zps72fe890f.jpg
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 photo carumblr_m1zmocAwK71qafpoyo1_500_zps2ef829fd.jpg

Fine, Apollo 13. Fine. Yep. You're right.
*stops whining
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Okay. Back to work, tonight.

I've learned:

a) as messy as they can be, these cats are all fuckin' brats treasures, and good company, with their own personalities and idiosyncrasies, but - in the end - just loving little four-legged people beings that never stop surprising me.

b) I actually have WAY anxiety/personal appearance issues than I previously thought - and so do others. MUST work on this. Not getting any younger, folks, and it's all downhill, from THIS, so..

c) having no money frees me from a lot of decision-making, especially when I see how others spend theirs, and the decisions they make.

d) that I MUST quit smoking.

e) that the internet CAN get boring, eventually.

Good things:

a) the teenagers that came up to me in the Thorndale Good Will - freaking out over my NASA teeshirt. We talked for a good while - I told the boy that I got it at Target, of all places - they were cute as all hell, and had been planning a road trip to Johnson Space Center, but, 'summer got away from them'. They were all bright and beautiful, to the last, and their manners and curiosity and friendliness gave me hope for this generation, coming up - and I told them so. I told my son, when I got home, that I'd met my, 'future daughter-in-law', LOL.

b) my son is now in the, 'super-sekrit underground', VW In-Crowd - and is getting roughly two grands' worth of work done on his car for......less than three-hundred. The Mystery Poohbah is going to take him in-hand and do the work with him, so he'll learn, too. DJ is actually thinking of purchasing a...Scirocco, now, as his daily driver..and keeping the Golf in storage with this guy. Twenty bucks a month. Not too shabby.

c) I can be REALLY creative with the make-do cooking. We were the recipients of a TON of broken taco shells.....and I've found loads of uses for them...well, a couple, anyway. Muffins...breading for chicken...I created a, 'pineapple upside-down' cornmeal pudding that aint half bad...

d) music really IS what keeps me alive. :)
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WTF, Dexter. Didn't see THAT coming, but I guess that's the point. Spoilers.
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Still waiting for my ignition tumbler/keys to arrive. I ordered them last Monday, and the tracking order they gave me does not work on the UPS site. Um. Meine Liebe sits, patiently waiting, at the garage...while I sit, somewhat less patiently, waiting for a call back from the folks I ordered the parts from.

My son is writing a novel. It's pretty interesting, so far.
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Come ON.

a) Late last Sunday night, I arrived home after doing laundry. When I went to turn my key in my ignition? The damned thing twisted like a piece of fucking tinfoil and - voila! - broke off in my hand. Stuck in the ignition. Got through that, the next day, with the help of a locksmith and Geico Roadside Assistance..though they only cover the first $100.

b) Monday? DJ's car died. Mass Air Intake, which he'd fubared, working on it.

c) After driving him all week to work, I arrived, last night, at his workplace, to find he'd already gotten his car back. No biggie - I offered to buy him and his buddy some hotdogs at the local Sheetz - - 2 for $1 special, of course, and they work hard. They eagerly agreed to meet me there, after stopping to get cat food.

d) I get to Sheetz, get out of my car with my wallet and lock my car to go into the store and the lock literally popped out of the door, into my hand. The entire mechanism. My purse, iPod and cellphone are now locked in my car.

e) I call Geico - thank you, Sheetz personnel, for your kindness - to get it towed - and the guys arrive. They somehow get the door open. The Geico lady and I laugh, and THANKFULLY, she gives me a reference number, "because you never know"...I get out to my car AND THE STEERING WHEEL LOCKS UP, TOTALLY. AGAIN.

f) JUST as the guys are pulling away, I scream, "WAIT!!!!", and thankfully, they hear me. About an hour commences, with them trying to get the wheel unlocked without breaking the shitty tinfoil key off, AGAIN, and there is much texting between [ profile] gayalithiel and myself, who I am supposed to be meeting online.

g) I get home, only to call Geico AGAIN, and said reference number comes in to play. Then, we have to drive all the way back to meet the wise-ass tow guy and have it towed.

Where is this money going to come from? Seriously. Seriously, fuck my life.
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Oh, my.

Stopped in for a pack of cigarettes - I know, I know - after picking up mein Liebe from inspection - - got a huge break, I think, as it was actually affordable, and a relief.....sans make-up, hair wet, while wearing my pajamas - !!! - which consist of, today, the, "Giant Peter Gabriel Head 25th Anniversary of, So"-shirt and raggy black capris...

..and this gorgeous, soft-spoken man behind the counter says, "Oh, wow - PETER GABRIEL!" - - and we started to talk.

And talk.

And talk.

His name is Darmesh, and he is my age but does NOT look it (gorgeous dark hair and eyes and *glasses*) and and and is actually really into pg AND PG-GENESIS - UTIEWTOPQTUQWPITUQWPTOUIQWOI - - and we ended up talking and checking out his iPhone-thingy for almost forty-five minutes. What. I *had* to leave, because I *have* to sleep for work, tonight, and because I was totally dorking out..and he said, "I do hope to see you, again." - UM. OKAY.

I promised to bring him a piece of pg's vintage 1986 shirt that I keep to hand out to's all over the world, by now, LOL...AND HE SAID THAT HE HOPES TO SEE ME, AGAIN, AGAIN. Yikes. So, I'll have to load up some delicious pg goodies onto a zip and go visit him, maybe..

Thanks, pg :)
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Absolutely indescribable:




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