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Wow - so, after a couple weeks of putzing around, I finally got around to adding/granting access to ppl and now, I can't see them on my, 'Reading' page. Still. I used to be able to...IDK, maybe it's 'cos it's summer and everyone is busy. LOL.

Last night I kept myself sane by thinking about Leonard Nimoy..all slick and that clawfoot tub in the movie, 'Catlow'. I know.

FINALLY got some sleep today - it's so #$% hot and humid, and no a/c in Poor People-Land. It was a long, long week -- our scheduler just up and walked out, lol; shocking -- and folks are up in arms. I woke up thinking about The Cure's original long-ago, 'House' website and apparently, it's not saved anywhere online - that I can find, anyway. Also, thinking about, Angry, Young, and Poor, the shop in Lancaster, PA where I used to buy my twilight-coloured hair dye, and how snotty they were about The Cure..
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Star Trek and Peanut Chews - Can I get an, 'Amen' up in here?

*clinging to sanity
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The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly: Dreams. Terrifying. Involving certain folks, 'back from the dead', with SUCH scary eyes, full of bright, snapping hatred, and with a gang, like, 'The Claimers', from The Walking Dead - and, for some reason, I had to live with them, and just knew, that, at their first opportunity, they were going to kill me. Their eyes were liek - can't even describe them, but they made me think of shiny magazine paper. I haven't really feared death for years, now, doing what I do for a living - but upon awakening, I did, because I didn't want to meet up with him/them and all that hatred. Yikes. WTF does it mean? Like I said before, things are speeding up, coming on, fast.

Here. Have some Carl :

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OMG. Rest in peace, Grace Lee Whitney. Damn.
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Damn. I know the man's 83, himself, but..can't you make an effort, Bill? Maybe fly out right after? Idk. I am no one to judge anyone.
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Fucking devastated. I guess I didn't think it could really happen.

Was asleep all day, and just woke a half-hour ago to a text from a dear coworker, Connie, who's on vacation in Florida - she assumed I knew.

I don't want to make this, 'about me', but the one thing - out of oh, so, SO many things - that endeared Leonard Nimoy to me was the fact that he'd WON his battle with alcoholism, and talked about it candidly. This came to me at a very dark time for me, when dealing with my husband's death - I don't know, it just made him even MORE of a hero, to me, I guess.

I remember seeing him in the first, 'reboot' movie, and how Pete and I both just blubbered. I'd so hoped to see him in this upcoming one.

I can't really deal with this, right now, but, as some brokenhearted smartass on Datalounge asked, "Can't Sheldon clone him from the napkin Penny gave him?!?"

Boldly go, beautiful soul. ♥

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Please get better, Leonard. Can't stand the thought of losing you.
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Fine. Okay. I am owning it. All of it.
I'm staying in, today, with the impending HELLMESS weather, and anxiously awaiting results on this -
- that I've bid on.

a) It's black.
b) It's Trek - OMFG, total LOLz; I love it.


Why not?

If I don't win it, I'm going for THIS:

It freakin' GLOWS IN THE DARK. Perfect for night-shift. :D
I stumbled across a BBC documentary on Kraftwerk, early this morning, and it whet my appetite like MAD, so I had to watch this, right after. Over two hours of bliss; MUCH, MUCH with the love. Never gets old.
In the doc, they said that nine out of ten people that tried to get tickets to their tour were disappointed - myself, included, when I saw the prices...One woman hung on the line for NINE HOURS, and still didn't get tickets.
No one else like them. Period:

Anyone else watching, King of the Nerds?
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These are incredible. For the, 'Man-Eating Plant', alone - not to mention the console, which could almost double as an Apollo Era-style Mission Control console if one used their imagination ;) Retro-'Beepin' and Boopin'' delight! Love the ominous music, as well.

My brother and I woulda played the HELL out of this shit, lol.

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I don't have any idea who made this, but they're brilliant.

 photo tumblr_n1o15as4311tqvc1so1_500_zpsc814c8b2.jpg
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A little help from my friend..Read more... )

* If anyone knows what sort of trees the DEVO trees are, I'd be much obliged. I love them, and have always referred to them as, 'DEVO trees', but that description won't fly in the real world, I expect. :) *
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You know it's KILLING me, not to be able to see, "Into Darkness", yet.


mUsT rEfrAin..Must.
Must. See. In. IMAX.
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Thanks to [ profile] ontd_startrek for the heads-up. Unfortunately, my poverty prevents me from getting tickets to the early May 15th 3D showing - SOLD OUT, EVERYWHERE! - but..this almost makes up for it. :)
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So. Still here. Und the battle mit the electric company commences..

Work may not be getting better, but the people that I work with are the best on earth.

Bates Motel!!! Monday is so far away!!!

Not to mention MAY 15TH - and I'm off, that night!
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So. INSTANT SUMMER. It's 75F, out there. Hmm.

My son surprised me with a couple of VW FRISBEES! Now, we can go to the park near my daughter's and play frisbee golf - and take the cats! I know I stink at it, but who cares? He and I will each keep one in our cars, at all times. You never know when the opportunity may strike..And speaking of the cats..sort of..I want to get my dear little Neil a collar and leash and start taking him to werk to visit some of the residents. He is so well-mannered, it's unreal. Mister Buzz, however, is NOT - and will NOT get to go; he was a very bad boy, last night, and ran all over creation, outside - TOTAL ringleader for the others. :/ Tiberius is a possibility - such a sweetie, he is. What a face, on that guy.

Off tomorrow, as I have my yearly OSHA seminar all day on Wednesday. Going to Tabby's to do some simple IT for her - gonna 'fix' her email, update some stuffs, and install CCleaner, VLC media, and Defraggler. If I get cocky, and all goes well - I will install the Pale Moon browser, as it has some great security add-ons. We shall see. We, ourselves, are locked up, pretty tight.


Gettin' REAL creative, here, being so poor, this month. I just made the most divine pizza with farmer's cheese, purple onion and (half) olives. I always take my lunch to werk, anyway - I STILL ADORE MY ISS LUNCHBAG - tonight's menu features peach slices with banana slices, the last of the venison and wild rice, and some dark chocolate-dusted almonds. I also have some, 'emergency beans' a-goin' in the triple-threat crockpot. ONCE AGAIN, my 'Apocalypse Storeroom' proves its worth.

TERRIFIED to get my taxes done, on Saturday.

Then, the gigantic whammo! of car insurance by the 24th.

As soon as I get my insurance card from werk (I never replaced it when my wallet was stolen), I am getting GLASSES. HUZZAH. I've always wanted them, and my daughter and I had a wild old time, trying on various pairs, yesterday. Can't wait.

♥ this so much:

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Thanks to the good folks at [ profile] more_shatner, I set my alarm and enjoyed every moment of this live on NASA TV:

Chris Hadfield is fast becoming one of my 'new' favorite astronauts. Loved watching his skinny little legs on the stationary bike in those baggy, floating shorts :D My heart just sort of ached at (starting at 17:29-ish), "It's because it's fundamental to your soul.", and the way he taps his heart, for emphasis. And I agree; it IS, "healthy for us, as a species", Chris ♥
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A) Where did the weekend GO? I met all my organization/chore goals, and THEN some - and am presently rewarding myself with an on-again/off-again marathon of full-episodes of, Captain Scarlet on YouTube.

I just don't know what it is about 'retro-science-futuristic'-stuff that both fascinates and soothes me, but it does. I mean..TOS; to me, there is no other Trek, really....Kraftwerk..My full-on Mercury/Gemini/Apollo addiction...DEVO...Captain Scarlet..Anything antique-y space-y/sci-fi, and I'm there. We're so far ahead of most of the technologies shown/used - and yet, I'm rubbernecking backwards at pioneers. Hmm.

B) Sometimes, I forget to admit/acknowledge that Pete and I are cut from essentially the same raggedy, diaphanous, multi-hued cloth - both a blessing and an insanely irritating curse. Tonight, however, I realized that there's a really HUGE difference between us, but that because of it - we just might actually work.

C) Love my new VW shower curtain. :)

D) Tee hee: Read more... )
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Tonight's winter storm/mess-that-I'll-have-to-drive-to-werk-in?


Is this a clue from JJ?
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By amazing, considerate and yet, sort of nefarious means, I have seen the Big First Nine Minutes of ST:Into Darkness.

Holy Moley. Total goosebumps, all over. CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT.


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