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Yes, I blubbered like a bitch.
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Why, why, why is, Goodbye, Michael - Steve Carell's last episode of, The Office, so damned effective? Still! It's almost liEk, a challenge with DJ, now - to see how much of it I can watch until I get all teary-eyed. By the end of it, I'm all but blubbering...I still cannot believe he did not win an Emmy.

Dwight STOLE this week's episode; totally rocking the Minuet (though the whole 'Jim writing a fake book SOLELY to embarrass Dwight and Dwight actually being stupid enough to fall for it, and actually BUYING said fake book'-premise was TOTALLY weak). Andy - OH, Andy. The pain.


Got the Godforsaken car insurance paid; a week early, mind you. Huzzah. Couldn't WAIT to get that off my back. Celebrated this with ever-amazing take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. It's been awhile, and it's good to see that it's still worth every penny. We justify eating out there, on the rare occasion - due to the, 'free Tupperware', as we call it. I use the little plastic dishes with lids to take my lunch in, for work, and the lid to the very last one I have just cracked. Tonight's container for, 'Happy Family', will replace it. : )

My fortune cookie? "A way out of a financial mess is discovered as if by magic!" I've never seen a fortune cookie use an exclamation point, before. Interesting.


Bad news - tomorrow's outing to Pennhurst Asylum has been postponed, due to my coworker's unforeseen family circumstances. We still may try to go the Sunday before Halloween..?


Part of me wants to just crawl RIGHT back into that warm bed and crash.
Must resist.
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Saw this mislabeled as being sung by, 'John Anderson' - and thought, 'Wow - he did a version of this?', and downloaded it, eager to hear it - as it had been ages since I'd even heard the original. Needless to say, it was neither, 'John' Anderson NOR Jon - and for some reason, it's just hooked me in, anew, and I can't stop listening to it.

Maybe it's because I'm slightly altered, but this has to be THE best creative useage of/playing with - Gabrielese that I've heard to date. Gold Star. The way it burbles and bounces and frolics from ear to ear - total high-school-stoned-listening-to-prog-trippin'-under-black-light-posters-type EARGASM on headphones. Sincerely. What fun.


Just saw the latest episode of, The Office. Oh, Andy Bernard.

I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, already, with the chorus of, 'The Office is not as good.', etc - because, well, DUH. Without Steve Carell - it *absolutely* will never be the same. Of course. Come on. We all KNEW that. It's a different pace? - I don't know how to express it - the show seemed almost incomplete - ? - is that what I meant? It should have been longer? Idk.

You really have to really like the character of Andy to root for him - fortunately, I do, and HOW COULD YOU NOT? - because it's liEk ALL about Andy, now. Good for me, but not so good for others, I suppose. I just feel such an affection for the character, because I've known a few exactly like him; adorable, but, omg. Just No. So dorky. Just..Oh, God. So Andy Bernard. I will say that Andy repeatedly dropping his pants was definitely a boon. Also, 'Hi, Dad!' - LOL. Oh, Andy. ♥

I think they can have some great fun with the two pregnancies, fer sher. I was surprised they didn't address Kelly's reaction to Darryl and his ex...idk. Creed in glasses, looking serious, actually focused and working was a, LOL, though.

Gonna keep watching, even if only for Andy's ties. :)
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Leonard on the Emmys opening!

Steve Carell was ROBBED. Unbelieveable, that he didn't win. Stephen, not winning, we (sadly) have all but come to expect, but Steve DESERVED this, dammit.

That is all.

Except for this:

Gary Numan, singing Happy Birthday this past Saturday to his daughter, Raven - whose eighth birthday is today - Happy Birthday, honey :) I love how he picks up each one under each arm and spins them before he hauls them off, heheh. So good, seeing them all so happy ♥
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Does NO ONE keep their word? NO ONE?

First, it's Friday...then, Saturday..then, Sunday..into TODAY..into TOMORROW, too, now, and, who knows...and, by the way, NOT doing the shower..NOW it's the hallway, so I can't get to my bed or computer. First? 'Around seven'..then, 'NOW. AT FOUR-THIRTY.', then, 'I don't know. I'm not sure. Maybe by six.' Whoot! Five hours of sleep, out of, what? Fifty?


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Ed Helms, walking his..raccoon.
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Yesterday was The Day of Sleep and Phone Calls, the temperature having dropped - in one day! - from the high 80s, all week, to the low 50s. Before The Sleep was the last Michael Scott episode of, The Office, and yes, I blubbered unabashedly. I sincerely hope that the horrible rumour I read about Steve Carell is not true - that he left the show due to Early Onset Alzheimer's.

Before all that, even, was work - it was totally surreal, watching William and Kate say their vows, while holding hands with dear little Sophie, who lay dying. Both beautiful events, in their own ways. Some day, we'll dance together, Sophie. ♥

During The Sleep were many strange dreams, including, a) getting my first period on the day of a school trip, apparently, and my mother forcing me to wear these short pink shorts that - to my utter horror - showed EVERYTHING, and, b) running a private boarding school with [ profile] hierokeryx for gay kids that their parents didn't want, anymore. Bzuh.

Today is The Day of Running Around and Going Broke. This includes, a) banking, b) rent, c) picking up my car, d) getting said car's registration re-upped, e) Surprise! Last minute Bar-B-Que!


ETA: A fine example of How My Life Goes: As we were pulling back down the treacherous driveway-hill with my car (brakes still seem awfully 'soft') - I heard a loud, BANG! from behind me. My mother's car blew a radiator hose, JUST as we were pulling in. CanNOT even believe it. No end to this shit.
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"I am terribly, terribly, terribly alone."

Awww, Michael.
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Why can't I just sit and watch The Office bloopers, all day?



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