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I'm still reeling in shock, here - so much so that I can hardly talk about it -- got to shake that off and get my head back, here. So much so that I actually *forgot* to post yesterday about the Day of Remembrance and Apollo 1. On the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, yet.

Truth is now..illegal?
SCIENCE is now..illegal?

Facts must now pass through a consortium of fools before they are released to the public?

How is this even real?
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Geno Cernan. Just got a text from my son, waking me up - had to come online to confirm, and sadly, no mistake - another hero, just..gone.

Absolutely gutted. Captain Cernan was/is one of my very favorites. Brave, insanely intelligent, and known for his candor and delightfully foul mouth, he was one of a kind. Second American to walk in space - Apollo 10, and it was a terrifying attempt; he lost thirteen pounds in the short time he was out there -- and last human to set foot on the lunar surface.

SO glad this was made - it's wonderful:

THAT SMILE - take a minute, it's worth it.

Godspeed, Captain Cernan, you will be sorely missed.
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Ye Olde End-Of-The-Year Meme:

January: This is so weird to me; so unexpected.

February: Another hero sleeps. Godspeed, Edgar Mitchell.

March: OMG. I got a raise.

April: Ick. Shaky and fever-y.

May: I.




K R A F T W E R K.

June: So, I'm back.

July: Really, really finding it hard not to freak out, here.

August: Called off.

September: K R A F T W E R K.

Perfect night, perfect venue, perfect company.

October: Nothing? For an entire month? Jeez. Shame on me.

November: Wow.

If this becomes real, if it really becomes true - what I've wanted my whole life, since I was six years old - - I MUST go for it.

December: LOL - while I was away, it seems my paid account has expired. So - severe lack of pertinent icons, omg.

England was even more wonderful than I imagined. I know, now, as I've always known, that my heart is there, and now - it is The Quest.

What a year for me! Both dreams and nightmares, coming true. Not mentioned, above - my first tattoo. For Frankie, of course - and I *swear* I made a post about the passing of John Glenn, but it's not showing up. Last of the Mercury Boys, and the end of an era.

Better days, a'comin' - have to be! Love you all ♥
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Watching Elon Musk's Big Mars Talk, and it's absolutely thrilling. He's talking reusable/refueling boosters (used up to 1,000 times) and carbon fibre ships - - all, liEk, within ten years or so. With a capacity for a crew of 100 - how, 'Enterprise' - - and reducing costs to under $100,000 per person, with a travel time of 80 days and possibly less. I need to win the lottery :)

I teared up when he casually dropped the fact that he's leased Pad 39A from NASA for the Big Mars Launch - - - - it just seems so @#$%^ fitting. PAD 39A. That's the sacred ground that Apollo 11 (and many others) slipped the surly bonds from.

What a time to be alive. I hope I live to see it; so sad that Carl Sagan is not. Dang.
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A little late to post, but - my annual watching of this gem, in honor of the 47th anniversary of the Lunar Landing....AKA MY SUPERBOWL ♥

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OMGah. Now, I *know* I gotta learn this stuff! According to Wikipedia:

SpaceX uses multiple redundant flight computers in a fault-tolerant design in the Falcon 9 rocket. Each Merlin engine is controlled by three voting computers, with two physical processors per computer that constantly check each other's operation. Linux is not inherently fault-tolerant (no operating system is, as it is a function of the whole system including the hardware), but the flight computer software makes it so for its purpose.[119] For flexibility, commercial off-the-shelf parts and system-wide "radiation-tolerant" design are used instead of radiation hardened parts.


In addition, Windows was used as an operating system on non-mission critical systems—​​laptops used on board the space station, for example—​​but it has been replaced with Linux; the first Linux-powered humanoid robot is also undergoing in-flight testing.[120]

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has used Linux for a number of years "to help with projects relating to the construction of unmanned space flight and deep space exploration"; NASA uses Linux in robotics in the Mars rover, and Ubuntu Linux to "save data from satellites".

The nerd in me sings :)
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I don't even know what to say, anymore. I've become so damned boring, but I kinda like it, that way. Kinda.

Two of my all-time favorite coworkers that quit have actually *come back* - and that is cause for celebration. There's a new director that I've not met, yet, but is said to be an actual human, so far..

Watched a buttload of Yuri Gagarin, last night, including:

And, tonight? LOL..this made quite an impression on a three-year-old:
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I freakin' LOVE this. And Apollo 10's like, my second favorite of probably *all* of manned space missions - Nice pic of Al Worden, lol - of course, it'd be Al, lol. Just. *cough* I'd like to hear what Geno Cernan has to say about this. ETA: LOL - second video, at around 2:11 - LMAO x INFINITY @ "DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS, BABE" - OH, GENE. BABE.

Not to mention, John Young, on the far right.

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While I'm at it..

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I'm sorry, but !!! Take my breath, away. It's too bad this isn't in color, as his eyes have always made him look to me like he was *made of sky* - and with freakin' ice water, runnin' through those veins..So pure, you can see right through him, right through to the sky. Dang.

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From the WTF Files:

This morning, not one, but TWO ppl talking Merc/Gemini/Apollo with me. You never know.

a) Andy at work, whom I've always liked. Taurus on the edge of Gemini. He was helping me lug this gigantic laundry bag, and the conversation just..what..from his enormous collection of model trains, from all eras and memorabilia - the pictures! - and his experience actually driving them and being impressed (?) that I knew about Ravenglass, UK, lol - to his Civil War reenactment experience and battlefield ghosts of Gettysburg. We talked for half an hour, LOL - and then I said, "Well, MY area of expertise is early manned space - Mercury/Gemini/Apollo.." And he TRIED to 'quiz' me..asking about Wernher Von Braun and Project Paperclip and DERP, WHAT WAS THE TYPE OF ROCKET THE MERCURY PROGRAM USED, AND WHAT WAS ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE (Atlas, and originally a missile, blah blah), Come now, Andy - ask me something HARD...LOL. So, then it went on to, 'Kids today know nothing of these guys, and all they did, and there's only one Mercury boy left, and and and..' Dang. You never know.

b) Random guy at the convenience store, re: my patches on my bag. O M G. Another half hour, ranging from the manned space program to Bob Lazar/Area 51 to stealth tech to Project Indoctrination. What.

Both said, "We should hang out." L O L

I'm such a guy. I love surprises like this. This shit NEVER happens to me.
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Pete demanded I watch this commercial, and I'm glad he did *tears*

Also, how am I just now finding out about Mo-Do? We literally screamed, over the phone, LOL. Oh, for the gut ol' days..

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Another hero sleeps. Godspeed, Edgar Mitchell.

 photo Edgar-Mitchell_zpsgh1vqixk11_zpscjssefcw.jpg

Now, there are only seven human beings left that have walked on the moon.
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ALL *FREE*!!!!!!!


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I'm back, baby :)

Just in time for my heart-of-hearts' 85th birthday.

Maybe my very favorite picture of him.

Miss you, Neil. The world's a little dimmer, without you.

 photo main_900_zps2g4qpdhb.jpg

Never gets old. Watch this and TRY not to get choked up. Dare ya.

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So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo! BSOD, featuring kernals, roots, stops and all sorts of interesting codes and things. So, once more, I apologize for it. Naught to be done, though, until I get my car inspected - everything, literally, hinges on it.

I was supposed to get it in on Wednesday, but my son wouldn't get up to drive me back. SO, I was damned lucky to get an appointment on Tuesday, and will be driving his car in the meantime, and just hope it doesn't take too long or need too much. Gotta get in gear and take it now, to do laundry and shop..and have to have it back by noon, for him. I *hate* relying on the whims of other people. Hate. Some folks have mighty short memories, lol.

BTW, LOVING, 'Astronauts' Wives Club' - and just nerdy enough to pick up the few errors..

This was absolutely wonderful. 70% Gene Kranz, and that was barely enough:


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