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Wow - so, after a couple weeks of putzing around, I finally got around to adding/granting access to ppl and now, I can't see them on my, 'Reading' page. Still. I used to be able to...IDK, maybe it's 'cos it's summer and everyone is busy. LOL.

Last night I kept myself sane by thinking about Leonard Nimoy..all slick and that clawfoot tub in the movie, 'Catlow'. I know.

FINALLY got some sleep today - it's so #$% hot and humid, and no a/c in Poor People-Land. It was a long, long week -- our scheduler just up and walked out, lol; shocking -- and folks are up in arms. I woke up thinking about The Cure's original long-ago, 'House' website and apparently, it's not saved anywhere online - that I can find, anyway. Also, thinking about, Angry, Young, and Poor, the shop in Lancaster, PA where I used to buy my twilight-coloured hair dye, and how snotty they were about The Cure..
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I just have to say that I *love* hearing about everyone's Cureshow adventures! Was able to follow a little on periscope thru the fb group, last night, with Gaya - so we can say we saw two shows together! LOL. Technology.
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So - heh. I'm back, already! LOL - like the Cure in that it's always, always, The Last Tour - so. May we both ever return.

I got the wee cheapie pc. Kinda. It was my good fortune in that when I arrived at the store, the guy was working on the one we'd talked about an-n-n-d the upload started having problems, an-n-n-d my mother was waiting in the car, and blah blah blah, long story, less long - instead of the one he originally had for me - I simply could not wait around for him to redo everything - he swapped it for a much *BETTER* one - bigger, faster - and with Linux, for the same price. So - pretty awesome, so far, and I've found that it appears I CAN Periscope, again, and and and - let's hope it works out for awhile; it's a learning experience, and a good one, so far. I mean, FTW fifty bucks.

I love that there's still fabulous people on lj.

My brother treated me to the 3D, X-Men Apocalypse and it was suitably bad-assed. My favorite X-Men are, and always will be, Nightcrawler and Beast. My brother is SO cool, and it's always a treat to hang out with him :)

Boy, do I need to get my lawn mower blades sharpened. /random


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On and off and on and off, reboot, reboot, reboot = my pc

But it's okay - ppl have survived thousands of years sans the internet, and I will, too.

Highly recommend, Full Dark, No Stars, by Stephen King. Late to the party, but I could not put it down until I finished it. I'd been reading nothing but biographies, so these were especially fantastic to me. My son said, "You read Koontz for the plot, and King for the characters", but Stephen didn't do too damned shabby with the plots for these, I'd say. I also have, Failure is not an Option, on order - can't wait - by Gene Kranz.

Back to work, tonight - and still sans car; it's going to be a long two weeks, on that front - but it'll be okay. I may even be able to get that little fifty-buck pc, if my mother can drive me. Crossing fingers ;)
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Just to let everyone know - once again, i'm going to be AWOL for awhile - hopefully, not too long, as I got a guy with cheapie pcs with XP for fifty bucks that can get me thru 'til I can get better. The only problem is...not having a car to get to him, lol. So.

I'm happily getting reaquainted with Stephen king :)
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Birth, School, Work, Never-ending Drama, Death.


Feb. 16th, 2016 12:49 pm
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This morning, about three am, I was awakened by a loud bang and then a, "WHOOSH!'-ing noise. As I opened the door to my room, I saw, down the hallway, a large stream of water, just shooting across. A pipe had burst in the wall between the shower and the kitchen. I couldn't switch it off from there - it just shot in my face and kept going.

A power strip was literally floating on the kitchen floor, and that is one scary fucking thing to have to approach.

Ice-storm, outside. Roads, impassable. My brother couldn't get here. My son was at work, and couldn't get here. The emergency guys from the park couldn't get here.

I had to literally crawl on hands and knees - in pajamas and robe - around the house thru snow and slush because I couldn't walk on the ice, with a flashlight in my fucking mouth - ripping the skirting away to try and find the water shut-off, which was under the house and filled with icy water and leaves up past my elbow.

I got it turned off just in time for the fire company to arrive - my mother had called them, in a panic. Naturally, as I opened the door to them - shivering and dripping from head to toe - my son's cat ran outside and we ended up having to chase him. I know.

It took HOURS to clean up, but stuff in my pantry is just ruined, and God only knows what this has done to the flooring, underneath. A lot of the water went under the stove, and all over the bathroom floor, as well. As we don't have heat, I HAD to get as much water up as I could or the floor would become a skating rink.

We still don't have water in the kitchen, so we suspect something under there has burst, as well. I will have to do dishes in my bathtub, I guess.

Of course, it's fifty-two fucking degrees, today, with torrential rains.
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Annual Round-Up:

January - Here's wishing the very best of it - to even the worst of us ;)

February - Fine. Okay. I am owning it. All of it.


April - So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

May - Stuffs to remember: a) poems for people who don't exist, recalling events that never happened

June - (Happy Birthday, Simon) And many, many more ;)

July - Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email?

August - So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo!


October - So so SO bummed about the Cure's impending tour.

November - There are not enough tears in the world to fill this blackest of holes.

December - Nerd-Dom at full saturation: I just downloaded and converted not one, but TWO versions of The Flash's theme.
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Hello. Hello. Hellohellohellohellohello.

Broke as a joke, as ever. Fending off the wolves another night with a crock-pot full of meatballs and still-warm gingerbread cake. My son is a happy guy, after a long day at work, and - as of, now - Crock-Pot Season has officially begun. Hallelujiah. My daughter has some *excellent* new recipes to try, too.

GLENN. I know, I know, he's not dead - blah, blah, controversy, uproar, blah, blah - but, he could be; it sure looked like it - I literally gasped, 'No!' out loud at my screen.

Work. Work. Workworkworkworkwork.

I really wish the sound quality was better on this, and that it was longer - but what little there is of it makes me swoon. Absolutely breathtaking:

This is my current favorite version, though. I can all but feel it, liEk gorgeous silvery mists, me up, inside. INCREDIBLE, on good headphones:

And, hey, just for the hell of it; so neat, so clean, so perfect -

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Okay - talk me down, ppl.

I talked to an amazing couple from Texas at the grocery store and am seriously thinking about becoming a....trucker.

WTF is holding me, here?

Yeah, I'm terrified of semis, in general - but the money. The Life on the Road - I would love it. Annnnnnd the money. At the rate I'm going...where I'm at - with most places being the same horrific, degrading, hardcore stress-filled, no-thanks, safety-violation-filled crap - - this may be a viable option to, a) save actual money to retire, b) preserve what's left of my health - and back/hip, in particular. The arthritis is really getting the best of me, lately - and with winter, coming..

There's just no way to work full-time, doing what I'm doing, where I do it - and do nursing school. I know. Time to face it, though.

She did say to wait until spring, because that's when most classes start - ? - sounds good; she also said what companies to watch out for...and SHE was the driver, in the family. Not the husband. HER.

So. You never know. Yee haw.
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*spins wheel*
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My son has friends over, and was kind enough to let me use his lappy. Nice guys - and I like hearing their laughter from the patio.

I'm baking some more spaghetti squash for the week, and just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, for my online wanderings - not sure how much time I'll have, so I got to make the most of it.

The Good: I'll get a lot more done, around here, with no pc. Annnnnd a lot more sleep. I still may be able to get drivers for this thang, so trying to think positive. For the same price, I may just get them to sell/put in a whole new OS - gonna call some ppl, tomorrow. All is not lost!

The Bad: My son ponied up and bought a new tower from ebay - - slow as balls, but not complaining - BUT - he linked it to the wrong account, and it BOUNCED. SO, I will pay back the bounce fee, as well. Dammit. Poor kid, trying to be nice!

The Ugly: My disk for the first season of, Dexter works, but only the sound. AND THE SOUNDS. OH, MAN. Yuck.
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Okay, so it finally happened. Total meltdown of teh pc. At around two am.

I thought, "It's okay, you can do this - you got the disk." - - and proceeded to drop the OS.

It only gave me two choices - delete the present partition or add the new OS to it, with a warning that all hell would break loose - or grind to a halt - if I did. NO option to create a new one. So. (As I am le stupid) I deleted it. And proceeded to install the new OS. BUT..unknown to me, the disk was without drivers of any sort, apparently - meaning no 'net, no sound, etc, I basically have a big empty box, now.

As I am le stupid, it took me 'til forever to cobble together sound - thinking I could at LEAST watch a disk or something, but picture. So the empty box is sort of an old-time radio, now.

Everything hinges on my car inspection on Tuesday - after that, I will figure something out. Oy.

There are all sorts of driver packs on ebay, but..idk, I'm mistrustful.

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So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo! BSOD, featuring kernals, roots, stops and all sorts of interesting codes and things. So, once more, I apologize for it. Naught to be done, though, until I get my car inspected - everything, literally, hinges on it.

I was supposed to get it in on Wednesday, but my son wouldn't get up to drive me back. SO, I was damned lucky to get an appointment on Tuesday, and will be driving his car in the meantime, and just hope it doesn't take too long or need too much. Gotta get in gear and take it now, to do laundry and shop..and have to have it back by noon, for him. I *hate* relying on the whims of other people. Hate. Some folks have mighty short memories, lol.

BTW, LOVING, 'Astronauts' Wives Club' - and just nerdy enough to pick up the few errors..

This was absolutely wonderful. 70% Gene Kranz, and that was barely enough:

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"I'm back, baby!" - Bender Rodriguez

This really *was* my lucky day - has to happen ONCE in awhile, y'know..

Got off work and drove my ailin' pc to - - the original branch, five minutes from my house. Was the only one in the parking row, until they opened - and it worked out, amazingly.

Dale was there. Alone. The lovely gentleman with the little round glasses and salt n'pepper hair that sold me my $75 computer that lasted for FOUR YEARS. Amusingly enough, he remembered me (I sure remembered him; he's really cute) and LOL - with the help of a drill and five whole minutes, FIXED MY PC FOR FREE. I *tried* to pay him, but - as he said, he'd have gotten in trouble for fixing my computer, as it's outdated and new management dictates that he's supposed to sell me a new one, so it was GOOD that I was there on opening, and he was alone..Turns out, it was the freakin' button on the front of the computer - he showed me; it was not connecting properly to the little light-up stick that turned the pc on. SO, he drilled a hole in the front and clipped the thingy in properly, and voila! With a well-aimed press of a screwdriver/pen/nicotine inhaler thingy, I was good to go.

A million ♥ for Mister Dale.

Also, Brian Cox. Just sayin'.
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On my son's laptop - this morning, our electric went on and off, and my brand-new pc is dead. Won't even turn on. It's not even freakin' paid off, yet, and the elec co. is, 'investigating' = screwing me, anew. Yes, it was plugged into a surge protector. And all my purchase info is ONLINE, and NO, I can't print it out without a printer. Gutted, here.

I know you've all heard it before, but I sincerely don't know when I'll be back *this time*.

Whole new way of life, here - again. Relearning , 'life before the internet' and jeebus, what? Back to paper billing, etc? Back to scribbling in a notebook? How the fuck am I going to keep tabs on my astronauts/Norman Reedus/Bigfoot?!? And NO, 'COSMOS'...I haven't even had television in over fifteen years. It's like the zombie apocalypse without Daryl Dixon - WHAT'S THE POINT? - oh, and no pesky 'walkers', but for my scary neighbors..

Rest in peace, Christopher Lee. I had the privilege of spending MANY a childhood Saturday afternoon in your fine company. You were amazing in the Lord of the Rings movies, but you will always be Count Dracula, to me ♥

Oh, and welcome back to earth, Expedition 43!
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It's BEAUTIFUL, outside. So, why am I sitting, here?

I know that if I get it together, I have to, a) spend money, b) go forth and do laundry..

Twitter fascinates the hell out of me. So far, Nestor Carbonell has favorited tweets of mine, twice. He seems to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy, who obviously is polite and responds to EVERYONE. Cool, though. Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer is really, really funny, as are Brian Cox and Wil Wheaton. It don't take much, folks.

I guess you all should know, I've 'unfollowed' Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his rude-assed comments. You don't want 'fans'? You got it, bub.

The Norman continues. I think I've finally run out of bad movies of his to watch..with or without gasmask-wearing. I even sat through two episodes of what was quite possibly the worst, most contrived, fluff-assed shit, ever: Charmed - and want my gold medal, now. His cameo in, Stretch was hilarious, though.

You GUYS. Read more... )
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Okay. Being me, I somehow cobbled together - - man, you should see it - - a set-up with an ancient megaladon monitor that takes up half my desk, the keyboard that the lovely and vivacious [ profile] distantnoises oh, so generously sent me, eons ago....and the Mein Dieter of laptops that sort of mysteriously came (sort of) back to life, this morning. No mouse or anything, but the touchpad on the lappie is hit-or-miss-working, so far - I just have to stretch to reach it, and be very, very careful..All Hail, 'The Graveyard of Elderly Technology', yo.

Ghetto-fabulous, but that's me, ya'll.

Have a rebuilt desktop on order - with XP on it, hallelujiah - - so I hope this keeps on, keepin' on, 'til then. We'll see. At least, I can do my freakin' banking, for now.

*GOOSEBUMPS* So much love for this. So very true - and, along with Carl, thoroughly shattered and rebuilt my POV on the world and faith. Bill, we lost ya too soon:


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