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Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate <3

All that remains is the return trip to Philly, tomorrow, to pick up my passport, then, some last minute laundry/packing. Then, I fly out on Sunday, the 27th..Touch down in Frankfurt, Germany for a few hours..then, on to Birmingham, which is huge.

My daughter. Made me look up schedules online, and *gave me a hundred dollars cash* to take the train to Solsbury Hill. I get a bus to Batheaston, from Bath, blah blah blah..

Yes, I cried.

If we time it right, I will be there at sunset..Twilight, the Magic Time *goosebumps*..when we saw that, we just looked at each other and I knew that she knew.

Christmas gift, indeed. LIFE gift.

You should see the hotel that Anita has booked for us in Manchester. Pretty lah-dee-dah. The Cure will be playing on the 28th, right across the street...and WHOO-HOO! I'M TAKING THE CUREJACKET ™ FOR HER TO WEAR AT THE SHOW.

I can't freakin' wait.
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Happy Birthday, pg. Age is just a number :)

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Where did this weekend go?

Got all my shit done before the Ice Capades hit outside, though. Got some beautiful apples and all the fixins' to eat greek salad at work, all week. My paycheck was a little skimpy, but - BOING! - that 'unclaimed insurance' check came, as if on cue, and all is well. I am spoiled :)

Appreciated some complicatedly stark trees - imagine, being able to capture that; they looked like they were done in ink..over watercolour - driving around in all the complete daylight, today.

Rainy and foggy, comin' home; just gorgeous.



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Mannnnnnn, I got my OLD school jam on. I feel so fortunate to have lived through the times I have, and - GOD, the memories, some of these songs bring back:
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If you ignore ALL of these - and I don't blame you - listen to THIS. It's liEk, when my body dies and breaks down into just molecules and energy, joining space and time, it will feel sound like this (esp. starting around 1:47 - I love the precision of the words, Der Mond). Absolutely thrilling :

Okay, I'll quit. ;)


My sincerest heartfelt condolences (and gratitude) to Green Bay. But, hey. At least Dallas aint gonna be in the Superbowl?
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Okay. Yes, some fucking megastorm is coming. I know. We all know. My workplace started calling me at NINE-THIRTY - got home at seven-thirty - this morning, badgering me about when/where/how I was getting in there, and did I need a ride (before FOUR PM., MIND YOU - AS *IF*) or was I going to try and make it on my own, etc, etc.

Fer fucksakes. Let me fucking sleep. No one - including them - knows when this shit's gonna start.

They told us all to, 'pack a bag.' They think we're going to work at least a double..triple...who knows, at this fucking point? It's not enough that I take care of 36 people BY MYSELF, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT?
Oh, and make sure to bring money/toiletries because all (food, etc.) will be taken out of our paychecks.

Might as well stay, as God only knows what I'll be coming home to. No electric? No water? No net? Starved cats? Roof caved in? So, see ya when I see ya, guys.

I welcome death, and that's really only kinda half-joking.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, pg.
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How Dare I Be So Beautiful?

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Guess that'll do, for now.
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Oy. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I now...have a cellphone. *cries* I fought against it for so very long; I really did.

I took a picture of a, 'Bates Motel' postcard, and that is my wallpaper. Neil Armstrong, announcing, "Tranquility Base..The Eagle has landed", is my ringtone..with, "Solsbury Hill", by pg and selected bits of, "Franz Schubert", and, "Radioland" by Kraftwerk, as other various announcements - thanks to [ profile] gayalithiel, who hipped me to Myxer, I believe it's called. This definitely eases the pain, a bit..

I'm doomed, though. I just sent her two pictures of mein Neil-Cat. ♥
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Oh, my.

Stopped in for a pack of cigarettes - I know, I know - after picking up mein Liebe from inspection - - got a huge break, I think, as it was actually affordable, and a relief.....sans make-up, hair wet, while wearing my pajamas - !!! - which consist of, today, the, "Giant Peter Gabriel Head 25th Anniversary of, So"-shirt and raggy black capris...

..and this gorgeous, soft-spoken man behind the counter says, "Oh, wow - PETER GABRIEL!" - - and we started to talk.

And talk.

And talk.

His name is Darmesh, and he is my age but does NOT look it (gorgeous dark hair and eyes and *glasses*) and and and is actually really into pg AND PG-GENESIS - UTIEWTOPQTUQWPITUQWPTOUIQWOI - - and we ended up talking and checking out his iPhone-thingy for almost forty-five minutes. What. I *had* to leave, because I *have* to sleep for work, tonight, and because I was totally dorking out..and he said, "I do hope to see you, again." - UM. OKAY.

I promised to bring him a piece of pg's vintage 1986 shirt that I keep to hand out to's all over the world, by now, LOL...AND HE SAID THAT HE HOPES TO SEE ME, AGAIN, AGAIN. Yikes. So, I'll have to load up some delicious pg goodies onto a zip and go visit him, maybe..

Thanks, pg :)
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Rest in Peace, Peter Banks.

With your passing, for me, the dread days arrive. Of watching for the next to fall, of counting days and hours, left - I strain to look forward. So much time, passed and wasted - so much left undone. At least your song was heard, and your name, remembered. Most of us will not be so fortunate.

Soberingly, the first picture to come up, when I looked for confirmation - was one of Peter Gabriel.

Further evidence of my slippage - a belated birthday to my dear little dark android:

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Thanks SO, SO very much to [ profile] cosmic_reverie for the heads-up, on this - - no 'net funtime for me, today, and I TOTALLY missed this....No heads-up from pg's site, and I didn't have time to go to NASA

But I am smiling so much, right now.

See? He really DOES know everything..

(Can't believe how big his boys are getting! LOL@ Luc being bratty!)
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Happy Birthday, peter brian -

"With your guardian eyes, so blue.."

So many times, places, memories, joys, tears, references, lessons, spells, names, dreams, stories..and a little primeval DNA.

Hold the line, baybee :)


"Oh, the wheel is turning,
spinning round and round,
And the house is crumbling -
but the stairways stand.."

Renders me speechless:

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O, Harold the Barrel; long time, no hear.

And, out of the blue - this hit me like a suckerpunch. :0

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Happy Thanksgiving, all! Lots to be thankful for, this year. Dinner at mom's, in a couple hours - then, off to work. THEN - off for my beloved three-day weekend. :)

Wow. THIS:


This upcoming Wednesday, I'll be driving my son to meet up with other members of his team from work. He's been selected for a clean-up program in NYC. Mainly in Brooklyn, it sounds like. This is through his work, as I said - and will entail a week in NYC, ALL EXPENSES PAID. Whoot. Good for him - - this is right up his alley (helping people), and I canNOT imagine a better representative for his company. :D And I SWEAR, I will NOT bungle this up, for him, by being all, 'OMG, MY BABY!', and stuff. He's smart, and will have a great experience. He's an amazing guy, after all.

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Ahhh..just woke up from a most lengthy sleep - and it's a good thing, as I'm starting my four-day, tonight, right after my dreaded one-on, one-off, one-on schedule.

Had a lovely day, yesterday - weather in the seventies. Went to the Fitness Trail with Jess and DJ, again - and afterwards, DJ treated us to ice cream, and a round of mini-golf, which was SUCH a blast; we closed the place. It's not often enough that we all three have a day off at the same time to get together, so it was especially nice. Those two are SO funny - and the combination is unbeatable. Jess kicked our butts, of course. God, I love my kids - they are just amazing people :)

Yes, I ate ice cream.

No, I don't care, because life is too short, and ice cream is too good.

Wow, you guys. I mean, wow. Everything IS on the internet! Look:

What fun I could have mit these. Now, get yer minds out of the gutter, LOL - I meant art-wise, lol.

Watched, Prometheus, finally - and it was pretty good. Is it wrong that I was sort of hoping that the 'bad guys' would be good? LOVED Michael Fassbender in this. Loved.

peter gabriel concert in.....eleven days!!!!!!!!

ETA: HAHAHAHAHAHAH - I just spoke to the phone/net company in english mixed with a smattering of German in an online chat and reallllllllllly kinda messed mit them...It always helps to confuse your bill collectors (Poor People Tip #621)!
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Long time, no see. :)


My pg Back To Front tickets arrived in the mail, today.
Perfectly timed to coincide with the dream I had, yesterday, heh.

Was shocked to see that they are already going for twice what I paid for them - on eBay, that is - and the show's not until the end of September! So, so grateful that I was able to buy them, and still can't believe that that weird random 'incentive' just happened to be on my paycheck, that particular week (Thank you, Dieter). Can't wait.

Was eyeing up YES tickets - they're going to be here: - - which is an amazing venue, but it's NOT Jon Anderson. I can see Rick Wakeman not being there, but no Jon? It PAINS me, greatly, but I have to take a pass.


Free at last, free at last..

It took long enough, but all ties are finally dissolved. They said it would take fourteen days or something, but it seemed a lifetime.

Gone, baybee, gone.


I get to to learn how to do THIS, this weekend - - - OY. My one resident, Miss Retta, who never talks, sprang to chatty LIFE with advice when I mentioned it. Wish I could borrow her for the day to oversee the project :)


Still waiting for the title to the '99 Jetta.

It's missing a hubcap, so I'd love to buy THESE:

But, realistically will most likely buy THESE:|Model%3AJetta&hash=item19ce39afe6&vxp=mtr In green, of course.

I also want THIS: Because it's badass and matches the car! DJ wants to get me LED lights for the undercarriage, LOL! On a Mom!Jetta. Right awn.

Still lusting over this:


If you get a chance to see this, I HIGHLY recommend it. Just fantastic, so warm!fuzzies:

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I GOT pg TICKETS!!!!!!!!
You do NOT want to know what I $%^&* paid...Just glad I was actually able...



teh pg

May. 23rd, 2012 07:29 am
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"And, then? My ♥ damn near burst with happiness."

Following a critically acclaimed New Blood tour in 2011 that reignited Peter Gabriel fans across the world by re-imagining his best known songs through stunning orchestral arrangements, Gabriel announced today his return to U.S. stages to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking, iconic album, So.

Wells Fargo Centre – 21 September
Fan Pre-sale & VIP tickets
Start: Tue, May 29 (10am)
End: Thu, May 31 (5pm)

General public tickets
Start: Fri, 1st June (10am)

Philadelphia, PA US
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This kinda makes me sad. End of an era:

Also - my heart goes out to the family of Robin Gibb. I know it's not 'cool' to like the Bee Gees, but I loved their pre-disco stuff. I will always remember how nice Mr. Gibb was in Philadelphia, when my sister and I met him - just out of the blue - after the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe show...even though her behavior was somewhat embarrassing. He took it in stride; a class act and nice man. Peace.

Wishing a speedy and complete recovery to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, too.

In happier, news - and I keep forgetting to say something about it - peter gabriel's father turned 100 years old over the Easter weekend. Whoot - God bless. :)


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