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O M G. I guess we're gonna do this thing. Leaving in a couple hours for the shuttle to Philly.

I'm 65% terrified and 35% excited. Won't lose that fear 'til I touch down in Frankfurt tomorrow morning, lol.

My luggage is full of surprises and boots and weighs an approximate shit-ton. My niece lent me a phone-that-is-only-a-camera, now, and THANK GOD I figured out how to put music on it, as the charger for my wee Ipod-thing literally broke yesterday.

I just talked to Anita on the phone and she sounds lovely. My brother (the hero in all of this, and I mean that sincerely) google-earthed her place and it's a wee adorable brick house with a neat-as-a-pin front garden. Thank God, again, that she has a peacoat that will fit me, so I don't have to try to stuff mine into the overhead bin, LOL.

Pete just started screaming at me, last night, when I tried to call him -- some emergency he was having...IE: his dvd skipped a pause or something..I balked and he heard it in my voice and launched into Lecture #1431: "You don't take anything I say seriously", and was screaming so loud, I just hung up. He fluctuates between pretending I'm not going and calling me with 'Plane disasters', and I just can't afford the negativity. I hate to leave things this way and may still try to call him to say goodbye - because I'm stupid, like that.

My daughter popped in - when I'd JUST left to go get water - - and left me a sweet note, with a feather and a rock from Hibernia Park, to take for good luck. ♥

DJ, of course, is Mr. Casual.

Still can't believe this is happening. Must be brave.

Love, PPLs. Love.
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If this becomes real, if it really becomes true - what I've wanted my whole life, since I was six years old - - I MUST go for it. There seems to be so little left for me, here, but a long slow slog unto death.

As my dearest friend said, "I can't think of a better happy ending for you."
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K R A F T W E R K.

Perfect night, perfect venue, perfect company.

I could barely take the bliss, was almost in tears. I *love* their opening and couldn't believe that I was actually *there*, witnessing it live - the vocorder welcomed us, and the hairs literally stood up on my arms. The music was just melting and shimmering, all around us. Such absolute joy. I'm still so high on it, I can't really speak, yet. I want to remember it so -
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Just because it's such aching perfection ♥:

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K R A F T W E R K.

I'm sorry I've not been around and have missed so much - - I will try to do better. I just - OMFG, I GOT TICKETS FOR KRAFTWERK!

I had to move Heaven and Earth, and will not bitch about missing the Cure and pg - and I don't think it's quite sunk in, just yet.

K R A F T W E R K.

I know it's the 3D show and they won't be doing this, but BEHOLD:

The really cool part is, I was talking about it - dying to get tickets, they were going on sale, blah blah - and my dear, awesome coworker - one of the ones that came back - - asked, "So, who are you going with?" and I launched into, "Nobody, and I don't care, I'll go by myself because IT'S KRAFTWERK, and - "


I was in utter shock, liEk, "Don't toy with me, it's Kraftwerk!"

And she was just, "I'm not. I just want to spend time with you."

And she MEANT IT. We checked for availability at lunch, and this morning I did all my fancy dancing and GOT THEM. She has no idea who Kraftwerk is - few people do - except for the drug delivery guy, who also looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson, lol - - and genuinely just wants to..yeah. What.

I told her about this - and she cracked up. I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT.

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StopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRingingStopRinging - I have enough stress.
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ALL *FREE*!!!!!!!


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So. Back to reality, tonight. At least, for one night.

Fell hard off the no-carb wagon, and I'm feelin' it. Yuck. SO not worth it.

Jaw-dropping gifts, this year - - in no particular order - -
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But, also? I got some pretty good sleep :)
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"I'm back, baby!" - Bender Rodriguez

This really *was* my lucky day - has to happen ONCE in awhile, y'know..

Got off work and drove my ailin' pc to - - the original branch, five minutes from my house. Was the only one in the parking row, until they opened - and it worked out, amazingly.

Dale was there. Alone. The lovely gentleman with the little round glasses and salt n'pepper hair that sold me my $75 computer that lasted for FOUR YEARS. Amusingly enough, he remembered me (I sure remembered him; he's really cute) and LOL - with the help of a drill and five whole minutes, FIXED MY PC FOR FREE. I *tried* to pay him, but - as he said, he'd have gotten in trouble for fixing my computer, as it's outdated and new management dictates that he's supposed to sell me a new one, so it was GOOD that I was there on opening, and he was alone..Turns out, it was the freakin' button on the front of the computer - he showed me; it was not connecting properly to the little light-up stick that turned the pc on. SO, he drilled a hole in the front and clipped the thingy in properly, and voila! With a well-aimed press of a screwdriver/pen/nicotine inhaler thingy, I was good to go.

A million ♥ for Mister Dale.

Also, Brian Cox. Just sayin'.
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Fuckin' A. Of COURSE. Entire pint of Earl Grey? Meet laptop. The end.

-- until I can afford another. Auf Weidersehen, ya'll.
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OMG. MANY THANKS TO [ profile] distantnoises - - FOR THE HEADS UP.



I gotta start saving up, NOW. Memories of the MOMA show burn, they BURN..

Wish I'd been here for this - 1978, yo. Imagine.

If lucky, I'll get..more this:

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WINTER SUCKS. That is all.
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My brain is broken - read the quote - :D

PLEASE let this be available, somewhere, soon!
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So. Yesterday was this:

AND IT WAS AMAZING. My brother and his girlfriend saw it, with me - and GOD, I needed a a bit verklempt, in bits, couldn't help it...they were magnificent, and looked fantastic. My sole complaint was that it was too short, lol (though Mike Myers was entirely unnecessary..Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking, however, were..). The audience helped, too - we were all really into it :)

Rob managed to get a good snap of them, at the end:

 photo IMG_20140720_171430_zps5d58d4b8.jpg

Truly, Python FOREVER.

In other news - I just got asked out. On a date. And DRANK A BEER. AT THE LAUNDRAMAT!

Things have clearly gotten out of control.
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Guys. Speechless, here. My dear, dear friend and fellow Whovian, Katelyn, is leaving for PA school next week. Adore her. Miss her dear little wee self terribly. We went to dinner, tonight as her, 'send off' - I just. i CAN'T.

As a, 'thank you' to ME - ! - for mentoring her, she actually bought me a gift. I know. I was so touched when she busted out this beautiful gift bag at the restaurant. That little stinker.


I almost had a heart attack, lol.

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As hilarious as this telescope is...and as wozzy as conditions are...THE MOON. Is effin' BEAUTIFUL. It's a bit too overcast, and the moon, itself, too large and bright for viewing..but still. Effin' beautiful. Little else can excite me in this way - ever, always - and, for a first brief try? Wow.

And, derp. Thanks to [ profile] hierokeryx - fuck social anxiety. I'm looking into THIS: - !!!

Also, this is good fun. Watch. Read each letter aloud. Make no mistakes.

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Had a *freakishly* good night at work, last night.

"Do good work.", Gus Grissom
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Here. A little Saturday Morning Van Gogh!

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