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Getting down to the wire, here, with this #$%^&* trip. It's cost me way-y-y too much to be worth it.

So, of course, my computer's self-destructing and the clutch burned out of my car.

Oh, and you haven't LIVED until you've given CPR to someone who's obviously already long-passed..
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From the WTF Files:

This morning, not one, but TWO ppl talking Merc/Gemini/Apollo with me. You never know.

a) Andy at work, whom I've always liked. Taurus on the edge of Gemini. He was helping me lug this gigantic laundry bag, and the conversation just..what..from his enormous collection of model trains, from all eras and memorabilia - the pictures! - and his experience actually driving them and being impressed (?) that I knew about Ravenglass, UK, lol - to his Civil War reenactment experience and battlefield ghosts of Gettysburg. We talked for half an hour, LOL - and then I said, "Well, MY area of expertise is early manned space - Mercury/Gemini/Apollo.." And he TRIED to 'quiz' me..asking about Wernher Von Braun and Project Paperclip and DERP, WHAT WAS THE TYPE OF ROCKET THE MERCURY PROGRAM USED, AND WHAT WAS ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE (Atlas, and originally a missile, blah blah), Come now, Andy - ask me something HARD...LOL. So, then it went on to, 'Kids today know nothing of these guys, and all they did, and there's only one Mercury boy left, and and and..' Dang. You never know.

b) Random guy at the convenience store, re: my patches on my bag. O M G. Another half hour, ranging from the manned space program to Bob Lazar/Area 51 to stealth tech to Project Indoctrination. What.

Both said, "We should hang out." L O L

I'm such a guy. I love surprises like this. This shit NEVER happens to me.
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This is so weird to me; so unexpected.

I'm actually happy, and it's such a long unfamiliar feeling.

Wednesday night, Pete - for the thousandth time in liEk thirty years - asked me to marry him, again.

It just popped out. I said, "Okay."

I blame the Orion Nebula.
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So. Back to reality, tonight. At least, for one night.

Fell hard off the no-carb wagon, and I'm feelin' it. Yuck. SO not worth it.

Jaw-dropping gifts, this year - - in no particular order - -
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But, also? I got some pretty good sleep :)
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A nurse friend sent me this...OH, so true..

 photo 0f07858cb7af230bbf28a8757da6c691_zpszzhvrpn7.png
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LOL - My friends are the best, and I do NOT know where I would be, without them.

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I was SO hoping for this - many thanks to CoF, of course, for filling my nerdy little heart with joy:

I especially like Robert's ending and pointing at Brian, who seems to be having a good time..maybe remembering his hair-band days with, 'Dare' (that's him, on the far right)..

 photo 50fe48de-7298-4c3b-bf87-438bf92df6c9_zps9ea4d39a.jpg

 photo 9d1eb6321b994497339d86361c6db393_zps7bbd2901.jpg

Oh, Brian, Brian, Brian, honey; bless your little heart.
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I'll just leave these here, as I'm still at SUCH a loss ♥

Like a snake, coiled 'round your heart - best. line. ever. - this is great, so sorry I cannot embed:

God, I think it may be time to rewatch, "Hit and Run", from, "Strangers with Candy", lol.
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Still trying to post something every day, this month, so - have a happy leopard gecko:

 photo leopard-gecko-face_zps5147bd08.jpeg
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 photo tumblr_mf3xmxZmDY1qkgs51o1_500_zpsdd35d760.jpg

DAY-um. Guess who this is?

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 photo tumblr_ne6mauaOu01rm9i7no1_500_zps80d13f02.jpg

Buzz Aldrin. On a hoverboard.
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L O L.

Now, I won't pretend to know the song, here, or to even care who Fall Out Boy IS - but my daughter sent me this. Apparently, the school board at my kids' former high school banned the marching band from playing said song in their halftime show - - so, the band invited to do it WITH THEM at their concert :D - -

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So. My return to work, tonight, coincides with this:

 photo apollo_11_splashdown_zpsa7a5e63f.jpg

Apollo 11 returned to earth, forty-five years ago, today :)

As sad as they were that it was over, I'M SADDER. BELIEVE ME. And I'm sure that my return will be met with much less flag-waving and fewer cigars..

 photo GPN-2000-001213_zps23d28e4a.jpg

..and, worst of 'Party-time!Chris Kraft™'..

 photo 4b6954bd-a837-43e1-b15c-28cde386ef6e_zpsb32479dd.gif
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"Before anyone asks, no, sex in space is not part of our downtime. We're a small group of focused professionals working in a zero-gravity enclosed environment without a lot of privacy -- even if we wanted to, it would be challenging, to say the very least. As space travel becomes more common and sophisticated, it will probably happen, but it's not happening at the moment, so please don't write any fan fiction about me."

From here:

Also - Rock Lobster, LOL.
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So. Yesterday was this:

AND IT WAS AMAZING. My brother and his girlfriend saw it, with me - and GOD, I needed a a bit verklempt, in bits, couldn't help it...they were magnificent, and looked fantastic. My sole complaint was that it was too short, lol (though Mike Myers was entirely unnecessary..Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking, however, were..). The audience helped, too - we were all really into it :)

Rob managed to get a good snap of them, at the end:

 photo IMG_20140720_171430_zps5d58d4b8.jpg

Truly, Python FOREVER.

In other news - I just got asked out. On a date. And DRANK A BEER. AT THE LAUNDRAMAT!

Things have clearly gotten out of control.
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Just posting, "HELLO", here - to keep this place active.

Carry on.
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"You've GOT to be kidding me.", she thought, her panic, rising.
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