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Ye Olde End-Of-The-Year Meme:

January: This is so weird to me; so unexpected.

February: Another hero sleeps. Godspeed, Edgar Mitchell.

March: OMG. I got a raise.

April: Ick. Shaky and fever-y.

May: I.




K R A F T W E R K.

June: So, I'm back.

July: Really, really finding it hard not to freak out, here.

August: Called off.

September: K R A F T W E R K.

Perfect night, perfect venue, perfect company.

October: Nothing? For an entire month? Jeez. Shame on me.

November: Wow.

If this becomes real, if it really becomes true - what I've wanted my whole life, since I was six years old - - I MUST go for it.

December: LOL - while I was away, it seems my paid account has expired. So - severe lack of pertinent icons, omg.

England was even more wonderful than I imagined. I know, now, as I've always known, that my heart is there, and now - it is The Quest.

What a year for me! Both dreams and nightmares, coming true. Not mentioned, above - my first tattoo. For Frankie, of course - and I *swear* I made a post about the passing of John Glenn, but it's not showing up. Last of the Mercury Boys, and the end of an era.

Better days, a'comin' - have to be! Love you all ♥
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So, I got my first tattoo, I love it, and it's perfect :D

I went by myself, and the people were so nice...To clarify, the two artists I had contact with were really nice and kinda *cute*, and that definitely helped. It literally did not hurt *at all*. I asked my artist, Herbie, was working, as I felt almost nothing -- and took all of a half-hour to do, while I lay back and listened to music. The one guy hugged me when it was done, 'Congratulations' - LOL. And that was that.

I knew everything would be okay when I pulled into the parking lot of the shop. The slushie place down the row from it was happily playing -

- wait for it -

Autobahn, by Kraftwerk - over their outside speakers. I swear, on Neil Armstrong's footprint.

WTF are the odds.

If that wasn't a, 'thumbs-up' from Frankie, I don't know what else could have been ♥
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K R A F T W E R K.

Perfect night, perfect venue, perfect company.

I could barely take the bliss, was almost in tears. I *love* their opening and couldn't believe that I was actually *there*, witnessing it live - the vocorder welcomed us, and the hairs literally stood up on my arms. The music was just melting and shimmering, all around us. Such absolute joy. I'm still so high on it, I can't really speak, yet. I want to remember it so -
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Just because it's such aching perfection ♥:

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I reallyreallyreallyreally don't want to jinx myself, but I talked to my new DON, this morning and we're gonna work out my schedule so that I can go see Kraftwerk and not have to quit my job to do so - as there is literally no one who can work for me, and it falls on my weekend to work, and and and - OITUQOTUASJGASKL NALKJHDLKHALHALKE!!!!!

Reallyreally testing my value, here..
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Happy Birthday (well, tomorrow) TO ME.

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K R A F T W E R K.

I'm sorry I've not been around and have missed so much - - I will try to do better. I just - OMFG, I GOT TICKETS FOR KRAFTWERK!

I had to move Heaven and Earth, and will not bitch about missing the Cure and pg - and I don't think it's quite sunk in, just yet.

K R A F T W E R K.

I know it's the 3D show and they won't be doing this, but BEHOLD:

The really cool part is, I was talking about it - dying to get tickets, they were going on sale, blah blah - and my dear, awesome coworker - one of the ones that came back - - asked, "So, who are you going with?" and I launched into, "Nobody, and I don't care, I'll go by myself because IT'S KRAFTWERK, and - "


I was in utter shock, liEk, "Don't toy with me, it's Kraftwerk!"

And she was just, "I'm not. I just want to spend time with you."

And she MEANT IT. We checked for availability at lunch, and this morning I did all my fancy dancing and GOT THEM. She has no idea who Kraftwerk is - few people do - except for the drug delivery guy, who also looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson, lol - - and genuinely just wants to..yeah. What.

I told her about this - and she cracked up. I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT.

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Hello. Hello. Hellohellohellohellohello.

Broke as a joke, as ever. Fending off the wolves another night with a crock-pot full of meatballs and still-warm gingerbread cake. My son is a happy guy, after a long day at work, and - as of, now - Crock-Pot Season has officially begun. Hallelujiah. My daughter has some *excellent* new recipes to try, too.

GLENN. I know, I know, he's not dead - blah, blah, controversy, uproar, blah, blah - but, he could be; it sure looked like it - I literally gasped, 'No!' out loud at my screen.

Work. Work. Workworkworkworkwork.

I really wish the sound quality was better on this, and that it was longer - but what little there is of it makes me swoon. Absolutely breathtaking:

This is my current favorite version, though. I can all but feel it, liEk gorgeous silvery mists, me up, inside. INCREDIBLE, on good headphones:

And, hey, just for the hell of it; so neat, so clean, so perfect -

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OMG. MANY THANKS TO [ profile] distantnoises - - FOR THE HEADS UP.



I gotta start saving up, NOW. Memories of the MOMA show burn, they BURN..

Wish I'd been here for this - 1978, yo. Imagine.

If lucky, I'll get..more this:

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So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

Look, I loved our old mechanics. LOVED. Well, the 'old guy', anyway. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years ago and left the business to his son and grandson and, needless to say, it aint the same. How I miss Frank, and remember fondly how much he loved mein Dieter, once giving me a paper cone of wine to assuage my crying, saying, "Ja, don't worry - we fix your car.", while warmly patting my hand. ♥

But. The new guys somehow managed to rebuild my entire rusted-out strut tower - for a more than fair price - and that is unheard of. They are dedicated and honest. Imagine. Plus, really cute.

Also - nothing bad can happen while Kraftwerk is playing.
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Fine. Okay. I am owning it. All of it.
I'm staying in, today, with the impending HELLMESS weather, and anxiously awaiting results on this -
- that I've bid on.

a) It's black.
b) It's Trek - OMFG, total LOLz; I love it.


Why not?

If I don't win it, I'm going for THIS:

It freakin' GLOWS IN THE DARK. Perfect for night-shift. :D
I stumbled across a BBC documentary on Kraftwerk, early this morning, and it whet my appetite like MAD, so I had to watch this, right after. Over two hours of bliss; MUCH, MUCH with the love. Never gets old.
In the doc, they said that nine out of ten people that tried to get tickets to their tour were disappointed - myself, included, when I saw the prices...One woman hung on the line for NINE HOURS, and still didn't get tickets.
No one else like them. Period:

Anyone else watching, King of the Nerds?
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Where did this weekend go?

Got all my shit done before the Ice Capades hit outside, though. Got some beautiful apples and all the fixins' to eat greek salad at work, all week. My paycheck was a little skimpy, but - BOING! - that 'unclaimed insurance' check came, as if on cue, and all is well. I am spoiled :)

Appreciated some complicatedly stark trees - imagine, being able to capture that; they looked like they were done in ink..over watercolour - driving around in all the complete daylight, today.

Rainy and foggy, comin' home; just gorgeous.



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Mannnnnnn, I got my OLD school jam on. I feel so fortunate to have lived through the times I have, and - GOD, the memories, some of these songs bring back:
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If you ignore ALL of these - and I don't blame you - listen to THIS. It's liEk, when my body dies and breaks down into just molecules and energy, joining space and time, it will feel sound like this (esp. starting around 1:47 - I love the precision of the words, Der Mond). Absolutely thrilling :

Okay, I'll quit. ;)


My sincerest heartfelt condolences (and gratitude) to Green Bay. But, hey. At least Dallas aint gonna be in the Superbowl?
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Oy. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I now...have a cellphone. *cries* I fought against it for so very long; I really did.

I took a picture of a, 'Bates Motel' postcard, and that is my wallpaper. Neil Armstrong, announcing, "Tranquility Base..The Eagle has landed", is my ringtone..with, "Solsbury Hill", by pg and selected bits of, "Franz Schubert", and, "Radioland" by Kraftwerk, as other various announcements - thanks to [ profile] gayalithiel, who hipped me to Myxer, I believe it's called. This definitely eases the pain, a bit..

I'm doomed, though. I just sent her two pictures of mein Neil-Cat. ♥
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Blah, blah, blah - restless as hell, these days. I suppose that's to be expected, given that this is the month of my upcoming Birthday of Horror, but, damn, I'm feelin' that it's time for a change. I just don't know how to go about it, sans all-important things that seem to be in ever-dwindling supply.

Free time? What's that? When I do have free time - I waste it, it seems. Doing chores...reading...watching media...and, of course, on this box.

Sleep? What's that? I actually feel guilty when I can sleep.

The upside/downside of this age thing is that I suffer fools less. At work, with family, with friends - more and more, I'm letting folks know EXACTLY what I think. SO people seem to think that I'm, 'snapping/snappish' - and, most likely, a total bitch.
I've lived my entire life for other people, it seems - and I'm kinda over it..though, I'm sure they'd all say the utter opposite. Of course, they would. Lose/Lose.

I'm tired of the poverty thing.
I'm tired of cats.
I'm tired of being responsible.
I'm tired of the abuse/scapegoat-ism at work.
I'm tired of being in pain/exhausted, all. the. fucking. time.
Wapakoneta is being pushed further and further from my grasp, and that realization actually made me cry, the other night. Bloody hormones.

Dan would have been forty-nine, today.

Easily my favorite version of this song. SUCH happiness, therein - with extended joyfully-singing little Volkswagens, at the end (starting around 06:31) - which, somehow..oddly...ALWAYS make me teary-eyed, for some reason:

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My reward for getting all of this done? More of Season Seven of, Frasier, which I still find HILARIOUS. O, NILES.

Here, have some Kraftwerk:

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I know, I know..the world is horrible, and falling apart, around us..and I'm so, so ridiculously poor...BUT.

I am getting positively giddy, just thinking about my upcoming trip to Wapakoneta. It's becoming real, to me.

I actually was granted the time off that I wanted, from werk. That *alone* is a miracle. I'm actually off from the 17th of July to the 24th - and only have to use four vaca days - and *can't believe* they approved it. Yes. I made a photocopy of said granted request. Because.

If I can book early, I can do four nights at a decent hotel for under $250. So, I might do five.

I just finished loading A WHOLE LOTTA Kraftwerk to my iPod - Nothing bad can happen while Kraftwerk is playing, don'tcha know - so, OH, yeah..Gonna be a nice drive in mein Liebe.

A) The Summer Moon Festival - - runs from the 18th, thru the 21st, with various activities, including a midnight showing of, Plan 9 From Outer Space, at the museum!

B) I can go to a service at the church he attended - and was a boy scout, there - on that Sunday.

C) That Sunday evening, there is a concert in the park by the Lima Area Concert Band!

D) You KNOW I have to buy THIS. THERE. Not online - to add to my awesome military bag:

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A) Where did the weekend GO? I met all my organization/chore goals, and THEN some - and am presently rewarding myself with an on-again/off-again marathon of full-episodes of, Captain Scarlet on YouTube.

I just don't know what it is about 'retro-science-futuristic'-stuff that both fascinates and soothes me, but it does. I mean..TOS; to me, there is no other Trek, really....Kraftwerk..My full-on Mercury/Gemini/Apollo addiction...DEVO...Captain Scarlet..Anything antique-y space-y/sci-fi, and I'm there. We're so far ahead of most of the technologies shown/used - and yet, I'm rubbernecking backwards at pioneers. Hmm.

B) Sometimes, I forget to admit/acknowledge that Pete and I are cut from essentially the same raggedy, diaphanous, multi-hued cloth - both a blessing and an insanely irritating curse. Tonight, however, I realized that there's a really HUGE difference between us, but that because of it - we just might actually work.

C) Love my new VW shower curtain. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving, all! Lots to be thankful for, this year. Dinner at mom's, in a couple hours - then, off to work. THEN - off for my beloved three-day weekend. :)

Wow. THIS:


This upcoming Wednesday, I'll be driving my son to meet up with other members of his team from work. He's been selected for a clean-up program in NYC. Mainly in Brooklyn, it sounds like. This is through his work, as I said - and will entail a week in NYC, ALL EXPENSES PAID. Whoot. Good for him - - this is right up his alley (helping people), and I canNOT imagine a better representative for his company. :D And I SWEAR, I will NOT bungle this up, for him, by being all, 'OMG, MY BABY!', and stuff. He's smart, and will have a great experience. He's an amazing guy, after all.

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