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Just to let everyone know - once again, i'm going to be AWOL for awhile - hopefully, not too long, as I got a guy with cheapie pcs with XP for fifty bucks that can get me thru 'til I can get better. The only problem is...not having a car to get to him, lol. So.

I'm happily getting reaquainted with Stephen king :)
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Annual Round-Up:

January - Here's wishing the very best of it - to even the worst of us ;)

February - Fine. Okay. I am owning it. All of it.


April - So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

May - Stuffs to remember: a) poems for people who don't exist, recalling events that never happened

June - (Happy Birthday, Simon) And many, many more ;)

July - Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email?

August - So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo!


October - So so SO bummed about the Cure's impending tour.

November - There are not enough tears in the world to fill this blackest of holes.

December - Nerd-Dom at full saturation: I just downloaded and converted not one, but TWO versions of The Flash's theme.
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Okay, so it finally happened. Total meltdown of teh pc. At around two am.

I thought, "It's okay, you can do this - you got the disk." - - and proceeded to drop the OS.

It only gave me two choices - delete the present partition or add the new OS to it, with a warning that all hell would break loose - or grind to a halt - if I did. NO option to create a new one. So. (As I am le stupid) I deleted it. And proceeded to install the new OS. BUT..unknown to me, the disk was without drivers of any sort, apparently - meaning no 'net, no sound, etc, I basically have a big empty box, now.

As I am le stupid, it took me 'til forever to cobble together sound - thinking I could at LEAST watch a disk or something, but picture. So the empty box is sort of an old-time radio, now.

Everything hinges on my car inspection on Tuesday - after that, I will figure something out. Oy.

There are all sorts of driver packs on ebay, but..idk, I'm mistrustful.

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Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email? Granted, it had been three days - but Big Brother thought I needed to talk to them about it..I didn't really have any beefs/suggestions, but it did make me realize how much I value LJ and YOU PPL and its format, here. So the answers to their survey were of the, "I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE OR KICK ME OUT'-variety, really. And I meant it.

Also, granted, I *have* been spending a lot of time on Twitter..but you can blame The Astronauts/Scientists/Musicians/That Norman Reedus Guy for that..and [ profile] ffarff, who is also there.

I will try to do better. It's just that my life, lately, has been no life, at all, and much with the suckage. It's been work/exhaustion/sleep/worry/stress/pain/work/depression/exhaustion/work/stress/worry/pain, and on and on and on and trying to find some reason to carry on with it all. Work is probably literally killing me, and I've got some decisions to make, here, coming up, in regards to that - before they're made *for* me - and few options...and yay, who wants to hear all that? Even *I'M* bored with my own piddlin' drama. Sheesh. The creativity and magic that used to be ever at hand have become bitterness and self-inflicted alienation - o, how cliche', of me - and when I'm not enraged, I'm flat-line zombified and can barely function.

Rag, rag, rag. Toldja.
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Stuffs to remember:

a) poems for people who don't exist, recalling events that never happened

b) 'It was that one simple gesture, natural to him, that set off all the alarm bells of the past that she'd swallowed and strangled away - and forced her to realize that she was about to die..or something like it.'
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Whine, whine, whine.

You can't pick yer family, right? Right? But you CAN pick to stay out of it, you CAN pick pseudo-sanity.

I've been out the outside since the day I was born; do not expect it to change, anytime, soon.
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Fuck my life.

After my mother and son basically did a fucking intervention to make me call off work, pretty much insuring that I'll be fired?

A pipe valve - once connected to a long-gone washing machine - that was allegedly SHUT OFF EXPLODED in the hallway. Water is gushing into a huge tupperware container, as we speak.

I don't know what this thing is, or what to do. I certainly don't have money for a plumber or to put in new flooring or God only knows what. My socks are wet, and I have no heat, and I just feel like crying.

I hate my life and honestly, I'm done. It's too hard and there's just no joy in anything, anymore. And yeah, I'm just bitching, you know I won't do anything.
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"The boning continues!", Amy Wong

Last night's snow was so heavy, it broke my windshield wipers...ON A WEEKEND. Go, me.

Somehow, I have to get laundry done tomorrow - with MORE crap, on the way. All I can do is not sleep in the morning and go immediately after work? I can't even imagine it, but I have little choice, with a four-day, starting on Monday...which brings MORE snow. I'm going to have to drive my son's car, and you can IMAGINE how big THAT little fact went over.

*whine bitch kvetch, etc*
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One of the lousiest things about breaking up with ending a long-standing friendship is that they have access to what really hurts you.

Pete is still leaving voicemails on my phone.


I'd block him, if I knew how, on this cheapo phone. There doesn't seem to be a way.

The last one was that he and some 'friends' (Doug and possibly Marty - the only 'friends' he has left) were, 'talking about forming a commune' and that I, 'am not invited'. Alrighty, lol.

Today's loveliness was all about climate change denier Ted Cruz taking over funding for NASA -- the absolute horror -- and the glee in his voice could have been cut with a knife, "I know you don't watch the news because you can't handle it - " - Uh, yeah. No FOX, for me, thanks - and, "Bet this kills you." Left at two-thirty, this afternoon - purposefully, as he knew it would wake me up from a sound sleep.

Neener, neener. Petty, petty.

Sadly, what he doesn't seem to realize - dim bulb, that he is - is that this affects all of us.

Also, for [ profile] hierokeryx -
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That End of the Year Meme:

January: So, Bernard's hospice people returned my call.

February: I just don't feel like doing a fucking THING, today, except lay around and watch Doctor Who and, Cosmos.

March: Thank GOD for YouTube. I have actually found a series on basic Algebra that I *understood* and was all, *more! more!*

April: Happy Birthday to Gus Grissom, who would have been 88, today - lest we forget -

May: Alan Shepard wants you to party responsibly, this Cinco de Mayo.

June: Ha. Betcha thought I'd forgotten.

July: Yet *another* reason to hate Facebook -

August: HowHowHow is it August, already?

September: It's a beautiful day, today.

October: I'm sorry I've not been on here in ages.

November: Lawd, Lawd... Workjunk.

December: Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back.
- fortune cookie
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Arrrgh. Here we go. Woke up to snow-covered freezing rain.

Ironically, I just upped my life insurance, this morning.

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So. Bumpkin travels, ahoy.

So, it's time for my annual, 'Making Plans for my Vacation; Har Har'. So far, I've found this: - - and called them, and apparently, their website lies, as they do NOT include passes to the bus and/or the DC Metro. Hmm. It's twenty miles away from the museums, but it seems the closer you get, the more it costs. Natch. The pricing seems right, as do the separate expenses for the bus and Metro - this could actually be do-able.

Can you imagine...five days loose in the Smithsonian? I dream, I dream.

There's even a lecture on Mars' polar caps on the 23rd - and it's free!

Not to mention this:

I work so damned hard, I don't mind saying I really want to do this..
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Oy. Long time, no see. A whole lotta walking backwards and next-to-nothin', goin' on, here.

Still with the pc frustration. Two mouses later and I can't get it to recognize the keyboard or either mouse (one is even an old-timey one with the circular port) - - cannot get it off the DOS page. Since the pc is not 'started up' it cannot recognize 'new hardware' - - so, it's goodbye to my brief time of..enjoying media, I guess. Dammit. Had a boffo ratio, too.

Much thanks to [ profile] rickysbaby, for her numerous suggestions.

I hate to spend the money for a kb with the old-timey circular port, but - doods. I can get - get a load of this - I CAN GET TO THE POINT WHERE THEY COULD EMAIL ME A NEW PASSWORD *but* the mailing email saved to the site is still a LAVABIT one - and Edward Snowden got that shut down..So they can't even email me a new password...UNTIL I CAN GET ON AND CHANGE THE EMAIL..I was hoping that buying the old-timey mouse would get me on enough to use even the onscreen keyboard, but, alas.

So, there's that. And I have a writing challenge that is gathering dust, as we speak - - so I'd BEST get USED to this infuriating laptop keyboard, I guess. LOL.

Thankfully, there's - and - - though I've lost tons. At least I can watch a few things.

Also. If I can make it long enough at work - - there's this. I just may call off, for it...

- Jim Divitt!!!! And it's FREE.

 photo 600px-James_McDivitt_inside_Lunar_Module_zpsad544dac.jpg
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Please stop leaving insane-sounding, vaguely threatening messages on my phone, Pete.

I refuse to engage the crazy.

*Just putting this here because he does own a firearm, kids. :D
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Just - work. It's such an utter circus, these days; it defies description.

I am, however, being shown that - a) I'm not the only one that sees certain things, b) I am NOT in the wrong, in more areas than I thought, c) I am maybe worth way more than I give myself credit for, d) I should report some of what's being done, personally, to me - - time and again, people are coming up to me with their OWN stories and sympathy for what I'd assumed was MY problem/chip on my shoulder/imagination - - and I just feel SO SO exonerated there, in that particular. ALSO, I've ALWAYS been 'everyone's sounding-board', so I stay plugged-in, that way, it's that, 'hub'-thing, again..That being said:

Shit's liEk, just exploding, all around me - there's this constant, grating battle/snow on a tv screen-like feel, to the place. Draining so much good, away..the inferno-like heat (physically and spiritually, lol) just dries it, right up.

Picture that guy, at the end of, Animal House - all that chaos...the aftermath of the parade, and he's just standing there, "ALL IS WELL! ALL IS WELL!", when OBVIOUSLY it aint - -

THAT'S what work's like, lately.
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Okay. The 'net is back, again. For now.

The guy came today, instead of tomorrow, which is good, but = no sleep. Annnnnnd more snow, tonight. Into tomorrow. Into freezing rain/ice on Wednesday. 'Cos we just don't have enough.

This is a bit ridiculous. The mountains of snow, outside, are taller than me. Our walkway is like walking down a luge chute. Just hope the roof keeps holding - as there's at least three feet piled up on it, with parts of fallen trees, sticking out, here and there. I somehow sprained my left wrist - either digging someone/something out, or working so long, by myself. It's a bit better, tonight. It has no choice.

Won't even go into how many times I've fallen, lol - or how many times my car got stuck. Finally had to abandon it on Friday, down the hill, and just walk/crawl home. And that is *not* a Typical Indiwise Exaggeration.

I refuse to pack extra uniforms, etc, for the newest oncoming follies, after last week's mess..Well, maybe just a few things. Phone and Poor Little iPod ™ are charging, just in case.

I am glad that the internet is back, for practical purposes, at least, but it wasn't that bad, without it - thank God for good books and, Cosmos to watch.
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Okay. Yes, some fucking megastorm is coming. I know. We all know. My workplace started calling me at NINE-THIRTY - got home at seven-thirty - this morning, badgering me about when/where/how I was getting in there, and did I need a ride (before FOUR PM., MIND YOU - AS *IF*) or was I going to try and make it on my own, etc, etc.

Fer fucksakes. Let me fucking sleep. No one - including them - knows when this shit's gonna start.

They told us all to, 'pack a bag.' They think we're going to work at least a double..triple...who knows, at this fucking point? It's not enough that I take care of 36 people BY MYSELF, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT?
Oh, and make sure to bring money/toiletries because all (food, etc.) will be taken out of our paychecks.

Might as well stay, as God only knows what I'll be coming home to. No electric? No water? No net? Starved cats? Roof caved in? So, see ya when I see ya, guys.

I welcome death, and that's really only kinda half-joking.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, pg.
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Pretty much every molecule of me is smiling, right now.

Life is good. Long live Peter Fox, the smartest cats in the world, and basil parmesan soup on a winter's night.

@#$%^&! Cold Steel kick ASS so hard. All throughout, of course, but 1:35 or so makes me just gasp with delight. Also, that male back-up singer is some sort of an Action Figure/God, there. What.

Oh, Freakin' HELL, yeah:


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