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Where did this weekend go?

Got all my shit done before the Ice Capades hit outside, though. Got some beautiful apples and all the fixins' to eat greek salad at work, all week. My paycheck was a little skimpy, but - BOING! - that 'unclaimed insurance' check came, as if on cue, and all is well. I am spoiled :)

Appreciated some complicatedly stark trees - imagine, being able to capture that; they looked like they were done in ink..over watercolour - driving around in all the complete daylight, today.

Rainy and foggy, comin' home; just gorgeous.



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Mannnnnnn, I got my OLD school jam on. I feel so fortunate to have lived through the times I have, and - GOD, the memories, some of these songs bring back:
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If you ignore ALL of these - and I don't blame you - listen to THIS. It's liEk, when my body dies and breaks down into just molecules and energy, joining space and time, it will feel sound like this (esp. starting around 1:47 - I love the precision of the words, Der Mond). Absolutely thrilling :

Okay, I'll quit. ;)


My sincerest heartfelt condolences (and gratitude) to Green Bay. But, hey. At least Dallas aint gonna be in the Superbowl?
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How Dare I Be So Beautiful?

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Guess that'll do, for now.
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Oh, my.

Stopped in for a pack of cigarettes - I know, I know - after picking up mein Liebe from inspection - - got a huge break, I think, as it was actually affordable, and a relief.....sans make-up, hair wet, while wearing my pajamas - !!! - which consist of, today, the, "Giant Peter Gabriel Head 25th Anniversary of, So"-shirt and raggy black capris...

..and this gorgeous, soft-spoken man behind the counter says, "Oh, wow - PETER GABRIEL!" - - and we started to talk.

And talk.

And talk.

His name is Darmesh, and he is my age but does NOT look it (gorgeous dark hair and eyes and *glasses*) and and and is actually really into pg AND PG-GENESIS - UTIEWTOPQTUQWPITUQWPTOUIQWOI - - and we ended up talking and checking out his iPhone-thingy for almost forty-five minutes. What. I *had* to leave, because I *have* to sleep for work, tonight, and because I was totally dorking out..and he said, "I do hope to see you, again." - UM. OKAY.

I promised to bring him a piece of pg's vintage 1986 shirt that I keep to hand out to's all over the world, by now, LOL...AND HE SAID THAT HE HOPES TO SEE ME, AGAIN, AGAIN. Yikes. So, I'll have to load up some delicious pg goodies onto a zip and go visit him, maybe..

Thanks, pg :)
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O, Harold the Barrel; long time, no hear.

And, out of the blue - this hit me like a suckerpunch. :0

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Nicked from [ profile] ladybella:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! - Um.

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Just, 'in case', I've got, Supper's Ready, playing..Seems appropriate, no?
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I'm just absolutely flummoxed at the amount of Gabriel Era Genesis that's on YouTube that I've never seen before. I can't believe my eyes or ears; it's like magic. This stuff feeds my soul just SO, SO much; it fills me with joy and I'm grateful for that. Grateful that it IS. Maybe a little, 'Mozart Effect', going on, or something, idk...Like water in the Desert of the Damned, at any rate ♥

I've seen this one, actually, but it still overwhelms me. Britannia. The absolutely spellbinding gorgeousness. 'Citizens of hope and glory..'

And this. Wow. I've seen some of the footage, but not done-up like this. My God. Rael.


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I've. Never seen these. Never knew they EXISTED.

'There's an angel, standing in the sun..and he's crying with a loud voice - this is The Supper of the Mighty One..'

Yep. Move along.

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For [ profile] violentfemmebot:

Wait, there still is time for washing in the pool,
wash away the past.

Moon, my long-lost friend is smiling from above,
smiling at my tears.

Come we'll walk the path to take us to my home,
keep outside the night.

The ice-cold knife has come to decorate the dead,

And each will find a home,

And there will still be time,
for loving my friend

- You are there -

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All these years, I had no idea that Gary Numan had chest hair, nor that he wore such excruciatingly tight pants. Just finished almost an entire HOUR of rampant stiff-necked-but-dancing android lounge-lizardism with simply terrible 'special effects'. Good stuff.

[ profile] ffarff - Who IS that guy?!? He's amazing. I had to watch that TWICE.

Genesis with young peter gabriel at Shepperton Studios, 1973 is, perhaps, one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.

Doods. Britannia. In full regalia. Never thought I'd ever see it. Ever. Leaves me breathless.

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'..Can you tell me where my country lies?'

'Cos right now, I feel like Other/Miscellaneous wherever I go, and as if I'm speaking a foreign tongue that constantly changes each time I try to talk..and waiting in queue, at number 101 of 100 people on WinMx aint helpin'.

*blows whistle*


Last night, a crushing blow. Absently whistling, 'Lover's Leap' down the hallway, the insane nurse with the googly eyes, Cindy, asked what it was..I told her, and she frowned, 'Never heard of it.'

'Okay..Peter Gabriel?'
'Solsbury Hill?'
'Um.' *blank expression*
'..In Your Eyes?'
'..Sledgehammer?' *slight cringe*
'Genesis? Have you heard of Genesis?'


You'd think I'd be used to this shit, by now, right?

*Wraps self in Britannia's cape and rocks back and forth*
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I my son to some '72 era Genesis with pg. The Belgian tv performances of, 'The Musical Box' and, 'The Fountain of Salmacis', to be exact. Utter bliss, to me, but..

Hilarity ensued.

'THEY were the reason Johnny Rotten was so damned angry..' - DJ


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'...Its been a long, long time - Hasn't it?..''s_Ready

"..During one gig, he infamously attempted flying on a kirby wire, and was nearly strangled."

"..Referring in part to the song's lyrical depiction of a struggle between good and evil, Gabriel has been quoted as saying he felt he was "literally singing for his life" in the recording studio.."

Ye Gods. Pun intended.

Much has been written about this song. One man's interpretation:

'The song "Supper's Ready" is so spiritually powerful to me that it uplifts me and truly brings to light an interpretation of the Bible and what it means to me. While others may argue that it is just a group of lyrics slapped together, I would suggest that if one reads their Bible and especially the New testiment, you will truly view scenarios that are raised in this song. It's by no means happenstance that Genesis got their name, it is a matter of choice. Thus the religous and spiritual nature of the groups original purpose clearly shows through in this particular song.'

That, and loads of drugs.

ETA: oMG, [ profile] gayalithiel and [ profile] rickysbaby - one of Peter's live intros to the that sober flannel voice:

"Old Henry, walked past the pet shop - which was never open - into the park - which was never closed - And the park was full of very smooth, clean, green grass. So Henry took off all his clothes and began..rubbing his flesh into the wet, clean, green grass..He comforted himself with a little tune; went like this'

(and then you can hear Peter going, 'Phil!' and Phil going, 'Sorry. Sorry, man..It was playful, okay?' Peter: 'There's people, out there.' Phil: 'Sorry, everybody. I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying..' (jealous asshole, breaking UTTERLY the mood)

Peter then makes a bunch of weird noises...and then, 'Beneath the ground, dirty brown writhing things - full of worms, which interpreted the pitterpatter from above as rainfall. Rainfall in WormWorld means two things: Mating and Bathtime. Both of these experiences were thoroughly enjoyable to the worm colony. Within seconds, the entire surface of the park was a mass of dirty, brown soggy writhing forms. It was too pleased (unintelligible) and he began whistling a tune, this time, to accompany himself (whistling interlude with audience loving it)...

..Jerusalem Boogie to us, perhaps? But to the birds, it meant...that Supper is Ready.."

W T F.

ETA 2: From Songfacts Site:

This is considered a "Concept Piece." It is 23 minutes long and divided into 7 sections. It tells the story of 2 lovers who travel to strange worlds, eventually returning to their world only to witness The Apocalypse.

At Genesis concerts, pamphlets were distributed with notes detailing what was going on in each section. This helped the crowd follow along.

Peter Gabriel was the band's lead singer at the time, and this was inspired by a night he spent with his first wife, Jill, at her parent's house. Gabriel believes Jill became possessed by a spirit, which gave him the starting point for a song about the battle between good and evil.

Gabriel: "One of the first times that I felt as if I was really singing from my soul, almost like singing for my life."

Section 6 is titled "Apocalypse." Gabriel got the idea for it while reading the book of Revelations in The Bible. This section features a solo over an unusual 9/8 rhythm. (Thanks, Jared)

This was the first big production Genesis came up with. Led by Gabriel, they started putting on extravagant stage performances to please the fans and generate publicity. In 1974, they took it to a new level by performing their entire double album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway on tour. In that show, Gabriel changed costumes a number of times.

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...and then, it was all better because [ profile] rickysbaby tried to download the ENTIRE 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'.

Sometimes-s-s-s...may-y-y-y-be...I'm NOT speaking Mandarin?

This song kind of sums up my entire life..

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Truer words may have never been spoken.


So. Would I be an utterly loathesome worthless traitor if I...

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See, Gaya?

Jan. 10th, 2007 07:42 am
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Had a D Wing night. Which means, basically, that I got to sit around and get paid for doing this (HORRIBLE scans, sorry..once again, ALL $%^$#@ detail is lost...):

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*incoherent babbling*
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Just. In awe.

This huge mpg. file of vintage Genesis performing three songs on Belgian television circa..uh..1972..just. There are no words. They do, 'The Fountain of Salmacis', 'Twilight', and..'The Musical Box', which I just about can't even bleedin' handle. Gabriel's performance is just hypnotic to me, doin' his weird little storyteller thing - those intense mascara-ed eyes and that voice; sometimes, a feathery whisper, sometimes, the pure clear ringing of a bell - just fascinating, especially considering that I've never seen any of this stuff. God. I'd only read about it.

I think my heart stuttered when I saw it begin, the first time.

'The Musical Box' is probably one of my top twenty songs of all time, and seeing it performed - and I do mean, performed by the Peter Gabriel of that era (all of 22 delicious, not-quite-ripe years old) - *explodes* - Skinny as a rail, gawky and angular and yet, slinky beyond belief, and fucking hot at the same time. LiEk. My jaw literally dropped and I was riveted - *facepalm*

So full of himself, yes. So brilliant and spellbinding and yet dorky, at the same time - double yes. But the way he sings the song - especially considering it's to be in the persona of the wee dead boy's ghost - just. You can feel the pain of the spirit, reaching out. Yeah. I literally caught my breath, in a few places.

This gigantic file is killing my drive, but day-um.

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The whole of, 'Supper's Ready' is on YouTube. In three parts..and yes, I would imagine it'd take at least that..I know what I'm going to be doing on my day off tomorrow....NnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhThatIsAll..

'Walking across..the sitting room..I turn the television off...sitting beside you..I look into your the sound of motorcars..fades in the night-time...I swear I saw your face change...It didn't seem quite right......and it's, hello, babe...with your guardian's eyes so blue..'

*short circuits*
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Okay. Just this, and then I'll leave you alone, okay?


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ETA: Okay, I lied.

This, I think, is what's really going on with me. Yeah. And 'KISS OF DEATH' be damned.

'I caught sight of my reflection,
I caught it in the window;
I saw the darkness in my heart..

I saw the signs of my undoing,
They had been there from the start.

And the darkness still has work to do
The knotted chord's

from, 'The Blood of Eden', by Peter Gabriel

Now, I'll go to work.


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