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For no particular reason, the wonder that is Gary Numan. Nnnngh...Stormtrooper in Drag, 'til the end, there, bb ♥

 photo newboat_zpsalp0bzvi.jpg

This was the pic that clobbered me...from the cover of, Trouser Press, I think? Back in nineteen er, *cough, cough*?Read more... )

And that one time he tried to look like Severin:

 photo strangecharmorig_zpsftqfm8qs.jpg

And then, tried to look like pg:

 photo Sacrifice_Gary_Numan_album_cover_zpspdd1fgxw.jpg

Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir:

 photo electronica-legend-gary-numan-new-album-splinter_zpsobxxpxge.jpg

"Take that smile off your face,
Wipe that tear from your eye,
Don't say you're sorry for me.."

Also, I want this:
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Where did this weekend go?

Got all my shit done before the Ice Capades hit outside, though. Got some beautiful apples and all the fixins' to eat greek salad at work, all week. My paycheck was a little skimpy, but - BOING! - that 'unclaimed insurance' check came, as if on cue, and all is well. I am spoiled :)

Appreciated some complicatedly stark trees - imagine, being able to capture that; they looked like they were done in ink..over watercolour - driving around in all the complete daylight, today.

Rainy and foggy, comin' home; just gorgeous.



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Mannnnnnn, I got my OLD school jam on. I feel so fortunate to have lived through the times I have, and - GOD, the memories, some of these songs bring back:
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If you ignore ALL of these - and I don't blame you - listen to THIS. It's liEk, when my body dies and breaks down into just molecules and energy, joining space and time, it will feel sound like this (esp. starting around 1:47 - I love the precision of the words, Der Mond). Absolutely thrilling :

Okay, I'll quit. ;)


My sincerest heartfelt condolences (and gratitude) to Green Bay. But, hey. At least Dallas aint gonna be in the Superbowl?
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Guess what's finally out?

And who's coming to Philly in March?

 photo 16143_zpsd20f5804.jpg
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Rest in Peace, Peter Banks.

With your passing, for me, the dread days arrive. Of watching for the next to fall, of counting days and hours, left - I strain to look forward. So much time, passed and wasted - so much left undone. At least your song was heard, and your name, remembered. Most of us will not be so fortunate.

Soberingly, the first picture to come up, when I looked for confirmation - was one of Peter Gabriel.

Further evidence of my slippage - a belated birthday to my dear little dark android:

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Gary Numan. At the beach.


My, how his girls have grown!
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Happy Thanksgiving, all! Lots to be thankful for, this year. Dinner at mom's, in a couple hours - then, off to work. THEN - off for my beloved three-day weekend. :)

Wow. THIS:


This upcoming Wednesday, I'll be driving my son to meet up with other members of his team from work. He's been selected for a clean-up program in NYC. Mainly in Brooklyn, it sounds like. This is through his work, as I said - and will entail a week in NYC, ALL EXPENSES PAID. Whoot. Good for him - - this is right up his alley (helping people), and I canNOT imagine a better representative for his company. :D And I SWEAR, I will NOT bungle this up, for him, by being all, 'OMG, MY BABY!', and stuff. He's smart, and will have a great experience. He's an amazing guy, after all.

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NO idea what the hell's wrong mit me, but, omG - I'd be all over this shit, liEk..Well..
Yeah, like THAT.


Photobucket - - tacky teeshirts and ALL.


Amazing, this. He looks damned good. Still. Yar.Read more... )
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The Mental Illness goes on..May I present - Gary Numan's Legs:


No idea who that little guy is, but they're BOTH so damned cute in that picture. [ profile] gayalithiel noted that, 'wearing shorts with long sleeves seems to be an English thing", and I agreed. Don't know why, but it does, to me. Yum.

Oh, and here's his backyard - Read more... )

From here - - Please don't laugh TOO much at his gigantic pink house..

*loves the internets*



No A/C.

And, thusly begins the Season in which we almost single-handedly support the Bag of Ice industry and implement the Seventeen Cold Showers Per Day system. Whoot.


Rest in peace, Betty D. My friend. Like I told you the night previous - If you have to go, I'll know where to find you ♥
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Once more, my favorite Illuminati spokesmodel. This is new to me, and NOTHING else even comes close - Gary Numan at his absolute icy, android best:

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THIS is irking me. I registered for Mister Webb's site and newsletter aeons ago - and, when I go to put all my info in to get the free download? It won't work - won't take my password. So. When I try to re-register? It says that I am already registered and that an email with my information has been sent. Still waiting for it.

Get it together, Gary!
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IDK. Finding it harder and harder to make with the status quo, these days.

Part of me wants to run around, screaming, "Wake UP! The End is Nigh!", etc. - but, come ON. Really, now.
I can't pretend to know what it's all about, when I don't - or to be awake and enlightened, when I'm sleepwalking, just like the rest of us. But, I feel it. I do. Can't put an exact finger on it, but I do.
It's a little late in my life for schizophrenia to present, but, you never know. I don't hear voices or any of that stuff - but I've sure got the paranoia, down pat. I just feel that it's up to The Individual to Be Ready - for exactly what, I don't know. Then, there's the part of me that knows that I'm really just a dramah queen, and always have been. So.

And I have the NERVE to wonder where DJ gets it from.

"Take that smile off your face,
wipe that tear from your eye,
don't say you're sorry for me"
, Gary Numan

My favorite Illuminati spokesperson:

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Random Lyrics. Please to ignore. Read more... )
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“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”, Oscar Wilde

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It's in times like these that I cling to the orderly, otherworldly precision of Kraftwerk. They Sort Me Out.


So. It is what it is.

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Don't ask me how I learned this, bathroom is, apparently, 'Tiffany Blue'.

The horror.


Had ham steaks with brown-sugary pineapple tidbits over whole-grain rice and it was pretty damned good. Wish I'd had some green pepper to go with..Go figure; not the biggest ham fan, but I'm glad to have it, it's pretty versatile...using more of said ham to make some split pea soup, as well, at the moment - with tons left for the rest of the week, most likely. I guess I can always freeze it, right?


Holy Moley. One-Stop Apocalypse shopping, here:


Never gets old:


WHY is my white no-longer-quite-a-kitten, Bob, OBSESSED with dish sponges? Ew, dude. Dragging them all over the house..I've grabbed them from him and microwaved them, but, stillll.. Getting a container for them, but, for now? An old butter dish will do.



Maybe it's the deluge of Whitney Houston threads on Datalounge - or, maybe something in the air, lately - but do you ever wonder if maybe, just maybe - RIGHT NOW could be YOUR, 'last days/hours'?


THIS is how I spend them? Cooking and playing with cats and blasting music? Alrighty.


Fascinating. Love cams:
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I'm SPEECHLESS. Everything IS on the internet.

Wish I could afford this, OMFG.


Which is from THIS:

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Who are their wacky neighbors? Kraftwerk? The Cure?
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Q: And finally, looking forward to Christmas? Or is it a nightmare?

A: "No I love it. I still want Father Christmas to be real and live in the North Pole. I have three young children now and I just turn into a big kid right beside them. I've already rigged up more lights in my garden than the local power supply can cope with. On Christmas Eve I will dress up as Santa and pretend to inspect the roof of my house to make sure it's strong enough to land the sleigh on. My kids totally fall for it every year." - Gary Numan



Q: "Some of your latest material contains elements of a sci-fi fantasy story you’re working on. What’s it about?"

A: "It’s set in a pre-technology age: sword fighting and magic. It’s an ambition of mine to write stories. I suppose my vision of contented old manhood is me with a pipe quietly writing stories."

Q: "So you’re a fantasy fan. Have you ever played World Of Warcraft?"

A: "No, but I watched people playing Dungeons & Dragons once, though. I didn’t understand the rules."

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OMG. Damn near choked, laughing. Feckin' brilliant.

And, uh:

Tee, hee.
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Nicked from [ profile] ladybella:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! - Um.

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