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I'm still reeling in shock, here - so much so that I can hardly talk about it -- got to shake that off and get my head back, here. So much so that I actually *forgot* to post yesterday about the Day of Remembrance and Apollo 1. On the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, yet.

Truth is now..illegal?
SCIENCE is now..illegal?

Facts must now pass through a consortium of fools before they are released to the public?

How is this even real?
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Awwww, my dear, dear friend.

Miss Sue P, with the beautiful freckly face (I can see you solemnly and precisely pointing out each scar and how it happened) and lively hazel eyes and that smile - that smile! - that just lit the whole room - Where do I even @#$%^ begin?

SO much love.

So forward-thinking; just a beautiful, wise and enlightened soul - I'm so fortunate to have met you. So tough, you'd been through SO much, and yet, you were so fragile. Such a tender heart. And yet...h i l a r i o u s; I remember when you told that new orient that you'd just gotten out of prison and she believed you! L O L + infinity. You were never just a resident. You were my friend. Damn, Girl.

From the deep, deep south and 92 years literally screamed and clutched your pearls when you found out my mother was possibly voting for..That Thing...And Pox 'News' gave you nightmares..I will miss you so very much; I'm just @#$%^ absolutely gutted - and yet, happy for you. I will miss our talks - about God or the lack thereof; of becoming stars - I remember your eyes, round with the wonder of a child, as I made, 'tinklyfingers' when we talked about molecules rising...sparkling. I was privileged to be witness to this, your epiphany, and it came at such a perfect time - always like that with you. In synch, and both of us with a touch of 'the gift', lol..I remember your nightmare about a plane crashing..two? three? days before my trip...dun dun dun..and your stories about growing up and picking berries; I can hear the cicadas buzzing.

When you spoke, I always heard a little of my grandmother in your sweet twangy accent, and you knew that ♥

I know you and Miss Reenie are dancin' it up with those men in the trees..
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Geno Cernan. Just got a text from my son, waking me up - had to come online to confirm, and sadly, no mistake - another hero, just..gone.

Absolutely gutted. Captain Cernan was/is one of my very favorites. Brave, insanely intelligent, and known for his candor and delightfully foul mouth, he was one of a kind. Second American to walk in space - Apollo 10, and it was a terrifying attempt; he lost thirteen pounds in the short time he was out there -- and last human to set foot on the lunar surface.

SO glad this was made - it's wonderful:

THAT SMILE - take a minute, it's worth it.

Godspeed, Captain Cernan, you will be sorely missed.
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Another hero sleeps. Godspeed, Edgar Mitchell.

 photo Edgar-Mitchell_zpsgh1vqixk11_zpscjssefcw.jpg

Now, there are only seven human beings left that have walked on the moon.
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Annual Round-Up:

January - Here's wishing the very best of it - to even the worst of us ;)

February - Fine. Okay. I am owning it. All of it.


April - So. Looking forward to this - - which is sponsored by these guys - - - our personal mechanics; won't go anywhere else!

May - Stuffs to remember: a) poems for people who don't exist, recalling events that never happened

June - (Happy Birthday, Simon) And many, many more ;)

July - Did anyone else get an email re: "You haven't posted to lj in awhile, please take our survey" email?

August - So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo!


October - So so SO bummed about the Cure's impending tour.

November - There are not enough tears in the world to fill this blackest of holes.

December - Nerd-Dom at full saturation: I just downloaded and converted not one, but TWO versions of The Flash's theme.
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I literally cannot believe what tomorrow brings, and I sure don't know how I'm going to get through it. It still doesn't seem real.

I know he wanted a celebration, but - yeah, not going to be that person, and I've already promised that I wouldn't make a scene. I have no choice but to wear black. It's literally all I've got.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

There's already talk of renaming St. James in Philly to, 'Frankie Morelli Way', and we are going to make that happen.
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This one really hurts.

Rest in peace, Chris.

 photo serveimage_zpsyaezlz0m.jpeg
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Losing it, here.

My dearest, dearest friend at work, G, told me last night that she has pancreatic cancer, and is leaving on Wednesday for the CTCA in Atlanta. It's fucking, 'massive', she said. It all seemed absolutely unreal when she told me, and it's probably the closest I've come to actually fainting.

Did something I've not done in decades for her, and tomorrow is the new moon.

Anybody pray, around this joint?
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Please get better, Leonard. Can't stand the thought of losing you.
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End of an era. Rest in peace, boys.

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Please stop leaving insane-sounding, vaguely threatening messages on my phone, Pete.

I refuse to engage the crazy.

*Just putting this here because he does own a firearm, kids. :D
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I've avoided it for so long.
SO long.
Because math is evil, and hates me.

But. My son just happened to have an extra telescope, laying around. Bzuh. AND I managed to put it together! So - armed with my free April Star Charts -

- -

- -

- I'LL HAVE MY *OWN* DAMNED YURI'S NIGHT PARTY. I may even get a pizza, because I can't really think of anything, 'Russian' besides vodka, and that doesn't really interest me. :)

My goal is to someday view the Orion Nebula. I know that's a winter thing, really, but, still. That is my goal. Tonight, I'd just like to play with it and check out the moon and mein liebe, Mars.

O, for a rock salt gun to obliterate the streetlights.


Annnnnnd, uh oh. I was out clearing some leftover leaves from the front yard, just now, and got a glimpse of our new next-door neighbors.

Yikes. Kar-trash-ian A-Go-Go...that OH, so special breed of Pennsyltucky Rap-Billy, to be sure. Complete with buzzed head/tattoo-sleeves/skin-tight lycra 'clothes'.

I smiled and lifted a hand in greeting, a dirty look for my friendliness.

SO. Okay.
Let's face it. It's THEIR world, not mine, these days - and they can have it. I'm a little old lady that bothers NO ONE.

Always, two/three cars, in and out, at all hours..Rap, blaring..Can't WAIT for summer. Jeebus.
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Update 01:04 am: I've got at least two teeth per jaw - on the left - that are in major, major crisis. A couple on my upper jaw - thru my ear and into my sinuses, and a couple, below, as well. ALL. AT. ONCE. Jeebus. Dentist can't get me in until Monday..I've been nursing them along with massive doses of vitamin c and peroxide rinses - hitting from within and without, just praying, Get me thru Christmas, just gotta get thru Christmas..but now, DAY-um. It's a whole 'nother plane of consciousness, this insane, incredible pain. I have a pretty high threshold of pain, but THIS.

Saw Urgent Care on Thursday, and they put me on strong antibiotics, which is what I wanted, and gave me tylenol with codeine. Thought I could work with that, but apparently not. Thought I could go withOUT it, but O, HELL, no. Trying everything from Excedrin to Aleve to clove oil, which I didn't realize was so poisonous..yikes.

Thankfully, there's a person on Youtube that has posted entire Apollo missions, from launch to splashdown - very interesting; mostly audio, but with original video footage where it occurred - I'm up to part 07 out of twenty-some of Apollo 10, one of my favorite missions.

They'll get me thru this to the other side.

Geno Cernan, with his Chicagoan, 'diss' and, 'dose', and handsome, sober face - which lights up, when he smiles; just beautiful. John Young, with his deadpan Florida twang - so good-looking, with that dry humour of his. And Commander Tom Stafford, his lovely Oklahoma accent just makes me feel safe; the man is laid back but definitely in charge - talk about, 'comfort food', these capable, strong and brilliant men. They feel like old friends, at this point. And let's not forget CAPCOM - varying shifts of my lovey Charlie Duke, as well as Bruce McCandless and Joe Engel..and yes - *facepalm* - I can tell their voices apart. Charlie is easy, with his classic drawl..
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" - they are not the hell 'your' whales.", Spock

Oh, whywhywhy do I go to ? Should I just abandon it, at this point? As there really is nothing to be done? Should I just carry on, ignoring it all, like everyone else, just pretend that everything is fine? Get in line and march numbly to the holiday stores to empty my pockets, like everyone else? I don't know what I can do. What any of us can, at this point.

"The whales typically rolled on their backs and sides next to the boat and looked up at the passengers. One even placed its head on the boat while spyhopping, a behaviour in which the whale rises up vertically to look above the water"
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Stupid, stupid, but what-can-ya-do.

Robert Smith is fifty-four, and, Simon Gallup? Fifty-three but looks 30.

Gary Numan is fifty-five, John Lydon is fifty-seven, and Adam Ant? Fifty-nine.

pg is sixty-three.

Ralf Hutter is sixty-seven, and Florian Schneider is sixty-six.

Both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are eighty-two.

Eight moonwalkers, left. And not a one, under the age of seventy-five. Only ONE of the, 'Mercury 7' remains, and he's ninety-two.

Damn. How did this happen?

*bitchslaps time*
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Typical Thursday. At least, so far. Work, work, work.
So. Here. Have some Jim McDivitt (Gemini 4, Apollo 9) and Ed White (First American spacewalk during Gemini 4, sadly killed during Apollo 1 testing), eating popsicles:

 photo tumblr_m4ejqlxyKD1qzi3ywo1_500_zps0e084c82.gif

Also, I was invited to go here with a huge group of coworkers, tomorrow night, but it might rain: - REEK REEK REEK REEK!




 photo Scott-Carpenter-05_zps27e1c232.jpg

With the loss of Scotty, John Glenn is the only living member of the Mercury Seven left.


"A comet is falling into the sun today. Images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory show a bright comet rapidly evaporating as the sun turns up the heat, and it may be only hours away from complete disintegration.

Check for images of the death plunge."


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