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"Behold! Its icy visage revealed in all its glory!"

Possibly the greatest thing in the history of the internet. Today, anyway. Love yer 'beepin' and boopin' ' retro-space sound effects at the beginning, Stephen. A man after my own heart.

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I'll just leave these here, as I'm still at SUCH a loss ♥

Like a snake, coiled 'round your heart - best. line. ever. - this is great, so sorry I cannot embed:

God, I think it may be time to rewatch, "Hit and Run", from, "Strangers with Candy", lol.
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Yet another reason that Stephen Colbert is a mind-reader Demi-God amongst mortals:

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Happy Thanksgiving, all! Lots to be thankful for, this year. Dinner at mom's, in a couple hours - then, off to work. THEN - off for my beloved three-day weekend. :)

Wow. THIS:


This upcoming Wednesday, I'll be driving my son to meet up with other members of his team from work. He's been selected for a clean-up program in NYC. Mainly in Brooklyn, it sounds like. This is through his work, as I said - and will entail a week in NYC, ALL EXPENSES PAID. Whoot. Good for him - - this is right up his alley (helping people), and I canNOT imagine a better representative for his company. :D And I SWEAR, I will NOT bungle this up, for him, by being all, 'OMG, MY BABY!', and stuff. He's smart, and will have a great experience. He's an amazing guy, after all.

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P.S. Bought Colbert's new book, today - can't wait to start it!
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Leonard on the Emmys opening!

Steve Carell was ROBBED. Unbelieveable, that he didn't win. Stephen, not winning, we (sadly) have all but come to expect, but Steve DESERVED this, dammit.

That is all.

Except for this:

Gary Numan, singing Happy Birthday this past Saturday to his daughter, Raven - whose eighth birthday is today - Happy Birthday, honey :) I love how he picks up each one under each arm and spins them before he hauls them off, heheh. So good, seeing them all so happy ♥
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Going to work, tonight. I really DO feel better, just still full of snot and crap and the usual anxiety that comes when I have to call off.


Loaded, 'Pray for the Wildcats', onto a zip and watched it on the Gigantic TeeVee Thing, early this morning - STILL, I love this character. From an online review:

"Shatner labors in vain to resonate as a somnambulistic, aging square named Warren Summerfield. Oddly, Shatner's Eldon Tyrell glasses and proto-Eighties clothing could be interpreted as a bold fashion statement ten years ahead of his time, but his boss feels otherwise: "Oh by the way, Warren, you really ought to get rid of those suits. Those little narrow lapels went out with the gray flannels. You gotta get with it, know what I mean?"

The poignancy conveyed by Shatner as a man whose dignity is slowly being stripped away from his soul is riveting, and can be understood by anyone who had to sit through an episode of "Tek War." Lorraine Gary (Mrs. Jaws-5-Sheinberg) portrays the insecure, status-climbing, addicted-to-remodeling wife. Strangely, the granite blocks of stone in the couple's upscale house convey more emotive ability than these two thespians. As cold-fish Warren, Shatner limps through both his withered American Dream and his limburger dialogue with a hang-dog obsequiance."

WELL, RIGHT. "Hang-dog obsequiance" is what he is SUPPOSED to be portraying. Duh. "Somnambulistic, aging square" is what he FINDS himself to be, is forced to SEE himself as, in comparison...However, I disagree with the whole, 'cold fish' thing - Warren has had his passion TAKEN from him. By life. By the immense grand-piano-on-his-back of responsibility; O, I know it well. By his own ambition - which has failed him, in the end. He's had enough of bowing and scraping, and, has tried in vain to get a handle on it and find SOME SORT of release (with Angie Dickinson) and, has admitted to himself that even THAT was wrong, and, well...I don't want to give it away.

"But not before some heavy existentialism delivered in vintage Shatner-speak, nuggets of fool's gold like: "Acid? I almost tried that once." And "Myself? What does that mean? There is no 'myself'. I'm an actor. A man of a thousand faces...I'm not MYSELF anymore. There's...NOTHING in -- the mirror..."

HAY. I *loved* this speech. The, 'Myself' speech. His delivery is so eerily natural, it gives one pause. I'd wager that, at one time, this advertising executive had a whole literal TRUNK of unfinished novels.

So, yeah. SEE it. :)

P.S. He does not, 'labor in vain to resonate', either. He certainly resonated with ME. A lot.



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Never. Gets. Old.

SO SO much love for this man.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. :)
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I can't BELIEVE work just tried to call me in, tonight. That would put me on an eight-day stretch. Aint happenin'. I'm not even calling them back, and, if they ask? I didn't get the message; I was not home.

'The Final Frontier' counts as a place, right?


Colbert's hosting the Grammys? For ONCE, I wish I had television. Just for tonight.
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Anyone else going to Dreamwidth? [ profile] gayalithiel and I were gifted, quite generously, by [ profile] kisahawklin - and I am just working it out - LOOKS PRETTY DAMNED AWESOME, too.


I love the editing on the words, "I'm not crazy"..heh. ♥

Even MORE corny. But absolutely delightful. Always. From the greatest movie musical of all time, yo:

From the same movie.
And yes.
Just so you know, my friends and I get all schmoked up and do this, like, every night. Uh huh.

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'I've faced the fathoms in your deep
Withstood the suitors quiet siege
Pulled down the heavens just to please you
Appease you
The wind blows and I know

I can't go on, digging roses from your grave
To linger on, beyond the beyond
Where the willows weep
And whirlpools sleep, you'll find me
The coarse tide reflects sky

And the night mare rides on, and the night mare rides on
With a december black psalm
And the night mare rides on
What I fear is lost here
The wind blows and I know..'

Behold! The Night Mare, Smashing Pumpkins

Thank God for music, in general, and right now - in particular? The lp, 'Adore', of all things - and [ profile] gayalithiel for the memory snag. Who knew it would become the soundtrack of these times?


Sekrit!Grin for my daughter, with giddy crossed fingers :)


Mojito Tea is CRACK, when it's REALLY ICY-COLD.


And, you know what? By God, we're just going to live.

I do NOT want that house. It's full of ghosts.

Why is it that I can summon untold reserves of empathy and patience and yes, love - for total strangers and not for people that have been in my life for decades?


Also, thank [ profile] gayalithiel for this, which I canNOT stop contemplating:

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Also - a lot of you've seen this, already..and I'm sorry that the link is to Faux News, but it's REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GO HERE AND VOTE -,2933,506126,00.html
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First of all, this, found on the tcr lj comm:

"Stephen Colbert, a long time supporter of and host of The Colbert Report, has announced that he will join our Board of Directors.

You may recall that Colbert first partnered with last year, after announcing his entrance into the South Carolina Presidential Primary. Teaming up with, his viewers were encouraged to support the organization in lieu of actual donations to his candidacy. Termed “VotersChoose,” received over $68,000 in donations for “Colbert For President.” The response was so impressive that several months later, he invited supporters of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to do the same. As a lead-up to the Pennsylvania primary, he created a “philanthropic straw poll that makes a difference,” where individuals could donate to Pennsylvania classroom projects in honor of their favorite candidate. This time, his supporters inspired over $185,000 in donations. Adding further awareness to the needs of Pennsylvania classrooms via, Colbert even featured student artwork on his show, The Colbert Report.

All told, the Colbert Nation has provided books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources to 61,000 students in low-income communities!

Asked recently about his decision to join the Board, he noted, “ allows anyone who wants to help children learn to make a donation directly to a specific classroom; As I endeavor to protect our nation from bears, is protecting public school kids from classrooms that lack books, art supplies, technology, and field trips. I’m honored to join the Board of Directors – there aren’t any bears on it, right?”

Second of all:

♥ ♥ ♥
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Now. He SAID it was for June 21..the day he broke his wrist..

..But I know better...heh. :)


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