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Ick. Shaky and fever-y. Calling off, tonight, and I really hate to - as there's no one. They were decent about it, as I never call off, but still.
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Just to note that I called off work on December 7th.
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So. I know I'm missing stuff on here - my computer stays on for brief periods, then, whammo! BSOD, featuring kernals, roots, stops and all sorts of interesting codes and things. So, once more, I apologize for it. Naught to be done, though, until I get my car inspected - everything, literally, hinges on it.

I was supposed to get it in on Wednesday, but my son wouldn't get up to drive me back. SO, I was damned lucky to get an appointment on Tuesday, and will be driving his car in the meantime, and just hope it doesn't take too long or need too much. Gotta get in gear and take it now, to do laundry and shop..and have to have it back by noon, for him. I *hate* relying on the whims of other people. Hate. Some folks have mighty short memories, lol.

BTW, LOVING, 'Astronauts' Wives Club' - and just nerdy enough to pick up the few errors..

This was absolutely wonderful. 70% Gene Kranz, and that was barely enough:

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Log brain. Thick, dull and just plain stupid-feeling. Arrgh. My body kidnapped me, last night - around MIDNIGHT - and I slept through my night-off 'til about five-thirty. Unheard of. I crashed again, at around seven, then, slept 'til ten...Then, fell back at ten-thirty, woke up again, at two-thirty...So, I'm all SORTS of backwards. Incredible, detailed dreams, though. Guess I needed it.

Called off, tonight. Yes. Tough. The stress-level is beyond reason, there, lately, and I get a sick day every quarter, so. I'm using it. They were shockingly nice about it, which, naturally, breeds suspicion. The last time I, 'called out' was back in December, with my tooth nightmare.

If they fire me, can I get unemployment and go to school...?
A nice thought.
I'll find out, soon enough, I guess.
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Can't get enough of this little ditty - I know, I know, it's so damned happy..If this is considered, 'Hip-hop', then sign me up.


It makes me want to retire in a tiny, 'Haus am See' - with a dancing worm, and a drum-line - but I don't know about the, 'twenty children' bit..

SNOW. And lots of it.
They're gonna have to pick me up, with this Driveway from Hell ™ and they aint gonna be happy, about it.
I just hate that I'm gonna be trapped there, in the morning, until relief comes and I can get a ride, home. :/

ETA: FINE. THIS IS IT, THEN. I called at twenty-ish 'til ten - after DJ removed all the snow from my car, and they said that I called too late. I was not due for work until ten-thirty, and this has never been a problem, before. I only got up at eight. They are putting this down as a, 'call-off', when it is not. Even my orient called off!

So. C'est la vie, then, bastards.
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So, the last two weeks have been dreamlike; long and leaden..and surreal, in so many ways. So much has changed since I've last been to work. I've changed, as well, I think. For the better? For worse? Only time will tell.

Five bucks says they fire me, and - despite my absolute jaw-dropping poverty - I find that I'm not really scared; not really sure I even care, anymore.

It all seems so far away, still, and will be so strange, to go back.


Rest in peace, Joe.


Spent nearly nine hours - on and off - online with an old Aussie friend, yesterday. Nice to be back in touch, although I don't want to give him the wrong impression.


SO thankful that my hot water pipes finally THAWED THEMSELVES OUT. BEST SHOWER EVER.


Apologies to all, for being so, 'out of it.'
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Just posting, here, because I called off work, tonight - - it's been three months, and I don't want to lose my sick day. "Use it or lose it", seems, now, to be the policy.

Cramps from Hell and a migraine are a legit reason!

I'll just be over here, salving my wounds with lo mein and good music..
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I'm sorry I've not been posting - life, lately, has been just, "...."

Some good, some just jaw-dropping. As per usual.

My son had a great (second) week in NYC, still helping with clean-up. So damned proud of the young man he's become. He has a very nice girlfriend, now, that he is so cute over - and she's a VW mechanic with several classic cars. :D


Tragic suicide of a very young, very new coworker. *speechless, still

The Return of THE BAD KNEE, and my boffo android brace (definite upside). In blazing technicolor.

Making plans to redecorate my bedroom.

Being Human - UK seasons 1 & 2.

ASTRONAUTS. LiEk. Way-y-y-y over the top, with this. Total de-stressor, for me.

a) To fall asleep, I count astronauts, in my head. Better than sheep. Got up to 37, yesterday.

b) Instead of cussing at werk, I list astronauts. Tabby was laughing at me stomping up the hallway, "Gus Grissom...John Glenn...Sally Ride...Ed White..Wally Schirra.."

Yep. Finally snapped.

correctiveshoes621: (Galileo 7) my new car.

I am in love with it, already.

Doods. My son BOUGHT ME A CAR. It's adorable. Just adorable. Just finished detailing the interior. It's all inspected and gone over - but somehow, needs, a) headlight, b) side trim piece re-attached, c) a new set of hubcaps. This matters little, as they are quick, fun, easy fixes - it handles smooth as honey, and GO AHEAD, LAUGH - "2.Slow", and all - the engine just sounds so eager to go, go, go. I love it. It's a happy, smiley car.

We're already talking mods, IE: a German plate for the front, and some LED underglow..
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Oh, goody. It looks like, for all intents and purposes, that I am finally going back to work on this upcoming Monday. Really not looking forward to that, but we must what we must. My knee is back to 80%, and that's good enough for me, I guess. I'm in much better shape than I'd given myself credit for, and that was a relief to find out.

Got a bit of a shock when I checked my banking, this morning - FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, AND ALL - somehow there was almost thirteen-hundred dollars in there. What. I know. I called work about it, thinking it was a mistake - and after waiting interminable hours, when they returned my call, they told me that the check that had been direct-deposited was only a hundred and twenty-sommat. Panic.

They then called me RIGHT back, in about three minutes, saying that she'd made a mistake reading it, and that it was REALLY twelve-hundred and some-odd.


So, I. Right. Idiots, but typical. Nothing I can do - they probably assumed I was quitting, like so many have done. At least, I can pay the car insurance, now.
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Just making a note, here, that I called off work, last night. Just to keep a record of it.
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So, this is what happened.

Read more... )

So, that's why I wasn't on chat, tonight, [ profile] gayalithiel. :/
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Ha. I called off work, tonight.
Haven't done THAT since August 7th, so they can bite my shiny metal ass.

Reason One, being the Migraine and Cramps of Doom and Disgustingness, and yes, I already took something and it did not work, and just want to lay around in a tight little ball, in bed, and not vomit...Reason Two? So I can hopefully write some more nonsense, if I can manage it through Reason One.....Not holding my breath for Reason Two, but the will is there.

Now, if I happen to get hypnotized watch a few Gary Numan videos, well, it's for, 'medicinal purposes', okay?

Okay, I know it looks blank; yes..but this song..It's new, and GOD DAMN, he knows what he's talking about:

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Sep. 27th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Sep. 27th, 2011 at 3:12 PM

Check the official site for the amazing news! Again, thank you so much, Robert, Simon, Jason, Roger and Lol!

Nov. 15th - London, England (Royal Albert Hall)
Tickets on sale Friday, Sept. 30th at 9AM UK time.

Nov. 21st, 22nd, 23rd - Los Angeles, CA (Pantages Theatre)
Tickets on sale Monday, Oct. 31st at 10AM. Ticket prices are $105.00 / $85.00 / $65.00 (2 tickets per person maximum) (Thanks Debi)

Nov. 25th, 26th, 27th - New York, NY (Beacon Theatre)
Tickets on sale Monday, Oct. 31st at 10AM.

Tickets for the Royal Albert Hall, London show go on-sale Friday 30th September 2011 at 9am local time and are available from the 24 hour ticket hotline: / 0844 338 0000. Four tickets per person maximum.

Tickets for the Pantages Theatre, LA and Beacon Theatre, NYC shows will go on-sale Monday 31st October at 10am local time and are available online at and at all Ticketmaster outlets. To charge tickets by phone, call (800) 745-3000.
Any tickets not purchased directly through Ticketmaster or at the venue box offices may not be official tickets and run the risk of not being honoured night of show. Two tickets per person maximum.

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Okay. So I called off work. First time since March.

We'll SEE what becomes of it.


In other news, fuckin' WOW.
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Yes, I called off work. No, I don't care. So, say whatcha want.

I called the Asst. DON and spoke to her personally about it - re: the Verbal Warning of Insanity and Pepto Bismol (no vomit, yet), and I don't think I'll be canned for this. According to her. I put off calling as long as possible, but this twisty-gut-explosion stuff is for the birds.

I literally spent the past day - and today - in bed. That is, when I wasn't in the loo. Groggy and spinny-headed - but no vomit, yet; thank God for Tums. This is the first time I actually hated to call off, sticking my coworkers, as my wing is currently H-E-Double-Hockeysticks. God bless her, the 500 lb. woman is back (and may be permanent), everyone has diarrhea, and we've got all the Heavies and Psychs, now.

But my buddy, Dale, is back. Great to see him; he looks good.

So, we'll see. I'm thinking some Neil deGrasse Tyson will make me feel a bit better. Maybe later.
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Of course, I didn't SAY that, and really do have a sore-ish throat and blocked-up head, but, I..uh. Okay.
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Big Ass Phony, here.

I just called off work for tonight. Sore throat and headache-y (into my neck - wtf) and MINIMAL temp, but I won't even lie - I exaggerated it, totally. Tough. Right now, I don't really care, either. I feel weighed down with lead or sommat. Strange.

I slept and slept and slept and slept and coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed, yesterday and damn near through the night. Gargled with peroxide and did the salt water thing, too, but it's not helped.

Whine, whine. Thank God for orange juice - apparently, echinacea is worthless.


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