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I can't believe how ridiculously *gutted* I am over the series finale of, 'Bates Motel'...Norman Bates and I go back a LONG way -

- and 'in canon', Norman does NOT die. Just sayin'. So, no chance of any movies or anything..

What a fucking excruciating episode - AND ALL, pretty much, OF THE LAST TWO SEASONS - - I couldn't believe they managed to keep up that pace - ESP after all the previous drug-dealers/private clubs/sex slaves-filler crap from past seasons - but they knocked it out of the park. This whole last season was a love-letter to the original - lifting nearly entire blocks of dialog and camera angles...Including that ICONIC neck angle in the motel office, and The Stutter......Almost enough to make me forgive the stunt-casting of Rihanna as, 'Marion Crane'.

...and Freddie Highmore. Jeebus freakin' Mary. His body language, his gestures (IE: wiping his hand on his lapel; nervously nibbling candy corn; his hesitation, reaching for the 'Room One' motel room key) -- Made my heart ache, he did - - so, so Tony Perkins.

And bear in mind, his, 'Mother'-self had to be based on Vera Farmiga as, 'Mother' - - so round and round, it goes - and with an American accent, no less. Give this kid all the Emmys.

Neck angle starts at 00:09....Stutter at 01:10:

Do not get me started. Srsly. I am just so sad it's over, which is ironic, considering how I was against the whole 'blasphemous' IDEA of a reboot, in the first place.

"We're all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out. We scratch..and claw...but, only at the air, only at each other...And for all of it, we never budge an inch.", Anthony Perkins as, 'Norman Bates'

So, fine. I budged.


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